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These are stories submitted by Siamese owners to celebrate their 'Meezers'

Hello my name is Rose. I am a sweet cat with 4 adorable kittens. Weasel sniffs Tiger's butt sometimes when Tiger does not move. Olympic runs all around the house, and when I tried to stop him he stepped on my tail. As for Angel, she helps me watch the house for the other kittens. Angel is so adorable. Angel loves to be picked up by my wonderful owner Ashley. Well, if there's other things in my life, all I have now is a bundle of happy children.
I discovered lately that my meezer, Kat, likes to talk in her sleep. Usually, in a nightmare. I think she's dreaming about having a fight because she would growl and the hair on her tail would stand up. This has been happening since she was being courted by this stray cat, (quite handsome actually) who just doesn't have a clue when to stop when the lady isn't interested. He used to meow all the time (in this seductive tone) in front of our room's window, and in the garage. At first Kat was very polite, but I think at this moment she's already lost her temper. She would go to sleep, with anger, because of the stray cat's meowing (most of the time on Kat's sleeping time). So she would mix the usual purr with growling. I guess this is why she often has a nightmare and is dreaming about having a fight. Oh, and I just bought two little bunnies (1 month old). Kat felt a bit insecure at first, but now she's playing with them, and kissing them all the time. Thank God the stray cat doesn't know her soft-spot!
I figured that Muffin, 13yrs. young was getting tired of entertaining Rocky, my very active, loveable, curious 5yr. old. They are both Seal point, "apple heads" babies. After calling the breeder whom brought Rocky to us, we were told that there was a male blue point, ready to go in about a month. We went to visit and met this tiny, white, hissing ball of fur, and decided he would be an interesting addition to our family. I was a little wary, o.k.......very wary...but talked to Rocky and Muffin about the new kitten that was.orging, and told them his name, and threw a bunch of toys around...a lot...and by the time Simon came into our house, Rocky and Muffin were happy to find he was quieter and less talkative than me! Simon is now 5 months old, neutered, and still tiny with beautiful blue very different, but so sweet. He was accepted with open paws, amazingly, with no fur-flying, or hissing....we were very, very happy. So, if you feel your meezer needs a pal, it may not be such a traumatic event! One question...are all blue points "tunnelers"? Under every piece of fabric that can move? Or are we just blessed?! We are blessed...he is such a little cutie!
Leo Kitty is a beautiful traditional Seal Point. She likes when my husband and I sing to her (her favorite is The Boy From New York City, which begins "...Ooo ahh Ooo ahh Leo Kitty..."). She fetches (but only from my husband, and only white paper -- no ink, and ONLY if the paper is tightly scrunched!), she is a nursemaid to my husband (her human). Once when my husband was sick, Leo paced the halls until she had herself so worked up she was physically ill! But the real kicker is that we were lucky enough to get her from the HUMANE SOCIETY! Believe it or not, someone gave her up...of course we couldn't be happier. Since she was 5 years old and already named, we stayed with the someone unfeminine "Leo," and added a princess-like "Kitty" middle name. She's so high-strung that once, when we lived near the beach, all of her hair fell out except a stripe down her back! She looked like she had a mo-hawk! Apparently she was allergic to something in the carpet, so, unlike the idiots who gave her up, WE MOVED! Loving our kitty in southern California, Rick & Wendy Williams
I would like to share Kat's latest news. I just found out that my little lynx pointed darling is not only a generous being (I just have a rabbit named Skippy and Kat let him eat her dry food -- after she finished her meal, of course), but also a very keen observant of nature. How do I know this? Kat has this habit to go to the garden every morning. And all she does is watching this little squirrel climbing on trees. She could stand there for hours, just watching. I bet her genius brain is absorbing all the new information about the squirrel activities. And not only that. My security guard just bought a duck and Kat also would spent hours just sitting in front of the duck, watching and maybe keeping notes in her mind. She's such a nature lover and has no tendency whatsoever into killing other God's creatures. Isn't it beautiful?
Meow Meow is a 9 year old Natural Mink Tonkinese neutered male, and Chyna is a 4 week old Lilac Point Siamese female that we just adopted. She was the runt in a litter of 7 (!!!) and the Mama kitty got eaten by a coyote. The perils of life in the desert!) So, the owners of the litter said, "If you can pull her through, you can have her." Well, we've had Chyna for 2 weeks now, and she has already TRIPLED her body weight and is nibbling solid food. She loves to play with Meow Meow's tail and he seems to be very happy with his new baby. We heard Chyna yelling and went to investigate, and Meow Meow was holding her down and was washing her ears !! When we ask Meow Meow "Where's the baby?" he goes running all around the house hunting for her and WAILING if he can't find her right away. We can't wait to see what a beautiful kitty Chyna will grow up to be !! Sometimes having a BIG heart is not so bad after all.....
We've had our precious little buddle of energy for 10 days now and I must say I can not imagine how we ever survived without her. We've (my wife and I) had cats our whole lives but never a Siamese, OH MY GOODNESS!!! I have never seen a cat with so much energy nor have I seen a cat that is so dang hilarious!! The other day I got out of the shower and was wearing nothing but a towel around my waist while I was brushing my teeth, through the mirror what do I see but our little Annabelle (8wks old) running toward me full steam down the hallway. The next thing I know, she LEAPS FULL SPEED into the air and clings, all four sets of claws, into the towel which was wrapped tightly around my butt. Then she just hung there. It hurt like you wouldn't believe, but I couldn't stop laughing for the next hour.

