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These are stories submitted by Siamese owners to celebrate their 'Meezers'
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Did I ever tell you about Zuel ?
She's my mom cat.
We got Zuel in San Diego in 1986 when we were looking for Oriental Shorthairs to breed. That's when the Zelines name was invented, it's our CFA cattery name. All of Zuel's kids are registered Zelines.
   We found Zuel in San Diego, from a lady who had 52 cats. She had mostly Siamese but also some Orientals, a Dachshund, and a Chinchilla. She was a Vet Tech that just couldn't say no to cats that were abandoned or sick. We have a video of the cats throughout her house, although it's not something that we have the opportunity to show a lot, most people don't understand why someone would have that many cats. I think I do.
Interestingly, one of her cats, Amelia, was the cat that Sheba Cat food used in their ads several year back. You might remember her as the Siamese with the necklace around her neck. We could have, and should have, taken her home (she was available), but we were convinced that we just had to have an Oriental. I've always regretted that decision. A good example of letting an opportunity pass you by.
   Zuel was very young, two, when she became pregnant. She had her kittens nine weeks later in April, early in the morning just before work and quickly delivered six little 'Aliens'. Sleek, tiny and with the birth sacks still intact.
   Zuel obviously had no idea what to do next. She just plopped six little kittens one right after the other, looked up at me as if to say, "Well I've done my job! I can go now", and walked off. I spent the next few hours cleaning up all of the new kittens and placing them in our bedroom closet. Zuel had done no nesting whatsoever, so I had to quickly throw together a little box with a towel inside so they had a place to stay. They were SO little and fragile, amazing little creatures.
   It was several hours later, and Zuel still showed no interest in the kittens, so we took her to the vet to see if we could determine what her problem was. It was during her examination that the vet discovered that she still had one additional kitten still un delivered. She had 7 kittens !
The vet immediatly gave her an injection to induce labor contractions, and after a short while PQ was born. The only white kitten and Siamese in the bunch, all of the rest where Orientals! PQ was born dead though. It was only through the quick work of our vet that he was able to bring PQ back to life by quickly rushing him back into the hospital and administering medication and breathing to him.

PQ lived for seven years.
   PQ (Pounce Quick)
   You could always tell that he wasn't put together quite right.
   He would always wobble when he walked and he looked like all of his joints needed tightening.
   He had chronic eye problems and would always get colds. His third eyelid was always partially closed, making him look like he was squinting to see you.
   But, PQ endured it all with great pride. I don't ever remember him ever being down or angry.
   He accepted his handicaps and lived with them the best way he could.
   Years later, he developed an intestinal problem, much like his father, were he was unable to absorb much from his food. We kept him alive as long as we could by feeding him as much food as he could eat; He adored his Sheba Duck.
   He died about 6 months later.

   After we brought Zuel and PQ back home, we started to see if we could get Zuel interested in taking care of her kittens, but unfortunately she still didn't seem too interested in this new occupation and kept leaving the box where the kittens were kept. The first night I slept on the floor with the kittens and mom, making sure that each kitten could find a 'spigot' and to also hold Zuel's paw so she would stay in the box. Little did I know that this is were I would be sleeping for the next month or so. Zuel would only stay as long as I did.
   Within days it became obvious that the kittens were not getting the nourishment they needed from their mom. Along with her disinterest in the kittens, it seems Zuel just wasn't a big enough cat to feed 7 kittens, so to help keep them alive, we ended up making formula for the kittens and force feeding them through a tube 3-4 times a day. While this seemed to help a little, the kittens still didn't seem to be growing and gaining weight as they should have. In addition, some of the kittens just seemed to be weak from the day they were born, possibly a result of being packed inside with so many others.
   What eventually happened was that we lost 4 of the seven kittens. Only PQ, Zoe, & Zelda survived. The other four died one at a time over a period of 2 weeks. The most terrible part was that they all died while we were holding them. I will never forget that feeling of watching them die in my hands, watching their little bodies giving up their last breaths as we tried to keep them warm and.orgfortable.

   I buried them in front of the house, in our little, informal burial ground.

   The remaining three seemed to be improving, probably because there was more food available now. I still slept with them at nite with an arm on Zuel to keep her from moving too much and at about 3-4 weeks she started to get into the role of mother a little more and started to clean her kittens. This was a great day.
   By the end of the second month, Zuel had changed considerably. She was the proud parent now of three healthy kittens. They all continued to grow and are all, with the exception of PQ, very healthy, although maybe a little overweight. Interestingly, they are all female and tabbies, just like dear old mom.
   As an aftermath of this, PQ and the girls always treated me like their favorite uncle. Since they have known me since their birth, I don't think they know I'm not a cat. They will always.orge over and give me a lick or a headbutt whenever they see me. But Zuel changed the most. She is my best friend and will always.orge when I call or she sees me. She sleeps with me at night under the covers curled up in the crook of my arm, and feels obligated to clean me regularly.
