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These are stories submitted by Siamese owners to celebrate their 'Meezers'
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Today I when came home from school, my parents said they were worried about our Siamese, Sesame, because she hadn't.orge in last night and didn't show up today, Friday November 13th. It is her birthday today and so I went looking for her. She is ten today and I wanted to give her a treat. I walked around the yard looking for her under bushes and anywhere that looked.orgfortable enough to suit her. I walked into my neighbors yard to ask them if I could check their crawl space, which the door to is outside and because she had been locked in there once before (but she was ok). Before I got to the door I saw her body under one of their trees. She wasn't moving and I knew then that she was dead. We buried her not long ago by her best friend Whiskers, who had been hit by a car in 1992. Just last Friday my grandfather had died and so today my dad had plowed our garden because with a burial.orges the turning of the soil. My dad didn't know he was doing it for Sesame too. Sesame was a healthy cat and so the cause of death is unknown, even though she was 10 years old today. My neighbor's shed was wide open and we still don't know what is in it. We suspect poison as the cause of death because of her position and her eyes were open. She was too far off the road to be hit by a car. So I just wanted to tell you this. Sesame will live in my heart forever.
Hello everybody! I'm Ninja, the most handsome, the most spoiled Meezer in the world! I even have my own email address. I'll bet most of you are wondering (with baited breath) how I got my name. Well, my mom Shara, had a 17 year old cat named Rusty that she had to put to sleep. So she decided to get something that would follow her around the house all day yelling at her. She made a good choice! I was in a room with 6 of my brothers. She had the nerve to start playing with one of them--imagine! So, I jumped off of a shelf behind a chair, where I proceeded to stick my head up when she wasn't watching. When she would turn around, I would hide my head--just like a turtle. And the Ninja part, isn't that obvious? Well, I would love to sit here and talk to you all day, but mom needs the.orgputer...
ninja turtle38@hot mail
My Siamese is obsessed with knocking objects over - full glasses of milk, vases, etc. Just purely for the reason of watching the objects fall to the ground. My other Siamese is obsessed with jumping on top of my head - this is not an easy task as I am 5'6".
My mother has 2 cats: a silver chocolate lynx point named Sailor and an Ocicat named Nick. Nick is very much the hunter and his favorite toy is a Rocky Tuff Mouse. He does a funny thing with his toys - my mother is always finding his mousy in the water dish or propped up (face first, mind you) on the dish where his dry food is. It's so funny! We wonder - is he feeding it or is it dinner? The 2 of them together are really amusing. In the morning they conspire to get my mom up - Nick takes orders from Sailor (much touching of noses and muttering) and he digs her out of the covers and actually tries to pick her up with his teeth if she doesn't get up. No sleeping late around her house - cats orders! They are the best of friends - I have a picture of them sleeping wrapped in each others arms.
I have many stories about this 1 year old chocolate point. I will try to remember them all. One day my friend Haley and I were walking upstairs, with my Siberian Huskie at the top. Clea ran up the stairs. Kelly bit at her, but missed, because Clea did a back-flip to dodge the bite.
Clea follows me and my sister Jaime to the bus stop. But when she hears the engine of the bus, Voooooom! She's outta here!
One day Mom and I were going somewhere. I opened the car door and there was Clea, weak as anything, sitting on the seat. I assume that Clea, being so friendly, followed a stranger down the road. The person knew where the cat lived, so they brought her back up, and started to walk again. But, again, Clea followed the person. Now my mom is a nurse, and she works 12 hour days and nights. She had gotten off a 12 hour night that morning, so she was sleeping. Jaime and I were at school. The person brought Clea back up and rang the doorbell. But, since no-one answered, the person put Clea into our car. If you were in that situation, would you do that too? Well, that"s all I can think of at this time, so tata!
Love, Siamese Cat Lover, Heather (e-mail me and tell me what you think!! Remember, tell me who you are and why you are writing, and if you are a SICC member)
"Miss Meow", Missy was all alone in an animal shelter in Colorado. She was absolutely petite and beautiful when I saw her. She had her food, water and blanket pushed to one side of her pen and just looked at me at first, then perked up when I asked her name. I couldn't figure out why someone dumped her in that cage. She might have health trouble, but I didn't care. I later got laid off. She would always keep me.orgpany, lay in my lap or holler if I didn't.orge in before dark. She used both scratching posts and had a love for chewing on anything plastic! She would always wait outside the bathroom door when I was taking a shower and puff up like a little sphinx on the carpet. We had a special language, 'purr grunt'. We conversed often and I could understand her different meows. Later we had to put her to sleep because of an enlarged heart and a blood clot that formed. It was absolutely devastating. It has been about 5 years since then, and I still love her. All cats are special; however, Siamese are the best!
I will never forget the day I took a little adventure. My so called owner, Lauren, was walking me, which was fun for a little while, but then I got tired and she just didn't seem to get the picture. I slipped out of my collar and ran. I could tell she was chasing me and I got excited for a new chasing game! We played the game for a while, I was surprised she could keep up with me! Stupid me though, I saw a bird and lost my concentration, and she caught me. She didn't seem to be happy with me, I don't know why. She carried me the rest of the way home and wouldn't let me down to walk by myself. I don't know why she was mad at me, she won the game, I would be happy if I had won the game. I just don't get humans.