      Buckwheat was a huge, muscular seal point, headstrong and stubborn but very lovable when "he" wanted to be.  Buck was the king of the house for over 2 yrs. then came Spanky. Spanky was a tiny kitten with
   snowshoe markings. The wife loved him and Buckwheat hated him. For 3 days Buck protested.  Then on the fourth day while I was shaving at the bathroom sink, the new kitten came in and decided he was going to
   watch by jumping up on the toilet.  Much to his terror the lid was up and the wife had just scrubbed the bowl and it was full of toilet cleaner.  As soon as he hit the water he tried to climb out the back of  the bowl and closed the seat and lid on top of himself.  I knew I had to get the cleaner washed off him as soon as I could, so I rescued him from the bowl and ran to the kitchen sink with the tiny, toilet cleaner soaked, Spanky, to use the dish sprayer on him.  Spanky was screaming bloody murder from the time the lid slammed shut on him and this got the attention of the king.  As I was rinsing Spanky and he was screaming I heard a long, low growl behind me. It was Buck.orging to "rescue" the hated new kitten from me "drowning" it. He bit me on the legs as I was about done and helped dry him off   They were best buddies from then on.   Until Buck passed on 2 1/2 yrs. ago.  Spanky has also passed on and they are both dearly missed.

 Greetings, fellow Rulers of the World, I am a Blue Point named Arvo or as I am better known, "King Arvo" who turned one year old last September.  My Mom named me for her Dad whose middle name was Arvo, a
  Finnish name.  I have to admit that I am a darn fine and handsome Meezer despite my funny tooth that sticks out and makes me look like a Bull Dog (It really just adds to my Character).  I was a gift for my Mom's birthday as a small but mighty kitten.  My Mom had a beloved Blue Point named Strider several years ago and she missed him something awful.  She bugged her Mr. for years and finally he surprised her with me.  Though I am Mom's cat the Mr. himself fell head over heels in love with me.  I am a sucker for humans and like attention wherever I can get it, so I did not mind this in the least!  Mom says I have been quite spoiled but I think I just know how to train my humans well.  I have been doing extra Lap Cat and Shoulder Sitting duties because my Mom is sad sometimes and it is my job to cheer her up.  See, a few months ago she and the Mr. went off to someplace called a Hospital, but the Mr. never came back.  I looked for him everywhere for a few weeks but Mom told me he was not.orging back because he went to someplace called "Heaven". (I think that's the place where they have Catnip on tap and there's always someone to scratch your ears.)  Mom says she doesn't know what she would do without me since she misses her Mr. so much. I just climb on her and purr and she feels better.
 All of these stories, and "tails" bring a tear to my eye.  The relationships between a cat and a human is so unique and amazing.  Having been a Siamese cat owner for all of my life, I KNOW how a Siamese Cat can have an effect on oneself. I have owned many "street cats" as well as Siamese, but I do have to say that a Siamese Cat is the GREATEST of all cats. They are intelligent, and so very interactive to their owners that it is scary.  They seem to know our moods, and events that happen to us in our lives. I don't have time for a "tail" right now, but I just wanted to say that these stories of happy and sad make me cry. It is joyful.
  SALEM  My beautiful blue-point wedgie boy.  Arrogant, lovable and shrewd as can be (according to my Mom, " he plays me like a fiddle"). He just loves the scrunchy ponytail holders.  I can hear him during the night try to paw open any draw or cabinet where he knows that they are.  I hide them from him because of the elastic.  But it's amazing.  All I have to do is show him the scrunchy and he starts his whole repertoire of guttural meows and you name it. He also gets insulted when I have.orgpany. When everyone is engaged in a conversation and all the attention is not on him, he retreats to the very top of the refrigerator and curls his paws underneath him and gives a look that could kill, I then tell him to get down and he starts arguing back at me.  Everyone bursts out laughing at this whole conversation I end up having with him.