She just knows. She looks up at me, and either gives me one of her silent miaows or demands to crawl on my shoulder to get a hug. It's as if she's saying thanks.

Zuel died June 10th after battling breast cancer for two years. She's now buried alongside her kittens.
Darrell & Lee

My Sealpoint BOO BOO, is only eleven weeks old. He likes to yell when things don't go his way. A week ago he decided to get our attention after work. My roommate Doug, was sitting on the sofachair just getting back from the pool and BOO BOO proceeded to climb up his back with those nice sharp claws of his. My advice to all is trim 'em down quick.
Hi, I am the Meezer from Downunder, my name is Jera and I like telling my humans what to do. I told them that I want to be on this meezer page, so my mummy is typing in what I want. I like doing my own thing, but I trust my mummy so I do what she tells me, well she thinks I do anyway! Just the other day my mum spotted me with a small bird in my mouth ... she told me to drop the bird, and of course I did, but I had to spit out the feathers ... phew! But I am not allowed outside without my collar, because it's got a bell on it. She seems to think it stops me catching birds, boy have I got her fooled. Anyway I wait at the door and put my head up, till she puts it on... then I am away! I love to sleep under the covers with my humans and I can.orge and go as I please ... you see, everytime I want to get under the covers I gently scratch my mum's nose until she lifts the covers ... the deeper she's sleeping, the harder I scratch, but it works everytime! I've heard that my humans are going to get another meezer, but I think I might have something to say about that! Anyway I'm going back to make sure the electric blanket is on, so I don't catch a chill. Catch you later! Jera Hansford-Jones
The second my human walked into the cat room at the Humane Society, I knew this was the human for me. Even though I was only 3 months old, I had to have been the loudest cat there. I purred and purred and who.orge's walking up but the human I had my eye on. She took one look at me and told me that I was going home with her. Needless to say I was happy. My life has been great ever since.
I still remember that night nineteen years ago. I was 4 years old and had just gotten out of the bath, when my mom yelled for me to.orge see. Our applefaced seal point was giving birth and it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. It was also the most beautiful. In a few weeks the kittens began to get there points and two of them had white spots on there front and back paws. My mom decided we could keep one. We kept the boy and named him Chevy, as he sounded like an old Chevy truck when he started to purr. He was the single most loving cat we ever owned. Whenever I was sick or upset he would.orge and lay on me insisting that I pet him , figuring that paying attention to him would make me feel better. Well he was right and it always did. Chevy had many kitty.orgpanions move in and out of his life and he shared a special bond with each of them. The other day I will never forget is Aug 1997, the day that we had to put him down. Chevy had always hated car rides and my mother refused to put him through that in his final hours so she called a mobil vet to put him down at home. I came over early. Chevy had.orgplete liver failure and was very sick . He had been in the same place on the couch for hours. I sat down next to him and began to cry as I stroked him ...He crawled over and laid his head on my lap and let out a weak meow...Then the vet came and he was gone. He was buried in moms backyard with a slate plaque and a statue of a michevious meezer to guard his rest. There will never be another like him ...He even tried to.orgfort me, as always, in his last hour..I will never forget the special gift of watching him.orge into this world and watching him leave ...
I had gotten Chloe when I was 8 years old, now I am 15 years old. I am enjoying the wonderful 7 years of owning my precious Chloe. She also owns my heart. The reason why Chloe is so special to me is because she does alot of crazy things around the house like open doors and cabinets! When I go to sleep, she always opens my bedroom door and hops into bed with me. Chloe is the most loving cat in the world. Everytime friends would.orge over she would always be all over them and purr all the time. This may sound crazy, but sometimes me and Chloe have lil chats, like I would call out her name and in she.orges running, meowing and I would say; what are you doing? Then she would meow back! Well I hope me and Chloe will stick together for all years to.orge! Michelle
Just how desperate for leftover turkey can an old Siamese get? Simon, my boyfriend's very old kitty, has been really sick lately. But the one thing he hasn't lost is his appetite. Simon recently moved in to our second storey apartment and loves to sit by the screened window to watch the people below. Yesterday Simon was on the front step locked out when I got home. I thought it was strange, but I brought him in. The screen was missing from the bathroom window. But it wasn't possible that he had jumped out the window! It's really far down. But we knew he had gotten into the outside dump because he left us "presents" of part of a turkey dinner on the floor... This morning he was gone again and the screen was missing. This time it was clear that Simon was indeed jumping straight down two stories and landing on hard cement. We found him by the dumpster meowing at the out-of-reach turkey leftovers. We're giving him rice instead.
This is how it all starts out. My neighbor, who currently is in North Dakota, was giving away a beautiful cat that I had to get. I bothered my parents day and night insisting the cat should be mine. My mother considered the idea, after seeing it, and decided it was okay with her. Now all I had to do was convince my dad. I got my sisters to gang up on him too (lol). We suggested names to his liking which were mostly related to hockey. We vowed to take care of the cat as long as it was living. We got the cat and named him Sushi. He had a number of ear infections and once in a while a small cold. The entire family loved him like a brother. He was so smart and.orgpassionate. Several years when he was getting older, he got skinny and very light. My dad took him to the vet and found his kidneys were twice their size and he was in very much pain. The doctor said he could do nothing for him, so he was put to sleep. After he died, I thought even though he was in so much pain he projected the same amount of love towards us as before.