When Adquams Lucky Pasha (Duncan to his closest chums) was a kitten, he always got up to some sort of mischief. One day, I returned home to find my chocolate point kitten was now a jet black blob!!! On closer inspection I discovered it was coal dust. The little blighter had been up the chimney. However, this was not a 'one off', on several occasions I was met by a small black meezer running about the house!! As Duncan grew up, he began to venture out more and began to hunt. I have had several 'offerings' of rabbits and other small furry rodents. As with many other Siamese , Duncan is the boss in our house. The terrier dog bows before him, and the collie next door runs whimpering should Duncan look at him. He chases other cats off his territory, except one, Yindy the Balanese, they must be able to relate to one another!!
As most people know, Siamese are pretty smart cats, However there is a range of smart and not so smart. My cat, Hershey Kiss, falls into the lower end of that range. In fact I call him the "Forest Gump of Siamese". Just to give you a few examples---He is the only cat I know that managed to light his entire tail on fire--he was trying to help me cook dinner and laid his tail on the glowing hot burner. He burned a good portion of his whiskers off TWICE by sticking his face in a candle flame. He absolutely loves everyone.orgplete strangers the most. Hershey will run up to people, stand up on his hind legs and paw on their thighs to get their attention. Needless to say this can be a little embarrassing for people since he is a very long and tall cat. He loves to jump on top of the hot water heater and then walks around the basement ON TOP OF THE FURNACE DUCTWORK. Is this weird or what? He once jumped down the clothes-shoot and crawled up and got stuck in the sub floor. He likes to crawl in the dryer-not a good place for a cat! He has done so many dumb things I really question what his IQ is. Fortunately he is a very loving and demanding cat so I have to keep a close eye on him.

MEOW. I am the Royal Highness Rose and with me is my first assistant, Belle, both Seal Point Siamese. Please excuse any mis-spelled words as our paws often cause us to hit the wrong keys. Our parents, Keri and Chris, are not fuzzy but we love them anyway because they feed us and sing songs about us. Most importantly, they leave us so many toys to play with and hide, such as dollar bills, credit card receipts, pens, lipstick, etc. Sometimes, Keri (mummy) leaves her jewelry box open and it is like an amusement park. There are necklaces that can be tossed up in the air, and oh heck, the whole thing can just be knocked over for fun! To all of you new kitties out there, remember one thing: the best time to work, you know, run up and down the hall as fast and as loud as possible and knock all of the clothes off of the shelves, is in the middle of the night. The reason for this is that if you do it while they are asleep, you can concentrate on making tons of noise and avoid distractions, like giving your parents attention. You can always nap in the day or while they watch TV, but you get the most done at night. Well, that's all for now. MEOW.
A week ago I was walking around in my driveway and I noticed a Siamese Kitten walking along with me. When I noticed her I called out; ".orge here kitty" and it was like she didn't even notice me at first. I walked up to her, picked her up and brought her inside, laid her down and sat next to her. The first hour that we had her, she looked kind of weak so we fed her some cat food that we had for the feral cats living in the woods behind our house. A day later he was back in good shape and we tried to find his other people with no luck, so now we have a cute little seal point kitten. The second day that we had the Siamese Kitten was the day that she got her name. We named her Smokey cause she looked like she had walked through some smoke and ashes. She is a very frisky cat for a kitten. She purrs like a car almost. She get's very playful when she plays by herself and seems to run after nothing at all. It's almost like she see's something that we can't see and runs after it. I love my cat but she's in to something already so got to go. Love, Jon and Smokey, the pain in butt kitten.
Let me tell you of the great feather duster robbery that took place last summer. It was a glorious summer evening when the crime took place. We were sitting in the garden when Mr. Pipkins, our Lilac Tabby Point appeared from over our six foot high fence carrying its prey. This turned out to be a four foot long feather duster stolen from some poor neighbours house. He preceded to kill the innocent duster with extreme prejudice. Enquires to find the identity of the duster achieved no success and yet again Mr. Pipkins walked free to terrorize the neighbourhood. So be warned and lock up your cleaning utensils.
Meow! Hello, humans. My name (given to me by my humans, not my choice) is Grady, although I am usually called Duke, the name of their prevoius meezer. One day I was strutting around the house, as usual, when my humans, Elke, Lisa, Shae, Greg and their two human friends, I sensed were in a great hurry to get somewhere. I figured that I would be put out into my lair, although my humans call it the garage, but I was strangley kept inside. I was not used to being inside the house alone, and with no humans to say no or set me down off of forbidden places, I decided to do some exploring. I jumped up on a rug chair, and saw a ledge with a peculiar looking thing on it ( I learned later that it was called a vase) that I thought I would investigate. I jumped gracefully up to the ledge; and just as I was about to peer into the peculiar looking thing, it toppled to the floor with a CRASH! I will admit I high-tailed it out of there with my tail as big as a coffee can, but the rest would take away my dignity. I will say that when my humans got home, I learned not to get up on that ledge anymore, the hard way!
