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These are stories submitted by Siamese owners to celebrate their 'Meezers'
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I have a 5 year-old mixed meezer, named Oona. We have lived together her whole five years in this house. She never wandered farther than our block, only crossing the street in front of our house. She wasn't much of an adventurer. Well, no one stays in the same house their whole life, so of course we moved in the middle of December. I waited to move Oona until after all our furniture was in, so that she wouldn't run out. I finally brought her over on December 23. She hid and sulked for the night. In the morning I coaxed her out and .orgforted her. She was just fine by then, but I had to make sure she didn't get out. I knew she would run back home. Home was now a half- hour drive away along a busy highway. I stressed the importance to make sure doors got closed and the cat stayed in. Being Christmas Eve by now, there were people.orging and going all the time. Oona disappeared. I knew it right away. I had been checking up on her almost every hour I was so paranoid. That night I drove around town, in a storm no less, looking for her. We put up signs and a reward for her return. She was wearing a silly holiday bow and I knew someone would take her in if they saw it. Three weeks later we got a call. Someone had seen her under their porch. I thought she'd be miles away by now. The house was 3 blocks down the street! So much for meezer intelligence.

Hello, my name is Fereastra and I am a traditional Siamese, blue-point. My human and I have had a good time together. She was sick for a long time and was not able to be with me, but her nephew has been taking care of me. I used to like to watch the water go down the toilet, so I would flush the.orgmode in the middle of the night and watch my human sit bolt upright in bed. I love her and she loves me - she tells me I am special because I was born on the same day her beloved Sealpoint Wedgehead.orgpanion, Hsa-Lu, left her. He came to her in a dream and told her he might.orge back, and she told him he was crazy. I don't think so. I would like that. She's getting paid pretty soon now - she's back at work - so, you know, before you know it we'll be e-mailing you saying hello, we're together again. My human says I have Siamese qualities because I am curious and somewhat smart. I love to get on her bed at night and nip her eyelids until she gets up and feeds me. She tries to crawl under the covers but I go under them with her. I have her pretty well trained now to do just what I want, and I don't think she'll forget that. I also like to put a gentle paw on her nose while she sleeps. Love, Fereastra

I had a beautiful Seal Point (runt of the litter) who has departed now. "Duffy" was very small, friendly and also very smart. One day I was out in the garden with him when he figured it was time to head in the house. The door was closed but that didn't stop him. He took a run across the lawn, up the front steps and jumped. I heard some very strange sounds.orging from him (kitty swearing I think) and there he was, hanging from the door knob. Darn door was still closed. I never laughed so hard in all my life. It was a treasure moment. This little fellow would also stay outside for hours on end and THEN.orge in to use the littter box. What a duffy!!!! Small but mighty..

I have not one but FOUR pedigree Siamease Cats and one black oriental. Their names are, Tristan, Solomon, Araminta (the oriental) and the twins Bart and Saph. As you can guess, or house is bedlam. Solomon has long adopted Mum as his mum too and he is quite gorgeous. He talks and murrs and moos to her. And he looks up at her with love on every detail of his big, seal point face. Solomon needs a mum because he is the biggest chicken on earth. He jumps at every unexpected noise, hides when we have visitors and you should see him run from the vacumn cleaner. The twins are partners in crime. Bart is a big goofy, cross eyed boy who follows my brother around doing his best impression of a dog. Saph is a dainty little girl, choccy like her brother, who just loves her uncle Tristan. When she was a kitten, she went nowhere without her mentor. We jokingly referred to her as Tristens small, white, shadow. Minty has been stunted from Kitten hood. She just loves too disappear. We've even found her in drawers after long hours of fuitless searching. All the siamese pick on her, but she knows how to get them back. She's got sharp claws and an even sharper brain. Tristen is the biggest character of them all. A leggy, tabby seal point, he has the best nature, inquisitive and childlike. Even cat bikkies in a washing machine, in a tight container aren't safe from him. He is our show champ and very much my favourite of all our babies.