Let me tell you about the first Meezer in my life. I was 4 years old. My uncle worked for a car dealership. There was a huge Siamese Cat that hung around the lot. The guards were always threatening to turn the dogs on it. My uncle brought the cat to my house. He was the biggest, most beautiful Sealpoint Meezer. I named him Sam. My mom worked midnights, so she would.orge home in the morning and sleep during the day. The TV and Sam were my babysitters. I was not allowed to go outside, so Sam and I became fast friends. He would let me dress him in my baby doll clothes and take him for rides in my baby buggy. He was a real love bug. One day I got bored so Sam and I went for a walk. This was great, I made all kinds of friends. They all loved to play house with my "living baby doll". My friends came to my house one day and wanted me to.orge swim in their little pool. Oh what fun this would be. I snuck out of the house, but I made the mistake of leaving Sam in the house. Shortly after I got in the pool, guess who showed up? My mom and Sam. She said that he went crazy when I walked out the door and howled and jumped all over the bed until she got up and followed him. He lead her straight to me. Sam was the best friend that I had during my childhood. He died when I was 11. He was loyal to me until the end. This was just the beginning.
This story begins with a lineage. Our first Siamese, Samantha, came home when I was just 2. She wouldn't tolerate males, thus she was never bred. She "ran away" my mother told me in 1984 when she was 8 yrs old. My Father and I bought another Siamese for my mother upon her graduation from college. She was an applehead seal and my mom named her Seagrams, being in love with Bruce Willis at the time, and he had that wine cooler.orgmercial on the air...soooooooo...She was bred to another seal...and my first very own kitten was born. She was a beauty. A sleek chocolate point, very small, and perfect. I named her Damiannae. She went everywhere with me, and listened to everything I said, and she talked to me lots. When she was almost 2, my mom decided to breed Seagrams again so that we could have another Meezer. Well, the male, Sunshine, took a shine to Damiannae instead and it was she who was expecting. I was excited, but a little worried...Damie was so small....I hoped she would be ok. When the day came, I watched as Damie strained in labor for hours, and nothing happened. I knew there was something wrong. I called my mother at work and she rushed home. We called the Vet and she advised us to get to the hospital ASAP..and we did. The vet took Damie immediately into surgery for a ceserean section. During the surgery, Damie passed away as did 3 of the four kittens she had carried so proudly. I was so empty and alone at that moment. I had lost my best friend...and yet, in the midst of all that, they brought me a tiny white a little wicker Basket..just like the baby Moses. He had been rescued and set upon the world waiting for someone to help him. He was so beautiful with his little pink claws and little pink nose. I was a mommy. I fed him every hour for three weeks..and then every couple of hours until he was about 5 weeks old.....he cried if I walked out of his sight..and he grew to be the most charming and well behaved young man....I grew up with Moses..for 14 years and we became as close as a cat and girl can b.orge. He saw me go to Prom, get married and watched over all of my children as they were born, taking a special shine to our second son who was born early (Chase). He did as much for me as any cat has ever done for a human and I held him in my arms as he went to sleep the last time, his body twisted from the arthiritis and his eyes blinded from cancer. My own son Chase, stroked his fur and kissed him as he slipped away. I thought my heart was breaking, and then Chase, all of 4 and rather small in stature said.."Dont cry mommy, Moses is going to heaven and Ma (my grandmother) will take care of him..he is my Angel now"....I believe that is just where he is and I am sure he still watches over Chase.