He is my joy...
 Hello everyone!  My name is Figaro, I am a beautiful seal-lynx Siamese.  I am only 3 years old, I live with a chocolate-point 15 year old named Giza and a 13 year old seal-point named Spider.  I have much fun with these two old chaps.  I love my mistress, her children, our household and spend my winters entertaining a lovely Bichon-Frisee named Scarlet. She stays with us for the winter months only.  Strange creatures canines are, but endearing none the less.   Together, we keep our mistress on her feet.  I make sure that my mistress gets up
  in the morning, not to feed me, just so she doesn't run late. (Her son feeds us in the mornings and is very nice to us.)  As soon as her alarm goes off, I start by touching her face with  my cold wet nose till she gets fed up and gets up.  Works very well.  I watch her get herself ready for her day, and walk her to the door.  I highly
  r.orgmend a lovely little book "Living with the Lama", by T. Lobsang Rampa, a Siamese cat lover. This author has a series of books, although not all about Siamese cats, you can be sure there is always
  mention of us in them. He was very taken by us Siamese cats, for obvious reasons, wouldn't you agree? Email:

 My cat Romeo, has done many, many funny things.  One time, he stood over a candle and I had to fill the bathtub halfway to stop his fur from staying on fire (he is a long - haired cat).  Luckily he was not burned.   Another time, Romeo, when I first got him, was covered with fleas and I thought he was a black cat until I washed him off!!!!!  My other cat Clyde had to wear a flea collar.  When it was time to take off the collar, he didn't have any fur around his neck!!!!!!!

 Hello I have a 2 year old male siamese lynx named "Cashew".  I  recently got him from the animal shelter.  The staff there told me that  he was abandoned in a van with two of his siblings in the winter.  The day I brought him home he ate and ate and ate.  I guess he thought the food was not going to be there when he went back to it later.  He has adjusted quite well with his new sister which is a min. schnauzer named "Peanut" they are always playing or sleeping together. He actually is very affectionate he always wants to be in the same  room as you    are.  He does not like the outside, he runs away when the outside door opens. I guess he is afraid that he will be taken from his home again.  It is pretty sad how some people treat animals.  There were so many cats at this shelter that had been abandoned.  I wish I could of taken them all.                                                         

 I have a seal point applehead and is name is Coco.  Coco is 2 years old.  I have had other cats before and they were nothing like this breed.  I think that Coco feels he is human or a dog.  He follows me around all the time.  His morning routine which he will b.orge impatient if I over sleep, is to carry his mouse into the kitchen while I am drinking my coffee, and toss it around until it goes under the stove to see me again try to get it out for him.  When I do not feel like playing anymore he yells and screams and at times will bite my feet!! Oh I love him!


  Todd was very particular about the men I dated back in my single days.   If he didn't approve of my choice, he would make it clear right away.  One evening I had a new guy over for the first time, and Todd studied
  him carefully from a distance.  Then, a few minutes later, Todd jumped up on the back of the couch with a small paint brush held in his teeth and BELTED the guy across the side of the head.  (So much for that  relationship.)  As it turns out, Todd was always correct in his judgment about men and his screening was very helpful.  He adored the man I married, who adored him in return until Todd's recent death at age 16.  I will say,
  however, that my husband (future husband, at the time) was taken aback the first time he came over for dinner and discovered that my cats sat at the table with us during meals.  They didn't bother the food, or get on the table--they just sat calmly in the chairs watching the proceedings and occasionally adding something to the conversation.

