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It's that baking time of year again! The house is full of the smells of cinnamon and molasses! The mixer is going from dusk to dawn. The oven is working overtime at 300 degrees F. The sink is piled high with cookie sheets, mixing spoons, measuring cups (all needing cleaning). AND a little gremlin is stalking whatever crumb may happen to fall to the floor. The phone rings! That's right, turn your back for 30 seconds! CRASH! BANG! Obi-Wan!!! What have you done???? Obi looks at Meowmy, head .orgpletely wet, chocolate and dough covering face and pawickies. Innocent??? OUT, OUT!
Now where were we... Oh, yes! Get the next batch out of the oven - OBI-WAN what are you doing on top of the oven??? Get down! Cookies.orge out - OBI-WAN get off the counter top! Mad scrambling of clawickies right across hot cookie sheet (cookies are crushed) - flour scatters over floor, 2 eggs roll of counter... Oh, my! I am now worried more about possible burned pawickies. Looked and looked around house, could not find him, so went back to kitchen - oh, and what to my wondering eyes should appear... a baby meezer helping himself to Meowmy's sugar cookies. Oh well, you can't win! He got the cookie and I got a headache! Lesley

** Elections ** Official Candidacy!!!!!!!!!
*Sweeping Bow*
Your Majesty and Most Gracious and Dread Sovereign Imperial Siamese Leader,
Greetings and Salutations!
Having received Your Call for a New Assistant Leader, I immediately sat down to meditate upon the needs of SICC, I wondered, Who could.orgpletely fill the role of, and aptly carry out the duties of A.L.Hobbit?
Long I stared at the wall, remeowviewing in my meowind the faces and names of loyal meezers who could do the Office justice. After much contemplation, I reached the Inevitable Conclusion.........
I Hereby Cast My Plumed Hat Into The Ring! I loyally offurrr My Life, My Fortune (vast indeed matey), and My Sacred Honor.
I am not alone in thisssss endeafurrr. Already the sounds of tumult arise!! The Sunshine Soldier and the Summer Pawtriot would distract your Gracious Majesty with base flattery, and selfff-important braggadociow-meow. But Wise Leaders pay attention to their Councelors. Here Now-meow the caterwaulings of Indigo of Azure Eyes, CoCo the Immense, Moose the Mighty Hunter, Red Dog Flame of Passion, Wolf Howlmeower, Meeka Princess in Exile, and Your Own Poet Laureate, the Bemeowutiful Ramona, and Accept Your Humble Servant, Commodore Hawke.....Transmewitting from Puget Sound HMZ Kittitas flagship of the Imperial Navy
To my fellow Meezers of De-stink-tion, I thank you, and will endeafurr to continue to save all Meezerdom from the mongrel hoardes on the High Seas. My Privateering ways are fur your own pleasurrrre. I keeees the ladies paws, meezer sirs, I salute you!

I had a beautiful Seal Point (runt of the litter) who has departed now. "Duffy" was very small, friendly and also very smart. One day I was out in the garden with him when he figured it was time to head in the house. The door was closed but that didn't stop him. He took a run across the lawn, up the front steps and jumped. I heard some very strange sounds.orging from him (kitty swearing I think) and there he was, hanging from the door knob. Darn door was still closed. I never laughed so hard in all my life. It was a treasure moment. This little fellow would also stay outside for hours on end and THEN.orge in to use the littter box. What a duffy!!!! Small but mighty..

I have not one but FOUR pedigree Siamese Cats and one black oriental. Their names are, Tristan, Solomon, Araminta (the oriental) and the twins, Bart and Saph. As you can guess, or house is bedlam. Solomon has long adopted Mum as his mum too and he is quite gorgeous. He talks and murrs and moos to her. And he looks up at her with love on every detail of his big, seal point face. Solomon needs a mum because he is the biggest chicken on earth. He jumps at every unexpected noise, hides when we have visitors and you should see him run from the vacumn cleaner.
The twins are partners in crime. Bart is a big goofy, cross eyed boy who follows my brother around doing his best impression of a dog. Saph is a dainty little girl, choccy like her brother, who just loves her Uncle Tristan. When she was a kitten, she went nowhere without her mentor. We jokingly referred to her as Tristens small, white, shadow. Minty has been stunted from Kitten hood. She just loves to disappear. We've even found her in drawers after long hours of fruitless searching. All the Siamese pick on her, but she knows how to get them back. She's got sharp claws and an even sharper brain.
Tristen is the biggest character of them all. A leggy, tabby seal point, he has the best nature, inquisitive and childlike. Even cat bikkies in a washing machine, in a tight container aren't safe from him. He is our show champ and very much my favourite of all our babies.

I have 3 active and interesting Siamese. Eric the Bold is my seal point male. He was identified by the breeder as a precocious kitty with "lots of personality". He is named after the Norse explorer Eric the Red ( I had to improvise since he is not a red point ) and is called Eric the Bold. Eric led his littermates out of the kitten box and has been exploring ever since. Erics exploration has netted him some problems. He "just had to" check out the top of the glassed in shower. As a result of his curiosity he spent the work day in the tub ( he had fallen in ). He has spent time in the closet, the pantry, and even the hamper because he must check out everything. Since he knows how to open doors, etc, I need to.orge up with ways to outsmart him. Because he is from a chatty family, he shares all his adventures. I love this fellow's style!!!!