Hello. This is Rascal again. It's been quite awhile since I last wrote. I know I said I would write again telling you of my first adventure (of many) to Memphis with my "human". Well, first off she got a new.orgputer and my paws were forbidden to touch it. I guess the new has worn off now as she doesn't throw a "hissy fit" anytime I .orge around it. Now on to my story -- While my "human" explored the fair city, I spent my time in a cage--not her choice or mine but hotel rules. I guess they were afraid that I might do one of my famous "Houdini" escapes when the maid.orges to clean the room. (My "human" told on me.) Or maybe they didn't know what kind of "damage" a four month old kitten could do with their curtains. I was a climber in those days. But after one episode, much later, that scared one of my lives out of me--I never tried climbing curtains again. My time was in the evenings when my "human"--all tired out--would.orge in for the night. She would let me out of my cage for a couple of hours before she went to bed. That's when I would get into mischief -- as she put it. First, I would inspect her goods--very carefully -- that she had purchased. If a claw got in the least little thing she threatened to rearrange my anatomy! I didn't get rearranged so I guess I didn't hurt anything. Then I would run ferociously around the room, hiding under the bed--always a good tactic to keep from getting put back in the cage. But she always won and I ended up back in the cage each night. One night, I took it upon myself to climb, not the curtain, but the wall--literally! My human has video and a picture of me doing just that. It wasn't that difficult to do either. With these good claws of mine, I just dug in and climbed that wallpaper. Fortunately, it was a textured wallpaper so my claw marks didn't show. Amazingly, I didn't get in trouble for doing it. My "human" laughed so hard at my antics that she, I guess, forgot to scold me. Lucky me! I tried that again the next year but it didn't work too well. Besides being a few pounds heavier, the hotel had removed the wallpaper and PAINTED the walls. So when I jumped to the wall from the bed, I slid right down that wall to the floor between the bed and the wall! I've been to Memphis 6 times and I haven't seen hardly any of the fair city. I hold down the "fort"--room while my "human" is gone all day. But I'm not alone in the room anymore (haven't been for 5 years now). She has a "dog" too--named Missy--a pest! But we won't go into that now. I'll tell you about that one later. It's about that time of year again and my "human" is packing again but something is different this time. SHE'S PACKING EVERYTHING! Surely she isn't packing to MOVE to Memphis! I think I heard her say something about Lawrenceburg, TN. (wherever that is)! In any case, I'm having fun investigating all the boxes. But that's another story! Time to get out of here--I hear her .orging. I'm going to try to give ya'll another picture so look for it. Until next time, Rascal
My mom used to have a Siamese Cat named Shilo. It was a VERY sweet cat and I was very patient with him, like when I decided that I was going to be his mommy(although he was about 7 years older than me at the time). So I put a bonnet on him and put him in a doll buggy. The most vivid memory of him is the time when my little sister came in to the family. He was given to my mom when she was dating, so getting married was a little strange for him, but he got a long with my dad because he fed him from the table. Then when I came along he was a little jealous of me, but for some reason all the animals I have known prefer to be with me. The straw that broke the camel's back was when my sister came into the family. He got into my sister's crib while my mom was burping her and watching her own "Purr-baby" in the crib. She only thought that he was laying there for the warmth. Then THUPB! Shilo pooped right in the cradle! I don't think my mom was ever that angry! I saw her running on top of the cat's heels. I will never forget him.
Mai Mika man, is a unique little seal male. He is the most vocal kitty I have ever owned. He can talk for almost a full minute on one breath. After I have fed him and I put him in my lap to pet him, he will jump off my lap and head for his big black spider and proceed to knead it and try to get milk out of it. This is one of the funniest things I have seen a cat do. The spider is about 8" long and 5" wide and has legs and will move if I turn on the switch. Mika has adopted the spider as his mom away from home. He is a sweet little kitty, and reminds me of my late BABY KAKUHA. Siamese Cats are wonderfull, and every one should be blessed by being owned by one in their lifetime :)
My wonderful Siamese, Norman, not only believes that my calling in life is to pamper and spoil him, but he also believes he is a dog. He fetches (only when he wants to of course) little celophane wrapped candies, and he also growls at strangers when they.orge to the door. When I read the news paper, Norman walks over and sits right in the middle of my lap, preventing me from reading the paper as if to say "how dare you read that when you could be petting me!" And when he gets upset, he'll sit in the middle of the room with his back towards me as if to punish me in some way. Siamese Cats have the most colorful personalities of any other breed of cat. I'm sure Norman would tell you just that if he could talk. :
Samanha's Story. Hello everyone. By now you should know me as Samantha. I was born October 31, 1997 (yep right on Halloween). I had 2 other sisters, and 2 brothers. They were hogs at the old milk factory, and me being the smallest and weakest I got kicked out alot. This is when my human mom took over and helped mom and I out. I adore this human. When the rest of the family got done drinking their milk, meow mom would get out and go get humom (I think she knew she needed help then )Mom would go in and meow up at Brenda (lets call her Brenda right now so we don't get mommies mixed up.) Brenda would.orge in and take me out of the box and lay me next to mommie, boy I loved that I had a whole factory to myself. Well this went on for a few weeks (by the way, Brenda was up during the night checking on me) until we were able to eat real food. Well things were going ok, then one day I woke up and couldn't see. My eyes were swelled shut, one of my litter mates had got me real good. I was about 4 weeks old then. I was like this for a long time. Brenda took care of me but she was so worried that I would be blind cause it took a long time to heal. She was up and down all night taking care of me. While my brothers and sisters were running out to play in the other room I was lagging behind,.orging out of the room I ran into doors and things, then I would feel this loving hand pick me up and wipe out my eyes like they told her to do. Well time went on and it was time for us to be given to a nice family (Brenda made sure of that). It got down to me and I still had eye trouble, by then Brenda had fallen in love with me and said she was not going to give me up for anything, so I stayed. She sings to me, you know the song "My Little Buttercup" well, she says "My Little Buttercup Has The Furriest Lips". That's about all for now. We will add more later when I do other things.