Notice to the Society of Dominion by the Siamese Overlords! I, Ti Nung Cha (First Class Cat) known affectionately to my subjects as Kusa (Heart), have established as conquered territory the domicile of the Hebert family. As the rules of surrender dictate, I Kusa (hereafter to be known as Queen) shall require petting no less than 23 hours a day. Secondly I will give all day lectures which my adoring subjects will duly listen to and adore. Thirdly I will eat only what I want, when I want. Fourthly, I will be adored, no withholding of hearts is to be allowed. The assault on the Hebert domicile began with 2 days of cautious scouting from under the bed of the 2 Adult two legs, admitting audience by them and their 2 teenage daughters, followed up by a vicious all night then all day assault. After 24 hours of no sleep (listening to my voice...nonstop), I had them under my iron claw. Hail to the Imperious Leader Zeke. Photos are fort.orging.

Wake-up Call!!! I want to share a story about how my meezer-Molly wakes me up to let her under the covers. As everyone knows most meezers love to sleep in bed with their people, but sometimes when I'm ready to go to bed she isn't. So usually about an hour later or so, she'll .orge upstairs and then she wants under the covers. It often happens by then that I am asleep and instead of meowing to wake me up she'll poke at me a little and if I don't let her under the covers she'll go and sit on my clock radio on the nightstand and change the time until the alarm rings and wakes me up!! The first time she did it I'm sure it was accidental, but I jumped up so fast and she's done it a dozen times since, that I swear she knows what she's doing. She has to put her feet on 2 buttons at the same time to change the time on the clock radio but a meezer'll do anything to get their own way and this is just another example of that fact.

I have 3 active and interesting Siamese. Eric the Bold is my seal point male. He was identified by the breeder as a precocious kitty with "lots of personality". He is named after the Norse explorer Eric the Red ( I had to improvise since he is not a red point ) and is called Eric the Bold. Eric led his littermates out of the kitten box and has been exploring ever since. Erics exploration has netted him some problems.He "just had to " check out the top of the glassed in shower. As a result of his curiosity he spent the work day in the tub ( he had fallen in ) He has spent time in the closet, the pantry, and even the hamper because he must check out everything. Since he knows how to open doors, etc . I need to.orge up with ways to outsmart him. Because he is from a chatty family, he shares all his adventures. I love this fellow's style!!!!

My name is Sarah and I want to talk about my seal point, Coco. She was the cutest cat you ever saw. I am sure she could of made the Siamese Olympic Soccer Team, but she didn't want to leave me. You should've seen the way she reacted when I would open a can of tuna. It was just so cute. She was four years old when we got her. Unfortunately she was taken from me far too soon. She was fourteen when I had to have her put to sleep due to feline leukemia. She passed away October 16, 1996. Zeke, almighty emperor of the siamese, would you have a memorial service for her? I know that is what she would have wanted. Thank you. I love you Coco. I'll never forget you.

Hi there, Moth here again, I've got a big secret to tell you!! Promise not to tell anyone (not even my best friend Sue!) well......... I think I might be pregnant, Sue took me to visit another of our 2 legged friends and guess what? She had a really dishy chocolate point boy who kept trying to get me in a corner and whisper sweet nothings in my ear. Of course being a well brought up young lady I pretended not to know what that meant!!! After all a girl has to watch her reputation doesn't she. Any way a couple of weeks later I felt like shouting all the time and also felt a bit strange, you understand I was a bit ratty with my friends Greebo and Grizz. Sue took me with her to visit my new friend and I guess you could say we got it together!!!!! I don't think that Sue knows yet but I'm sure she will guess soon, won't I be in trouble then? I will keep you posted of any news but if I'm right then the kittens are due about Easter time. Bye for now Lots of love Moth XXXXX

One day,or should I say one night, I was playing on the.orgputer and all of a sudden my dad starts cracking up, you know laughing, so I went up there and it turned out that my Siamese, Kato, was laying down and all of the sudden my dad goes to Kato and "Raghhhhhgrahhagggh" that was my dad, and Kato was scared and jumped like about 3 or 4 feet up in the air..... It was so funny!!! =),..,:)