Dakota, a seal point 4 year old male, entered this life two days after the finest cat who ever lived decided he was being called to The Bridge. His name was chosen because Dakota is an Indian name for adventurous spirit. He doesn't know the meaning of fear or the word no! Eating is a major challange as he is hanging from someone's wrist while screaming at the top of his lungs. All meats are considered his private property and he has been known to drag a nine pound roast off the counter and "kill" it under the piano. His usual partner in crime is his full brother, Chang. Chang is 5 years old and a bluepoint. Between the two of them, the house rocks on its foundation and there are a few cracks in the walls from being hit by a Siamese missle. Grilling out is a problem as they crowd the patio doorway and content themselves with running.orgmentaries about how the meat is being cooked, the state of the world, when is the meat going to be done, the stupidity of the dog, isn't it time to bring in the meat, the strange neighbor cats, get the meat in here NAOW! I am grateful for the two of them and even more so for the other two who are certainly easier to live with!
On Saturday Jan 9, I was adopted by an all black oriental Shorthair. She was in the employee parking lot at Ballys Casino, Las Vegas, actively searching out anyone to take her home. You can read the story here:
Hi there! My name is Chewbacca A.K.A. Chewy, I'm going to be 2 years old on February 22. I am a chocolate point siamese who is extremely vocal, especially when my mommy leaves to go to work!! I have the biggest and brightest blue eyes anyone has ever seen, not to mention the most human personality any cat can have! I have a favorite toy, it's a purple string that came out of one of my mommy's sweaters! She says that you can buy a cat the most expensive toys in the world, and a cat will only play with the free ones! I also have the most unique quality, I suck on the tip of my tail! When my mommy goes to sleep at night or when she holds me I suck on my tail like a baby would a soother! I have a buddy and his name is Harley, whenever Harley is sleeping somewhere I pounce on him, make him get up and then I steal his warm bed! Mommy doesn't like it much when I do that. Harley doesn't like it when I talk, he sometimes.orges over to me and swats at my head to get me to stop if I talk while he is trying to sleep. For some reason mommy thinks that's funny! Well I have to go now there are buddy's to chase and strings to drag around! See you again real soon.
Love: Chewy
This story is in tribute to meezers everywhere. One night, as we drove home from a friend's house there came an event that every cat lover dreads. There came a flash of fur that darted under our car and the dreadful -thump-. My wife and I turned the car around with our hearts in our throats and hoped for the best. Our fears were confirmed as we saw a large Siamese laying in the road. As we came closer we found, to our relief, that the cat was still breathing. I wrapped the large tom in my coveralls that I keep in the car and we hurried to the vets. We were relieved that our town had a 24-hour live-in veterinarian. The tom was named Crash by the nurses in the clinic and was treated for minor bleeding in his lungs. As there were no tags on 'Crash' he was sent from the vets to the Haven Humane. We kept checking on him and no one had.orge to claim him. When the dawn of his being put to sleep became imminent, we made the (not so hard) decision of adopting the 10lb tom. We paid for his release and brought him home to nurse his healing lungs. While Crash healed, we placed many signs around the neighborhood where he was hit and even an ad in the paper, which turned up no owners. We fully adopted this loving cat into our home and re-named him Tigger, as he sprung back to a full recovery. Where he has been a joy to the whole family ever since.
I was sitting at our apt. building and heard an awful cry coming from out side, so I went outside to see what was going on, behold I saw a meezer being chased by a dog (looked like he was hungry for kitty).I ran out and picked up the furball of nerves and brought him into our home. After a couple hours, watching the kitten for a while,noticing that it looked like our next door neighbors kitten. I went next door to find out that the kitten I was holding was a look a like of my neighbors kitten, as their kitten was playing in the window sill. So I took the kitten back to my place. I had given him a flea bath so my other cats wouldn't get fleas. Thinking of what to do next,came up with nothing. When my husband got home from work, I asked if I could keep the meezer. Of course after looking for his owner. No luck for 2-3 months. I gave up and gave meezer a name.....T.J. He had also decided to adopt me =). He waits in the window until I.orge home from work. He also likes to headbutt me and sleep with me (I should say on me). I had found out later that he was a Lynx Point Meezer.I dont think anyone could.orge and claim him now.
Our 18 month old lilac point, Sage, has proved himself to be an inquisitive and astoundingly clever pussy cat - as a little kitten he taught my husband and I to play fetch, and has charmed us with his often eccentric behaviour. While we have purchased many 'cat toys' for Sage, this independent boy prefers to hunt down his own. When he isn't seeking out elasticised ponytail ties to shove under the lavatory door in an attempt to embroil an unsuspecting occupant in a game of 'tennis', Sage is on an eternal quest to salvage a 'new' one of my childhood soft toys from cardboard box storage. Yet, above anything else, this hot-blooded (neutered) kitty has a real hankering for beautiful, plasticised women! I have been forced to pack away my mother's Barbie Doll, because Sage insisted on dragging her from the shelf in our living room, only to gently disrobe and abandon the poor doll under my bed! When caught and admonished for 'sleazy' adventures, Sage will let out a guilty "eh-eh-eh-eh-eh" in explanation! Sage is always a fabulous conversationist - meowing in thoughtful response on any topic - and the best of company, even when in one of his 'moods', where he will slyly pander and encourage us to pat his belly (as an excuse to wrestle and bite the 'offending' hand!) How we love this rascally and often grumpy young man dearly!