In 1991, Thai (better known as Weasel) was hanging out outside. Before this incident, I used to let him do that. In the evening I went to gather him inside and couldn't find him. I looked into the night, and a thick fog enveloped the neighborhood. I finally gave up around mid- night, but left the back door ajar, sure that he would appear by morning. He didn't. I looked for days, crying myself nearly to death; I could actually feel my heart breaking day by day. Finally, a friend told me of a friend who was a psychic that helped the police dept. find missing persons. She had recently helped them locate one of their missing canines. In desperation, I called her and she agreed to help me. She came over to my house, held Weasel's toys, got some 'vibes' and we set out to follow her "leads". We went to a house where she thought he might be. A Siamese lived there, but not mine. This happened twice. She then suggested I contact a dowser (someone who finds people/things/water by using divining rods and/or magnetic pendulums). I contacted him, sent him plat maps of the area, a picture of Weasel and one of his toys. He called me back with a location. I put my Missing Cat Flyers all around that neighborhood.(I had been having dreams that he was living in a storm drain). I got a call & found him near a storm drain 1/2 block from the dowser's location!!!. Amazing!
When I was four years old, I got my first pet and best friend in the whole world, a Meezer named Sammy. Since that wonderful cat, I have only had Siamese Kitty's in my home. Sammy's virtues were many, but oh boy, so were his vices! He was a true blue, in your face, get his own way or else, Siamese. He was a sealpoint, not too big, but he ruled our house with an iron paw. Telephone calls were to be kept to a minimum and closet doors were not allowed to be shut. To this day, he is the only cat I know who argued, cursed and yes, won every time! Sammy always got the last word in, which is how he won. No matter that it was some infraction on his part which caused the disturbance: being thrown out of the room when he did not want to go; told to be quiet because his fourteen cents were unnecessary; asked not to beg during dinner; and stealing anything he could get his little paws on. My mother would say something like "not another word!" and as he stalked indignantly from the room cursing "", my mother would answer "no more from you!" From the other room under his breath you would hear him grumble a reply. This would go on until we all (except, of course, his highness) were laughing too hard to continue. In all of his 17 loving years with us he never lost an argument and always got in the last word.
When I was four years old, my parents brought home a seal point male which we called Jasper. Since I was very shy when I was a little girl, I had a hard time making friends. Because of this, I would get picked on terribly by the other kids. When I came home, I used to cry and hold Jasper in my arms where he would always cuddle and look lovingly into my eyes. At night, he would sing me to sleep with his purrrfect lulabies and watch over me(he also used to hog the pillow and push me off of it, but that's another story!). He kissed away my tears, never left my side when I was sick, and stayed my best friend into early adulthood. He had very bad respirtory problems and was given to the age of three to live. With all of the love he recieved, he hung on until he was almost sixteen. To this day I still consider him my childhood guardian angel who took the disguise of a wonderful cat.
Bonnie L. Getman
Bosco, my 2 1/2 year old chocolate king of the roost, thinks he is the newest work out guru of the millennium. I have flooring throughout my apartment and use an exercise mat for stretching and yoga. Bosco could be in a dead sleep, but as soon as that mat.orges out he is up and raring to go. He rolls around on it and basically gets in the middle of all the floor activity. If I skip a day he is angry and constantly goes to the mat and pulls at it and causes mischief, until I pull it out and do some work with it. I also have a weight bench which is his new kingly perch to gives speeches from in the middle of the night.
We now have two Blue Point Siamese named Miss MoneyPenny(Penny) and NicNac(Nic). Penny came first and we knew very little about Siamese at the time. For the first few nights we kept her in the bathroom so she could adjust. Every morning at 6:30 I would go and let her out and we would play, eat, all good stuff. One morning at 6:00 I heard her crying and I thought she just wants out and I am not going to give in and have her think I will.orge running every time she cries. So I wait until 6:30 go into the bathroom and look all around the floor for her. I couldn't find her but could still hear her crying - I look up and see she is clinging to the top of my robe hanging on the back of the door - stuck there and couldn't get down! I felt like such a mean mommy that now whenever either of them cry I go running - so much for me teaching them a lesson!
We have a beautiful, talkative, intelligent, Chocolate Point Siamese. His name is PoPo. He lives in Hawaii and let's the Pet Chameleon take rides on his back. One night I decided I didn't want to share my pillow and the spot by my husband with him. Well that didn't stop this charmer. He climbed his way to the top of the ceiling(they are vaulted), looked down at us sleeping in his bed, & jumped! We heard a THUMP!!! MEOW!!! and we never shut the door again, and we gladly share our pillows.=)
My bluepoint "Ming Toy", has been gone since August of 1981. I still miss that cat. One of my favorite memories (there are so many!!!) involves my crumpling up her "Tender Vittles" packages, flicking this wad with my thumb and forefinger at the opening under my Mom's hutch. "Ming" would play hockey goalie and bat the slapshots out of the way. This game could go on for a long time. I was usually tired after 100 shots or so, but "Ming" was still raring to go. If a shot did manage to get by her. She would go on her side and frantically reach for the crumpled "puck". I would use a yard stick to remove it.