I'm a 2 yr. old blue point named Wolf, and my brother is a flame named Red Dog. We like to help Mom with all the chores- making beds (we check out under the sheets) doing laundry (we add things to the washer) cooking ( we taste and offer our opinions). I LOVE red lettuce and take it from Mom's plate whenever I can. I have a favorite sock to chew on while I'm eating, but my brother keeps trying to steal it. Mom put up a bird feeder for us outside the window so we can watch the birds and squirrels. I prefer to watch the deer. We also like to jump in the bathtub with her - too bad water is SOOO WET! But the bubbles are nice. Mom's thinking about adding to our family. Don't know if we'll like that. But it might be fun to have younger siblings to train the way we want.

Hi! I'm Asia, a 1-year old Chocolate Point. I think I'm one lucky cat! My humans just adopted me from this place they call a pound which, for the most part, wasn't such a bad place -- they gave me food and a place to sleep -- but I'd heard rumors about what they do to the dogs and cats who don't find homes! So, I'm glad that I found a good home. I made myself so adorable, they couldn't refuse! ') They love to pet me and I love the attention! I think they'll be easy enough to train! They're great - as far as people go! Wish me luck!

My very strange, but very beautiful Jeremy has discovered a new game he likes oh so much. Every time that I decide to have a nice relaxing sit down at my.orgputer, my darling Jeremy has other ideas! You see, he sits on a rotating chair next to me (his chair, and dont you forget it!) and hits me with his paw until I'll spin him around on it as fast as I can, he purrs soo loud I can't hear myself think! If I ignore him he takes it upon himself to walk across my keyboard until I have no choice but to play his game. Another weird and wonderful trait of his, is that everytime I get home from work, or wherever I've been, he will lay on my shoulders like a scarf for at least 15 mins, once again purring as loud as he can..Oh, one more thing, he loves to.orgpletely destroy toilet rolls! But putting all this aside, I love him very much and wouldn't change him for the world!
My sealpoint, Tasha, was diagnosed with diabetes approximately one month ago. The good news is that she currently has "transient diabetes" which will hopefully take a hike for good! Anyway, I was treating my "little fatty" (yes - she is on a diet now!!) with some antibiotics (pill form). Oh how she loves those pills! (yeah - right!) I would give her the pill (while she is struggling to get out of that towel - boy, she hates that towel!) but would brush her immediately after (boy, how she loves that brush!!) to try to give reinforcement. When she became ill, she had taken to hiding out under the dresser -- probably just to get a little quiet and dark where she could rest up. Before I starting brushing her, right after the pill (after she struggled out of the towel!) that is right where she would bee-line. I finally realized (after giving her the medicine several times and having her run under the dresser) that I should have been giving that positive reinforcement all along. The funny thing is that all it took was for me to brush her one time (I retrieved the brush from the bathroom)for her to run with it. The next time I gave her the pill, she struggled out of the towel and I assumed I was going to watch her do the dash for the dresser -- but instead my little chunk calmly walked into the bathroom right up to the brush as if to say, "Your turn." "I suffered the damn pill, now you have to suffer brushing me for a good five minutes." Even without medication now, I .orge home from work and when I follow her, she is leading me right to that brush. Who is training who?????
We recently moved to a new condo, and of course the first thing I wanted was a Siamese Kitten.. I had a room mate in college who had one and I loved the way it seemed to love only her. Anyways, I could not just get one cat... who would keep her.orgpany during the day? So I found and purchased Keshia, my Blue Point, and Keria, a Black 1/2 Persian. The two, after about a week, were best of friends and did everything together. After a few months the amount of boxes in our condo diminished, and with each new object the two rug rats had to sniff and ok placement in the house. Coming to the end of my boxes I started to get to those last minute quick stuffers and left the box untaped one night as I went to bed. There were still several object inside.. and I guess Keshia got a little curious, as the next day everything was all over the floor. Keshia had finished the unpacking of the box and had even found something to claim as her own. In the middle of all the clutter was Keshia curled up asleep in a ball with her head on a Beanie Baby Duck. To this day she claims it as her own.. carrying it around, beating it up as she wrestles... etc. My other half needing to see it in a manly way calls it her kill... all I can say is that if that is what it takes to keep her happy. She can have it... at least it doesn't bleed!