Let me tell you about my little Siamese friend. His name is Loki, and besides my girlfriend, he is the second most important "person" in my life. While I have always been a cat fan, I have never owned a Siamese and had no idea what I was in for. Loki does a number of things that I have never seen done by a cat or any other pet for that matter. For starters, he walks on a leash like a dog. This provides endless fascination from passersby who observe us walking our cat and also serves as the impetus for immediate conversation from perfect strangers. Loki likes to ride in the car and a.orgpanies my girlfriend and I on many an errand. Also, Loki will jump up into our arms from a seated position on the floor or bed. Occassionally he does this when we are not ready to catch him which makes for an awkward flop right back on the floor, but these times are rare. Truth be told however, he does have his share of some unfavorable characteristics, as do we all. First, he is definitely a talker. While I do enjoy the conversations we really can maintain, sometimes he just won't shut up. There are times such as; when we are eating dinner, talking on the phone, watching TV, trying to read, etc., when he simply won't be quiet. This can definitely drive you to distraction if not outright bonkers, but our love for him is not diminished. Also his habit of yelling at us as we are preparing his dinner is rather obnoxious. All told though, he is my most special friend and our lives are that much richer since he has entered our home.
My little T-Bear couldn't let any conversation go on without insisting on being included. When I talked on the phone, she quacked every few seconds and purred in between. Then she started answering the phone by jumping up onto the table, knocking it off the hook, and quacking while the caller was saying, "Hello? Hello?" I made it easier for her in her old age when I bought a speaker phone, and then all she had to do was step on the button.
Our meezer Coco (a.k.a. The Co, Mothra, Pokachachio, Co-ee-oh, Poke-A -Nose, etc. etc.) HATES the dishes. She.orgplains when they're put into the dishwasher, taken out of the dishwasher, put into the cabinet, and taken from the cabinet. She's so disapproving of the whole dish-idea that she even.orgplains the instant the dishwasher is opened, before a single dish is touched. She stands just outside the kitchen and shouts, "ya! yaaaaayayayaya! yaw! yeow! yaaaaayaya! yawp!" The sound is similar to the "chattering" sounds she makes when she sees birds outside the window, but with a distinctly angry and.orgplaining note to it that increases the "ear-piercing factor". If spoken to while in this agitated state, she will up the volume on her.orgments and double the rate at which they leave her mouth. "YA!! YAAAAAYAYAYAAA!! YAWP! YAAA!!" She also lowers her ears to the *sides* of her head as she hollers. She sounds truly miserable - but if it's really that bad, why doesn't she go to another room? Anyone?
As a child, I always wanted a Siamese Cat. Imagine my surprise, when I heard an unmistakable Siamese voice wailing from a garbage can one day. When I looked inside, I saw a black and white cat. But he *spoke* meezer fluently! I kept him (but dumped his ear mites and fleas) and I have never had a better friend. Were I blind, his voice and the kink in his tail would have fooled me. For 17 years he saw me through my childhood and well into adulthood. He loved to hear me whistle and would sit on my lap to pat at my mouth playfully. If I played piano, there he was patting at the keys along with me. He hated to be laughed at (which was often with his antics) and would fly into a comical rage if anyone did. He once flew across the room to correct my laughing mother with a soft-pawed slap - he never used his claws to hurt us. He would present himself in the doorway of whatever room I was working in at 11:00 sharp to inform me it was bedtime - even after I was into my 20's. He would fetch thrown balls of tinfoil (his favorite toy) and go into catnip-like frenzies over the shoes of family members. I can still see him, head buried up to the ears in the toe of my favorite shoes. He may have appeared to be wearing a tuxedo, but he had the heart and soul (and voice!) of a Siamese. What I would have given to have one year more than the 20 he lived... His name? Siam, of course!
Fantasy is a beautiful Tortie point...She will be 3 years old in April..She has a definite split down her pretty face, which gives her a unique look..Fantasy is a true .orgpanion' cat...She is always a part of everything..She spent the first 6 months of her life with our 15 year old DSH..When we lost him to kidney failure, Fantasy was there to.orgfort us...Fan enjoys her fake furry mice..They are the smaller type, so she can be heard 'talking' to them often as she carries them around....I find them in and around the food dish..She also sleeps 'under' the covers and insists on bringing her mice to bed..She treats them like they are her 'babies'..Fantasy will also 'fuzz' her tail 2 to 3 times it's size when she gets excited or startled..Fantasy is the joy of our life..When I ask ,"Where is Fantasy?", it sounds as if she will say. "Right here!"..