Napolean is a 15 to 18 lb. Silver Lynx-point Siamese. He was rescued from an empty duplex where he had been chained outdoors in the backyard for several days. I had a friend who lived in the apartment .orgplex nearby, who kept an eye on him for five days and gave him water and food (that I left for her to use). Both sets of people at the duplex had moved away (we weren't sure who exactly had owned him), but since our town does not have a "no euthanasia" policy at the animal control center, I wasn't going to take a chance he would be "black-marked" (Siamese are difficult to place if they are adults and vicious too-don't you know. Especially when they are "huge", like this one). At the end of five days and absolutely no appearance of either set of renters from the duplex and no sign of new people moving in anytime soon, I acquired a new buddy. Needless to say, the rest of the crew at my house (all Siamese and Siamese/mix) were curious, anxious, and a couple were even downright put-out by the thoughts of someone "meezling" in on their territory (exclusive rights to Mom's lap at TV time). But Napolean, once he had passed quarantine and vet- check/neutering, had no problem being one of the gang. In fact he's the erstwhile ring-leader of the Saturday Night Pizza-jackers Squad. No hamburger with extra cheese and mushrooms pizza is safe from these catty operators. And no pizza-delivery person, either. Even in the dead of winter, the ritual "stalking of the pizza-beast" is utilized in true "meezboyant" fashion. Twice in one month I was awakened by my roommate from my evening nap (I was working graveyard-shift at the time), to solve the mystery of the growling shadow in the back of the pizza-buggy. The little Vietnamese delivery boy who owned the battered VW must have literally thought that some unknown "monster" had attacked his car in the dead of the winter evening darkness when he heard the very loud resounding thump just after he had stopped in the driveway below the overhanging tree limb. The fact that this was soon followed by the decided bass growls of a determined predator, had sent the poor gentle person hurtling out of his car into the snow in self-preservation, where-upon my roommate had summoned "MOM". Hastily dressing, I dashed out onto the porch, took a quick head-count of the crew and easily deduced the culprit. "NAPOLEAN!" In the glow of the porch-light I could easily make out the piercing blue eyes and the grey-barred head of the "monster" as he guiltily peeked over the back- seat where he had been wrestling with the "kill" and fiercely "gut- raking" the delivery sleeve and the box in order to claim his prize. Profusely appologizing to the poor gentle person, I cruelly burst the wayward meeze's fantasy bubble of "Mighty Hunter" by ordering him out of the car. Abashed, Napolean leapt from the back seat out the open door and scurried back into the house. The delivery boy, once he realized what was going on, just sat in the snow, laughing. Then he got up, delivered the pizzas, including the "dead" one, and proceeded to spread the "tail" at the local pizza parlor. When the same thing occurred again a couple of weeks later, all the delivery places quickly spread the word. From then on, Napolean was known as the "Guard Cat who could be bribed with pizza", and every delivery brought "pets" as well as his beloved "kill". Although only allowed a bite, like the rest of the crew, he still scurries to the door the instant he hears the familiar call of the "pizza-beast", tries mightily to get past the "security-team" and struts proudly into the kitchen preceeding the "bearer" of his kill. And "Mom" just smiles and thanks Kismet for her "lovey-boy" and happy clown.
Frank (who died this week because a car hit him), lived across the street at night, but spent his days with me. One day I was in the yard next door checking on another neighbor's new puppy. I heard Frank calling for me. His voice got louder and louder until I looked up and found him balanced with all four feet on the thin edge of the gate. By this time he was mouth-wide-open howling at me! Naturally I immediately quit talking to the puppy and rushed over to rescue Frank from the top of the gate. While held in my arms he purred loudly as I carried him back to my house. What a jealous guy. I miss Frank so much. Without him around my days have turned grey...a grey deeper than the Pacific Ocean Fog lapping at my door.
Renee Flower
Jonah is my 8 month old seal-point. He came equiped with his expensive cat food, which he has not touched from the day he entered the house. Since that day he has tried a variety of goodies, his favourite being chocolate. However, the best yet was one lunch time when I saw him dragging what I thought to be a dead bird across a neighbour's lawn. when he got inside, I realised that it was actually a packet of sandwiches, still wrapped in the clingfilm. Some time later I heard some workmen outside trying to work out where the sandwiches and a chocolate bar had gone to!!!! Needless to say, Jonah polished off the chocolate first and brought the sarnies home to me! By the way they were vegemite sandwiches, which if you aren't aware is a form of yeast extract.
My beloved 18 year old BC (either it stood for Bratty Cat or Beautiful Cat depending on mood). I lost her 4 years ago, but she was the most wonderful Siamese ever. She would love to wash my glasses for me. I would hold her and she would gently grab my glasses and lick them till they were clean. She also loved to open all my cabinets. I will always miss her. I now have a Siamese/Ragdoll mix named Misha....a furball of fun. Shes almost 3 and spoiled rotten. She likes to sit on the side of the tub and let her tail dangle in the water. I will always love Siamese Kitties!