Hi! I'm Asia, a 1-year old chocolate point. I think I'm one lucky cat! My humans just adopted me from this place they call a pound which, for the most part, wasn't such a bad place -- they gave me food and a place to sleep -- but I'd heard rumors about what they do to the dogs and cats who don't find homes! So, I'm glad that I found a good home. I made myself so adorable, they couldn't refuse! They love to pet me, and I love the attention! I think they'll be easy enough to train! They're great - as far as people go!
Wish me luck!

I had gotten Chloe when I was 8 years old, now I am 15 years old. I am enjoying the wonderful 7 years of owning my precious Chloe. She also owns my heart. The reason why Chloe is so special to me is because she does alot of crazy things around the house like open doors and cabinets! When I go to sleep, she always opens my bedroom door and hops into bed with me. Chloe is the most loving cat in the world. Everytime friends would.orge over she would always be all over them and purr all the time. This may sound crazy, but sometimes me and Chloe have lil chats, like I would call out her name and in she.orges running, meowing and I would say; what are you doing? Then she would meow back! Well I hope me and Chloe will stick together for all years to.orge! Michelle

My wonderful Siamese, Norman, not only believes that my calling in life is to pamper and spoil him, but he also believes he is a dog. He fetches (only when he wants to of course) little celophane wrapped candies, and he also growls at strangers when they.orge to the door. When I read the news paper, Norman walks over and sits right in the middle of my lap, preventing me from reading the paper as if to say "how dare you read that when you could be petting me!" And when he gets upset, he'll sit in the middle of the room with his back towards me as if to punish me in some way. Siamese Cats have the most colorful personalities of any other breed of cat. I'm sure Norman would tell you just that if he could talk.

My very strange, but very beautiful Jeremy has discovered a new game he likes oh so much. Every time that I decide to have a nice relaxing sit down at my.orgputer, my darling Jeremy has other ideas! You see, he sits on a rotating chair next to me (his chair, and dont you forget it!) and hits me with his paw until I'll spin him around on it as fast as I can, he purrs soo loud I can't hear myself think! If I ignore him he takes it upon himself to walk across my keyboard until I have no choice but to play his game. Another weird and wonderful trait of his, is that everytime I get home from work, or wherever I've been, he will lay on my shoulders like a scarf for at least 15 mins, once again purring as loud as he can..Oh, one more thing, he loves to.orgpletely destroy toilet rolls! But putting all this aside, I love him very much and wouldn't change him for the world!

Tragic, I tell you, Tragic!
A couple of nights ago I was awakened by "the child", who was prompty told it was the middle of the night , and GO back to bed! But I was awake, so I decided to relieve myself of some fluids, and headed to the bathroom. It was raining that night, and dark, and I wanted to keep the lights out to allow others to sleep, so I carefully lifted the lid and aimed. I did not notice the large shape that was sound out over the floor vent of the furnace. As I went, the noise awoke the great Lord Borus in a start, and he too was in need of relief. The startled boy let go, and peed right into the vent! As we are on a hill, the level of the bathroom in question is right over the furnace, and the outlet went straight to the main duct! To make matters worse, Borus is on antibiotics for some congestion, and his usually foul smelling urine was even worse! Since I was in process, I couldn't even move him. Then the furnace came on... It was BAD. The odor was emitted all over the house through the heater ducting. Oh Boy! We are still using air freshener, even after cleaning out the duct. You can never get it all. Poor Borus. He is still ashamed of himself, and walks around with his head down. I have tried to tell him it's OK, but he smells the air and feels bad about it. Any suggestions? Fred

An elderly SICC member is rocking slowly on her front porch, on an isolated farm in northern Maine. Her eyes are shot from years of reading SICC postings so she is knitting away the last of her days while reflecting on her long life, when all of a sudden -- her fairy godmother appears. She is dressed in a shimmering white gown and holding a sparkling magic wand. "Because of the exemplary life you've led, you will be granted three wishes," she tells the old lady. "Lands sakes!" exclaims the old lady, "I guess I would like to be really rich and want for nothing." ***POOF*** Her rocking chair turns into a throne of solid gold encrusted with precious stones. "And gosh, I guess it would be nice to be young be a young, beautiful princess." ***POOF*** She turns into the most beautiful princess who ever drew a breath. "And your third wish?" asks her fairy godmother. The transformed old lady sees her Siamese Cat wander across the porch. "Oh, he's my only true friend and I do love him dearly. Would it be possible to change him into a handsome prince?" ***POOF*** There before her stands the handsomest young man that she has ever seen. She stares at him,.orgpletely captivated and smitten. His smile makes her knees buckle. He walks towards her, embraces her and kisses her passionately. Then with his cheek resting against her, he whispers softly..."I bet you're sorry now that you had me neutered!!!"
Happy tears to all, xoxoxo Deb & Smooch

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