Meow was the most wonderful cat. He was an applehead chocolate point. We loved him very much. He came to us when we were remodeling a house and lived in a penthouse on top of an old hotel back in 1978. My 6 year old brother, Chris, was always bringing cats to my mother to see if he could keep them. Since we were living in a small place at the time, my mother always declined. But one day Chris found Meow in the downstairs lobby and begged Mom to let him keep him. Mom said no, but Chris persisted and just begged her to "just let me bring him up so you can look at him." She gave in and it was love at first sight. We didn't know how old he was, he was not a kitten, and seemed in his prime. He was very affectionate and beautiful. Someone must have loved him very much. We placed ads, but thank God no one claimed him. Meow died last November. He was at least 20 years old. I miss him terribly. When we got him, I was 2 years old, and I'm afraid I wasn't always his favorite. When I was little, I used to pull his tail, and dress him in baby clothes, which he detested. But when I was sick, he would sleep at the foot of my bed and watch over me. I once read an article that said cats don't really love you. That they just want food and a nice place to sleep. But Meow loved us. It's not the same without him.
My little darling is named Akasha, after the Queen of the Damned (Anne Rice-Vampire Chronicles). Little did I know that when I named her that she really was a vampire. "Kash" likes to believe that biting is actually a sign of affection. As with so many of the other Siamese Stories, my spawn is quite the ruler. It's either her way or the highway. She enjoys sitting on my shoulder, napping in the bathroom when I take a shower (she loves the heat), drives my other cat crazy and NEVER shuts up. But that is one of the reasons I love her. She is very affectionate, and if you don't pet her she'll grab your hand with her paw until you do. Even though she has a very sensitive tummy she loves all kinds of food. Her favorite snacks are butter, garlic, mayo and of course the cream filling of twinkies. Like other Siamese, she also believes that she is a dog. If she doesn't get her way when she wants something, especially one of her toys, she runs around growling and bouncing off things she knows she is not supposed to. Just this morning while I was cooking, she got mad so she decided to bounce off the full length mirror we had just taken off the door. Yes, it smashed to the floor. But, other than the seven years bad luck, Akasha is fine.
The Meezer whom owns us was found in a ditch by our paper-boy. We never saw a kitten like this one, it had a short, curly tail. He jumped over everything, and into our hearts. He was born and raised on the island of KAUAI; we all survived Hurricane INIKI. His name was KIT-KAT; but it now is BUDDY, because that's who he is.
One night in late August, my sister left her window open. She had forgotten that the window didn't have a screen on it, and fell asleep. My kitten, Lucy, jumped out the window and onto a small ledge that my sister and I have outside. Unfortunately for Lucy, she couldn't find her way back inside so she did the only thing she could. She came to my window, which was also open but had a screen, and cried. Since I am not a "heavy sleeper" it woke me up right away. I walked awkwardly over to the window to see what was wrong, then I realized who was out there! It was Lucy. I opened up the screen, and she immediately jumped into my arms. From that night on, she always sleeps in my room, and my sister has learned to keep that window closed.
My name is Jazzin' Grand Poobah, but I'm known to my people as Dooosh. I came to them last summer, supposedly to replace something they call "The Fleetwood" and "Catalac" Apparently I'm much smaller than he was, but I am far more intelligent and lots more fun. I fetch my piglet when I want to play, and drop it next to the human I've chosen to be my playmate for the day. I am extremely athletic and can jump quite high to grab piglet out of mid-air. I also jump up to my human's shoulder to curl around her neck and purr. Sometimes she doesn't realize I'm there. I laughed for hours the morning she got on the scale and forgot I was with her!!!!!! I also have discovered the way to keep my humans in the house with me is to chew all their shoelaces off. When they have other humans over that I want to stay with us, I eat their shoelaces too, so they stay longer. I do look quite elegant when I need to, and at those brief moments, I am the Elegant Dooosh.
My Siamese Cat named SOSUMI is really crazy. She does a lot of wacky things!
1.) We have a pet pig and she sleeps with him and cleans his ears! YUCK!
2.) When we open the milk, we throw the milk ring on the ground instead of putting it into the garbage because Sumi likes to pick it up and bring it to us. Then we throw it and say "FETCH". And you know what? She does!
3.) Once, we put my karate belt squiggly on the couch so it looked like a snake. When we throw my cat on the couch, she bounced off, hardly even touching it.
4.) Sitting by a toaster, when something pops up, she jumps HIGH.
5.) When we are on the.orgputer, she sits on the top because of how warm it is. (in fact, she is doing that right now!)
6.) My cat purrs louder than thunder.
7.) My cat runs around the house every morning. When she does that, we call her bullet.
Hi! My name in Mudslide Tarheel and I'm a one year old seal pointe. I run the house, 2 other cats and 2 humans. One of the other cats is older but he was easy to conquer. My female human is going to have a little human for me to dominate! I am so excited. I am afraid he is going to be trouble. One of my favorite places to lay is on the female human's tummy. Lately, the little human has been trying to kick me off. I have to smack my human's belly to let the little one know who is boss. Soemtimes it turns into quite a fight. I have the female human wrapped around my paw. She loves me, and who wouldn't? I am beautiful. I am also the first Siamese for my humans. I think they are hooked.