I will never forget the day I came home and found Willow (a lovely blue point) missing, and the window screen torn out. I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building. My heart was in my throat. I went outside, the woods are right behind my building. I couldn't see her anywhere. I searched for over 2 hours. I called my best friend and she told me to go back outside and get on my hands and knees and look for a place she could be hiding. I found her 5 minutes later under a bush I had passed at least 20 times. She was fine, just scared. The vet said she was lucky, I say she used one of her nine lives. About two days later Isabelle (my red point angel) was sleeping in the window and the curtain was pulled so all you could see was her shadow. Willow came running up and I swear she was trying to push Isabelle out the window. I really wonder what had happened that fateful day.
My name is Simeon (AKA Slim) and I am a three year old blue lynx point Siamese. My human.orgpanion always jokes that it is quite apropos that she named me that because sometimes I baffle her with my monkey (Simian) -like antics! Actually, I was named after the town on the Central Coast of California where the magnificent Hearst Castle is located, San Simeon. She had just had a wonderful getaway Labor Day Weekend up there two days before she rescued me from that horrible pet store.
For a while it seemed my fate would end up in the hands of one of those merciless human children who used to love to bang on and press there small faces against my little window to the outside world. Until she came in. I did everything I could to get her attention. But what really clinched it for her, much to my embarrassment, was when I went to do my thing in the litter box. I was a little constipated, because of that crappy (yuck, no pun intended!) food they served, that I began to strain so much that I literally stood up on my hind legs and then proceeded to topple over backwards! Supposedly, it was the funniest thing she had ever seen. Itís just plain humiliating that something so private and personal was on display, if you ask me.
Well, the years have gone by and she and I have grown extremely close. Everyday we express our tremendous love for one another. She provides me with everything I could ever ask for. Also, never a day goes by when she doesn't take the time to play with me. Itís something I'm quite demanding about. One of my favorite games is fetch. What I like to fetch varies from time to time. Iím rather fickle that way. Right now it is paper clips. I scour the house for them and take them off any papers that they are neatly holding together. Of course, she sometimes gets upset with me because she's afraid I will swallow one or hurt myself. So, we have made a.orgpromise and I am only allowed to play with the jumbo ones under her supervision. I also LOVE bobby pins, but she hides those, and I used to have a great fascination with straws. I really used to irritate her when she'd have one of those fast-food drinks and Iíd be after her straw, spilling the drink in the process. Wine corks are good source of fun too.

Boy, I'm getting tired and Iíd better sign off for now. Itís time for my catnap. Thank-you for taking the time to read my story. Until next time............

I am back again. My original story is on page 6. Since being adopted, I now weigh 13 lbs. and I am sort of fat. Everyone .orges up to me and asks if I am expecting, they say I look like a pear. I think I look great and mom swears that I must binge at night. I am proud to say that I have a new job. We recently had our wheelchair olympics here. I went out to visit the patients from the hospital. We have two long term hospitals in my town and everyone is part of our.orgmunity. I did my charm act and cheered up so many folks. I let everyone pet me and hold me. My mom was asked if I wanted to b.orge a therapy cat. I told her that it would be fine. We went for an interview. I had to ride in my case in a NYC Taxi Cab for 40 minutes. I vocalized throughout, and mom was really embarassed at my behavior. When we got to the interview, I charmed them. I let everyone hold me, talk kitty talk and toss toys to me. The office was great. Lots of halls to cruise. I was glad to say the interview was easy. I did not have a Rorshak Test, paw prints or mug shot. They gave me a tag that says I am a Bide-A-Wee Pet Therapy Dog!!!! They only have 4 cat volunteers, so my tag says "dog." Next week I will visit the kids in the hospital. I will keep you updated. Mom says I can wear my hand knitted bonnet for the day! There are many organizations that are looking for cats. In NYC there is the ASPCA, Bide-A-wee and Animal Medical Center. You can look up the Delta Society on the Internet, and find out about putting your meezer to work. Have to go sneak some food now!! Tatiana
My Siamese Cat, Violet, is a bit mad, and my other 2 cats (which are boys) do not understand her at all, as they are not Siamese. She has her own little toy, which is her little baby. It is a shame, because she is lonely, as her old cat friends are dead, so she yowls around the house.
Hi, my name is Shadow. I am only sixteen weeks old, but already the queen of my new home. Today my human grandmother came over with her Chihuahua Puppy that is two days older than me. We are very close in size and had a wonderful time chasing each other everywhere. The only question I have is this...Why did she leave me with her bone and take home my toy mouse? The bone is very hard to play with, but I'll try my best. Until later then...
Hi, my name is GR CH & GR PR Heathlands Cassiopea (Fifi to friends)I am a retired show cat & beauty queen. I am a chocolate tabby point, my hobbies are, spider catching, bird watching, and playing with kittens. I am 6 years old now, but still think I am a kitten myself! I live with my Human Mum, and 8 other Heathlands Siamese, we are all related, and descended from Langfranc Guinevere, a Sumfun James Trueman daughter.