 Kahlua was my first meezer.  Actually she was my first cat ever. One Thanksgiving I was preparing to go to mom's for dinner.  A family tradition. Also a tradition was that I bake the pumpkin pie. So that morning I was up early.  I had made the pie and set it on the porch to cool, covered with wax paper and a clean towel to keep the meezer fur out.  I relaxed awhile watching the parade on TV.  Then I changed clothes and prepared to go to mom's.  I went to get the pie.  To my horror,  I found Kahlua nested deep in the pie.  It was warm and soft and I guess she thought it was a good place to nap.  There wasn't time to make another pie and I had to do something!  So I woke the princess and asked her to move.  After a nice big yawn and a few long stretches she squeezed her eyes in a slow blink and headed for the heat register.  Now Kahlua hadn't actually touched the pie remember, it was covered. So I decided it was still edible.  But would my family eat a pie a cat has slept on? Probably not.  With a spatula I evened out the filling as best I could and headed for mom's.  When coffee was served I insisted on cutting everyone's piece of pie personally.  In the privacy of the kitchen I got out the Cool Whip, and then I smothered the pie.  To this day, no one at that table but me knows about Kahlua and her  Thanksgiving pie.

 My seal point, named "Wicca", is a geezer meezer now but in her younger days she was a champion hunter.  Since she is an indoor cat she had to make do with hunting insects, dust balls and things of that nature.
  One day Wicca was dozing on the rug while we watched TV...when she suddenly leapt straight up and snatched a fly out of mid-air with her paw.  She calmly ate the fly,  then went right back to sleep.  My husband was absolutely astonished that a cat could pluck a fly out of the air.

Morgana & Merlin

 We had a black oriental short hair named Morgana, much to her dismay we brought home a seal point Siamese kitten who we named Merlin.  Morgana who, true to her name sake, tried her best to get rid of Merlin.  She would get him to follow her around the apartment making short jumps so that he could follow her, then she would do a spectacular leap to the top of the refrigerator, and look down.  Invariably Merlin would then attempt the leap only to slide down the side of the fridge in a very undignified posture.  This scene repeated itself over and over, but one night in bed I heard the leaping sounds followed by a splashing sound, and then a loud cat wail.  I followed the sound into the bathroom to find Merlin frantically trying to get out of the toilet bowl!!  I looked up to see Morgana on top of the medicine cabinet, washing herself and looking down with a knowing look.  After toweling Merlin off I wrapped him up and tucked him into bed with me-from that moment on he slept in my bed every night, and avoided the bathroom like the plague.

Sadie Mae
 I have a little Snowshoe named Sadie Mae.  I adopted her privately through a newspaper ad.  The people I adopted her from had found her as a stray kitten.  Her mother was a Siamese and had been found dead.
  She had to be bottle-fed.  She is so cute!  She is about the tiniest little creature I've ever had, but a healthy 9 pounds, and absolutely beautiful!!!  Her little front paws are white at the tips and her back feet are all white and it looks like she is wearing high heels!  She sure keeps my other little girl, a big laid-back tiger cat named Bille
  Burke on her toes!

 Hi:   I'm the "Jaxman" mama and daddy are @ work now, so I decided to use the.orgputer.  My parents rescued me from the evil farmer who was going to destroy me and my litter mates.   I am very smart and  mischievous.  I just learned today that if the front door is open, but the screen door is closed all I have to do is JUMP and slap the handle with my paw and I can open the door.  There is only one problem with my new discovery...I get into HUGE trouble.. you see I have my SURGERY and have never nor am I ever allowed to go outside. I can play fetch better than any stupid dog ever could.  My family consists of MAMMA, (mother), DAAADY (dad), The UGWY GIRL (the ugly girl, sister) and DOO (brother). My favorite pastime is to eat CHEESE! I live a sheltered life, somebody pwease write me Regards,

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