My Siamese Cat is named Torkey. He is like my alarm clock. When he wants fed, no matter what time it is, HE WANTS FED NOW!!!! He wakes up my mom, my dad, and me with his big mouth. After he is fed, he .orges running up the stairs to go back to bed with me. Every night I have to smell his stinky breath because he sleeps on my pillow and gives me kisses. Even though I hate the smell of his breath, I deal with it because I love him very much!!!!
Hi folks, most call me Sherry, but my real name is Sherezarde like out of the forty arabian nights. I'm a 17 yr Seal Point Meezer and live in Centreville, VA with my Dad and Mom and other kids (four-legged type). In my life I have been through three household moves and I hope this is the last. I let Dad and Mom know I wasn't happy by keeping them up all night (first night in new house) this last time, and I hope they remember that someone my age kind of likes to settle down permanently, and not move every 6 or 7 years. Other than that, I like laps and snuggling, headbutting carriding, shoulder vouching (mom don't dare walk me, as they might drag me) and all the things of a typical meezer. Up until several days ago, I was kind of lonely, as my.orgpanion passed away 3 months ago. Dad and Mom got me a.orgpanion, he's 13 yrs old and I think I might like him, just have to give him time. But other than that got to go, I have a house to run and lets see what kind of mischief Porcia and Calpurnia are into. Sometimes even little girls still need a mom.
We cried this weekend like we would for our own child. Chelsy, our Seal-point Siamese went missing on Friday night and on Sunday morning we found that she had been killed by a passing car. She was the second Siamese that I owned, but we loved her dearly. She had many of the typical Siamese traits. She loved to play fetch and to go for a walk with me. She talked to us constantly and brought us many a gift. Thank goodness we still have Jasmine, our chocolate point to turn to and love, but Jasmine is missing Chelsy too. There is no dearer cat than a Siamese.
My little Kat is a psychic cat. She can see the "spirits" and even .orgmunicate with them. I know that because when she "speaks" she uses a unique kind of sound, similar to the clacking of the human tongue. This is confirmed by a psychic, and we also heard from the breeder of Kat that he used to have a cat who was able to do the same thing. Kat is a very strong willed cat, but one thing that we're very proud of, that she NEVER begs for our food. She's not even interested in eating human food. Whenever I have some food in my plate, she would only sniff it, as if checking if the food is safe or not. Although she's very small, she's one tough feline. She likes to dominate other cats, especially female cats. She usually does that by winning the howling contest. But she can be very sweet when she wants to, and be able to tell whenever I feel sad, because she would.orge to me and gives a kiss on the lips.
It was early June 1998. I had been looking for a Siamese Cat for 2 years off & on (convincing my family was 95% of the battle). One Mother's Day I came home from work & the family informed me that they "tried" to get me a Siamese (looking thru the Sunday Ads, but could not). They gave me a "rain-check" on the kitty & I held them to their word. I decided that if I wanted something done right I had to do it myself. I was about to leave my work & the animal shelters were about to close, when I took the sunday paper & called the Merriam Animal Shelter. I asked if they had a Siamese & they said that an adult male, apple head, seal point stray, named Prince, had just.orge off of quarantine for feline lukemia, & was pronounced well, so he was available. I arrived at the shelter close to their closing time and was put in a room to spend some time with my cat. I explained that I had been wanting a Siamese for 15 years since I left home. They let me know that Prince was wild, a stray, and of unknown age, but all I could see was the most beautiful arrogant, outgoing, cocky alpha apple headed seal point male I had ever laid my eyes on. He was big- boned but pitifully underweight. His eyes were huge. He came right to me, head butted me, & I knew he was meant to be my cat. He is no longer skinny but he is tamer & more loving than ever. Prince Anwar is the boss, & my other 2 cats know it.
Hi-My name is Hershey-Hershey Kiss-the Forest Gump of Siamese. I'm big, stubborn and STUPID. My mom thinks I'm stupid just because I lit my entire tail on fire by laying it on the hot stove burner, burned off my whiskers twice by putting my face in a candle, got a concussion by running into a door frame while chasing my older brother and got stuck in the subfloor after jumping down the laundry shoot-just to tell some of the highlights of my career. I make my mom laugh alot and even the Vet says I'm a "handful". I lost my older brother in December and now have a new little brother, Cobalt Blue, who I'm training to be my side-kick. But he is alot smarter and doesn't seem to understand the thrill of jumping up on the hot water heater, over the furnace ductwork, over the furnace bonnet and then walk across the exhaust pipes near the ceiling of the basement. He is just afraid to fall-I have several times and I got to see the Vet once afterwards. OK-an eight foot fall onto a cement floor kinda hurt-OK? My mom says it's a good thing Siamese get 18 lives-they get double cause they're so much trouble. I've used up several already and I'm only four. I'm always looking for new thrills and my favorite thing is anyone who walks in the door-I love strangers. My favorite pasttime is shredding paper. Newspaper is good but mom's paperwork from work-especially those expensive scientific journals are the best. I did her one favor though-I shredded her appointment card for her dentist and she wouldn't have gone at all if they hadn't called to remind her-Oh Well.