Okay. One morning I woke up and heard a kind of 'gagging' sound. I looked down at the foot of my bed, and there was Clea (Kleea), my Siamese Kitten, sitting with about 6 inches of string hanging from her mouth. So I started to pull, and I pulled and pulled and pulled, and finally it came out...the yarn was about 3 feet long! I'll never forget that time. =)
I have a Siamese Cat that I adopted named Tipsy. Tipsy went above and beyond the call of Motherhood. She had a litter of 4 kittens. Two sleek-furred like her and two longer-furred like the father cat. (Shadow, a longhair gray cat) (Both are spay/neuter now) Anyway, Tipsy was so young to have her kittens, barely 8 months old when they were born! She was a perfect little mother, and cared for her babies well. Well, when Tipsy's kittens were about a month old, we found an abandoned orange and white kitten with eyes still half-closed. We took him in. At first Tipsy and Shadow snarled at him and Tipsy even swatted him once. The kittens gave him a wide berth too. But, on the third night we had him, I got up during the night and saw Tipsy nursing Rusty (the orphan) along with her kittens. She took him in as one of her own. Shadow and the other kittens adopted him into the family too. All 5 kittens have great homes, I gave Rusty to my parents. I thought it was SO heart-warming to see Tipsy take that orphan in as her own..... She is an exceptionally loving and friendly cat!
Hello all, my name is Stumpy, not a very regal name for a Siamese, but there is a reason for that. When my family came to Portugal, the country of my birth, to visit, their elderly nana had just acquired me and my sister from a local restaraunt, she only really wanted my sister but she took me as well because she felt sorry for me! I was the last one there because I don`t have a tail and I have a white tip to one of my toes, and to make matters much much worse, I`m cross-eyed, and I snore!! But the little boy in the family fell in love with me and wanted to take me home to Holland, I did my very best to be cute, and I was very well behaved on the long drive home, and I always poohed in my box in the car and entertained the drivers behind us on the way home. Now I have a lovely home, but now that I`m safe, I can be a bit bad sometimes because they love me so much. My mummy.orges into the garden with me when it`s wet to dig my hole so that I can pooh in it, they have stopped trying to have house plants now because I loved to dig all the soil out. Mummy knows better than to try to feed the family before me. If she tries, I just climb up her bare legs with my nice sharp claws to remind her that I`m hungry, but if they are good, I reward them by lying on their laps or over their shoulders and letting them kiss and cuddle me, I`m a lucky cat!!
Update to the Queen Kusa story. Needless to say Kusa is my first Siamese Cat (spooky was only part and not very vocal, but he was brilliant). I didn't know what I let myself in for! I laughed when other meezer owners asked me "are you sure you're ready for a Siamese, they are vocal!" Well after 2 years I have finally gotten used to her incessant talking. Don't get me wrong..I now know why they say meezers are the best. Kusa sleeps with my wife and I every night (between us) and is my constant.orgpanion during the day (I work from home). She taught herself to fetch (uses flowers "hippie cat"), opens doors and cupboards, drinks only from a running tap, plays tag, hockey (with marbles or balls), and zoom cat. Zoom cat is streaking to follow my pacing from room to room at top speed. She loves my two teenage daughters and my wife very much but I am the favorite human. When things are quiet, she is never more than a cat length or two from me. It burns me when I hear meezers get a bad rap from people. I have never found a more loving, intelligent, playfull, cuddling type animal in my life. They even have a sense of humor. She loves to make people jump in surprise. She unplugs the TV and stereo if she doesn't like the programming. She has to be between the sheets when the bed is made. She pets us and sleeps with her paws on my arms and her head on my wife's arm. Siamese cats truly rule! LONG LIVE THE MEEZER DOMINATION!!!
My 2 yr old Blue Point Siamese is named Armand (usually referred to as "The Little Boy"). Spoiled rotten, he is. Right now, he is curled up, under a blanket, on his snuggle bed - in front of my fireplace. When I.orge home from work, he is by the door, waiting. When I open the door, he rolls around on the floor, crying for me to pick him up. If I don't do so immediately, he tears through the house until I do! His favorite toy is a piece of string (talk about cheap toys!), which he carries around in his mouth. We are inseparable buddies......Pete
I was sitting on the couch and Sesame, my Siamese, was on the back of the couch right behind me. I was doing homework and Sesame had just .orge inside to lay down. After a few minutes I heard a bang on the picture window that was directly behind the couch. I turned around and Sesame was no longer there. I looked behind the couch and sure enough she was down there with this dazed look of "What happened?" My dad came in then and I told him about Sesame and then he told me that the catnip plant that we have in our garden was torn up and destroyed. Than I realized that Sesame had gotten herself high and passed out. It was funny. She had never done something like that. Another thing was that the catnip plant was caged in, so she couldn't get it, but I guess she found a way.

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