Siamese Cats have to be the sweatest cats in the world! I had a cat that was only part meezer once. There was a small hole that led under our house near the front. He would run and then jump out...right into my arms to be cuddled! Im not lying! (His mum was a Calico).
About a month ago, I was enduring a brief sojourn at a "Humane Society" in Atlanta, something about my ex-human's fiance being allergic, if you can imagine! I'd been there about three days, and was reposing in the "boys" room with some other gents-- the boys room is grand because it has wonderful blocks to climb on and large windows that look out onto the human enclosures-- when I caught sight of a female human.orging through the door, just as she caught sight of me. The poor thing started jumping up and down, and though I couldn't hear her through 3 walls of glass, I could see that she was squealing something about "a meezer." She scurried through the labyrinth of hallways, to the door to the boys' lounge, and because she seemed so desperate for attention, I strolled out to greet her. The next thing you know we're in a car on I-75 and she keeps saying "Sebastian," which is what my traitorous ex-human used to call me. Needless to say, I declined to respond. At last she took the hint, and began listing other names in a Rumplestiltskinesque fashion. When she lit upon "Aristotle" I yowled my approval from the back seat, and have retained that worthy moniker ever since.
You may remember me from the amusing 'tail' about how I chose my own name. But be not amazed, I have greater talents yet. A 5 year old bluepoint, I have been living in my new home only about a month, but it took me very little time to devise a way to let my new human know how I feel about the business of being left alone with the other cats to our own devices. Whenever she leaves, I step on the "memo" button of her answering machine and yowl into the microphone for 3 or 4 minutes. I usually do this at least twice a day. With time and patience, I am sure Christine will eventually understand that she is not to leave the premises without my express consent.
Hi, just joined today and decided I must tell you about one of my meezers, Kelso. He wishes in his blue point heart that he was an only cat, so he contents himself with the solitary attention he gets when I take a bath. He paces around, talking about everything, (particularly that very handsome looking cat in the mirror), and then, if I happen to be reading in the tub, he very carefully steps from the side of the bath onto my dry chest and settles himself down and purrs deeply. He has me all to himself, and he knows I am not going anywhere.
Here’s my story of how little Maggie came into my life. Now she is a non-meezer, mind you, but when you hear how she came to me, you’ll understand why I believe she was "sent" and not found. When I returned from my vacation I realized how thin my precious friend, soul -mate and favorite meezer in the world had b.orge. William has been my closest.orgpanion for 15 years and means the world to me. Not seeing him for a few days, I could really see how slight his build had b.orge, something we’d been struggling with for some time. The visit to the vet confirmed his condition was, indeed deteriorating due to kidney failure. Anyone who has truly developed a bond with an animal knows how gut wrenching this news can be. I was completely devastated. How was I going to cope? The next morning I was turning into the parking lot of my work. It is more like a campus of professional buildings, no homes in sight. My emotions were of course running high, I was fighting back tears the entire drive. Just as I turned onto the lot, I was thinking, "oh God, how am I going to make it without William? What will I do with Katy, my other precious meezer? She will have no friend! How can I bring another cat into my heart?" At that precise moment, a tiny black and white form ran just in front of my car. My mind said, "ok God!! I’ll take that challenge!" I slammed on my brakes and without even looking for traffic, jumped out of my car. I managed to catch up to the little creature in about 2 leaps and clutched it to my chest. I was literally shaking and stunned. As I turned, a woman also in pursuit of this kitten came running up. She wanted the cat. This cat. This little cat. The cat in my hands… She offered to call the APA for me. But, but, but…(do I want this cat? What am I doing?) Snap. Decision, locked, sealed. I opened my mouth and the whole William story and how this kitten was meant to find me poured out through tears of fear, shock and surprise. All in about 5 seconds. The poor stunned woman put her hand on my arm and simply said, "Relax honey, you can have the cat." Back at my desk the next day I am still contemplating whether or not this new little 5 week old will b.orge a permanent fixture to my home…I log onto my horoscope for the day. Among other things it read, "It's a good day to adopt a pet who needs your care and attention. Their unconditional love is a wonderful cure for the blues." I’m keeping the cat. Here it is a week later. William is doing better (I am so thankful) and the kitten is vet-approved healthy (not even fleas!) much fatter and happy… Punkin, a striped tabby who is supposed to be a stray, (but has lived in my back yard for the past 2 years, (and of course has a house, a name he recognizes, his own food bowl, etc. yeah, yeah, you get the picture) has been hanging around my front door more often. I think he thought the old man was kicking it and he was getting shotgun. That’s the only explanation I can find to the cross hatch "9" he keeps writing in chalk on the stoop. Right next to a skull and cross bones. Sorry, Punkin, looks like it’s number eight. And little Katy? The meezer I worried would be lonely? Hates the living $%$#@ out of the new cat! She’ll adjust, I know. Already is coming around actually. I have accepted my fate in life. I have officially b.orge the crazy cat lady on my block. (Just look for the "sucker" door mat.) Didn’t think this would happen until I was at least 70! So I've decided to start wearing only sweatshirts with cutesy cat pictures on them. Plastic cat dangle earrings…I have even bought a lovely new painting to hang above my fireplace. Cats playing poker. (What else?)
This is a general thought, about the Rainbow Bridge, since many of my meezers have crossed it, sadly (cancer, stroke, hyperthyroid). And I have often wondered, what is it that lies on the other side of the Bridge? And in my mind's eye, this is how I envision it, there is an infinitely large white marble temple. If you have been very, very good, and treated your meezers with care and love, you will one day cross that bridge yourself, and in that temple you will be shown to a very special room. In that room there will be all of your meezers, all young and healthy once more, your only job will be to play with them and love them. If there is another definition of paradise, I do not want to know about it.
My Siamese was born on April 10, 1998 which happens to fall on Omar Shariff's Birthday, so I named him Omar. He's my third Siamese after my dearly departed Cleo and Max. Being a junior cat in the neighbourhood he tends not to be territorial and gets along famously with his pussy friends. Omar likes to lick water out of the tub and chase birds next door. I've seen a mouse in my apartment that has had the wisdom not to make an appearance since Omar's arrival. He's great .orgpany and hopefully will live a long and healthy life.
A love story. In July, 1978, I received Taj, an 8 wk. old chocolate point apple head, with the biggest blue eyes and a typical crooked Siamese Tail. He thought he was a dog. He fetched Bizzy Balls, terrorized my friend's Maltese, came when called, slept on my shoulder every night and always greeted me at the door. In 1981, I reluctantly agreed to take in Jazz, a 4 mo. old stray seal point. She had been abused and beaten and did not like to be touched by humans, although she would.orge to you on her terms. I planned on placing her with a friend because I was so close to Taj I didn't want to share him. But Taj had other plans. They bonded immediately. When I brought Jazz to the vet overnight to have the pin removed from her leg, Taj stayed by the door the entire day waiting for her return. Obviously, I kept Jazz and watched their love story for the next 18 years. These two were inseparable. They even looked like the male/female version of the same cat. Everyone thought they were related. When Taj became ill last year with advanced kidney failure and arthritis, Jazz remained by his side at all times, grooming him and sitting quietly while I administered his fluids. I put Taj to sleep last week. Needless to say, both Jazz and I are quite devastated. Taj was a beautiful, loving animal.
May be, who knows? Do you know? Horus, a Siamese Cat, was bought from a nice family in December 1996. He was, because he is a male, a very kindly kitty. His mission was to learn to live in different places with me, but the most important thing was to teach me how they can speak to the Humans. After several beautiful days, I believe that I understand some of Horus. He takes the tongue outside his mouth to tell me that he is hungry or maybe thirsty. He taught me how he can give a kiss, just with the nose make a softly touch, that is a kiss. Maybe some other persons understand any other ways of their cats, but I can say that I understand in better way, my new cat Masatoshi.
Siamese Hanger. It was a nice sunny day and Sim was out in the garden sitting on the aviary. I remember it well as we were having a BBQ. Simba is a nosy cat and he loves sitting on the aviary. Winter had just gone by and it was a cold one so we put up shutters to keep the wind out. But today they were open because there wasn't any wind to keep out! So there Simba was, just sitting on the aviary. I looked out and he was sitting on the shutters. I laughed, then turned round...then I heard a loud bang, Simba had fallen bang through the middle of the shutter breaking it in half!!!
I am a Lilac Point Applehead Siamese Boy. I adore my dad(Ollo), and I adore making my darling mum (Nika) miserable. I spend every night curled up next to my dad. I spend every day tormenting my mum. Her ankles just look so delicious... I can not help attacking them. Sometimes I get carried away and make leaps for her face. She does not like this and runs away. I chase her all over the house... until she feeds me AGAIN. Still... she gives me pets and kisses and sometimes I put up with her and allow her to do so without biting her hand(this is really just another tactic to get her to feed me more of that wonderful kitty cereal... as it is usually followed by a sad and hungry gaze towards my bowl.)ta ta for now! It is time to torture my mum... I am so hungry AGAIN! XOXO miyu-yumi
I got Bogart when I was 12 years old, he was the love of my life! Bogart would take my jewelry off my dresser and knock things over to wake me up so he could eat or go to the litter box. It amazes me now that our kitties would stand and scratch at the door to go in and out of the garage where their litter boxes were and never had an accident!. Bogart also liked to ride in the car and go on a leash. He had a special collar that would break away so he wouldn't get hurt. He would lay out back for hours! sometimes to find him, we would follow the leash (clothes line) many times he would be burried up to his neck in the leaves in a window well! Bogie also loved to give nudges and kisses. He slept with me every night under the blankets on my arm. When I first got married he completely ignored my husband in the bed and would walk across his head and face to get to me! If he didn't have enough room in between us he would paw at the blankets and nudge until he was let in, then he would promptly plop down in the middle. Not a day goes by that I don't miss him. Bogart died last year June 20, 1998 of old age. He was 20. One day he just decided that it was time. I definately was not ready but he was. I am very grateful that my 3 children got to know him and will hopefully remember how special he was. I have a big painting of him in my family room that looks just like him. It makes me feel as though he is always with me. He is burried in a special place in my garden. Elisa

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