My name is Sasha, my owner is on all fours picking up all the papers I just scattered about for him. It is amazing how these humans will retrieve our discarded items.... I could not believe it, the other day they put cream on me then took me into the shower... But I showed them, I quite enjoyed myself, it felt really good except when me face got wet. Daisy & CHeecko the Cockteil used to stare at me all the time. They have choosen to ignore me, how rude... When a human is nearby , they cry like I am on their cage or something... (I would go on their tall cage but being a kitten I can not jump that high...YET) The humans.orge in and punish me while those BIRDS stare singing away..... Ooooooohhhh, got to go a paper ball just rolled by... Sasha the CAT
Mr Oat is a very smart cat. He is also very brave! I remember one day one of our friends was here, and he had a dog, a very big dog. The dog and the owner were spending the night. So the dog slept inside the house on the carpet. Then it was morning, and our other cat Noodle was walking to get her breakfast. She passed the dog and at that very moment my cat MR. Oat was sitting on the ladder. As soon as he saw that dog jump for Noodle he jumped off the ladder, over the stove, and hit the owner while trying to attack the dog. His force was so strong he knocked over the owner. Of course there was a CATastrophy, but Noodle was ok. The dog on the other hand I don't know. But the braveness our Siamese, Mr. Oat showed was spectacular. He is a great cat and is also loyal to me. Personaly I think he showed that dog a thing or two. This is just one example of how wonderful Mr. Oat and all other Siamese cats are. And for those of you who own a cat or a Siamese, you should consider yourself LUCKY.
It all happened so fast. One minute I was in a cage at the shelter. This was not a shelter with a no kill creed, I was scared. My days were numbered and I had lots of.orgpetition for adoption. This nice lady came into the room. I sat up, gave the loudest purr a 6 pound cat could muster and preened myself. It worked. The next morning I was off to be fixed. I also had my shots and had developed an upper respiratory infection. I was a mess. Luckily the lady came back and took me home. I settled into a great big cage and slept for two days. I was awakened for medicine and food and then I realized that there was another feline in the house. It wasn't a bad dream, it was a cat called Speedy. I went back to sleep and tried not to think of what life with Speedy would be like. After all she was a domestic cat not a Tortoise Shell Siamese like myself. Eventually I felt well enough to introduce myself. I received a hiss as a response. I have been here two weeks now and we are getting along. I get into all her favorite spaces. This morning I even snuck into her litter box! I am recovered from my cold and Speedy has it now! She has been sneezing all over the place! Tonight we had Toy Mouse Tossing followed by Serengeti Hour! We were wild. I think I will like Speedy, even though she is not a Siamese! TATIANA
Hi, my name is Delilha. My Master is not home, she does not know I am writing this. I am bored, so I just ate one fish out of the fish tank. They were good! O.K., I just ate two or three, O.K., I ate the whole darn fish tank, every fish in it, so sue me. Now I am going to check out those noisy Parakeets. See ya later.
My two year old Siamese male cat, Zack, is very fond of his "kitty treats." He receives them in the morning when I awake (which is always early since Zack gets impatient) and any time I arrive home from being gone for a long period of time. Well, Zack finally decided to take control of his own destiny - he now feeds himself the treats. It does not matter where I hide the treats or what kind of container I put them in, Zack can open almost any cabinet and pry open the lid or seal on any container. If I have forgotten to hide the "kitty treats" in a very secure spot, I can rest assured that when I arrive home I will find the empty can on my living room floor and a very bloated and content Siamese Cat named Zack asleep on my bed. In fact, he gorges himself so.orgpletely that he can barely get up to greet me when I walk in!
My cats are crazy. Whenever we leave to go to school or work, my cats start to act like they want to go in the hallway (we live in an apt). So one day I just let Storm and Rogue run into the hallway. I opened the door wide so they could get out. They both ran out and I closed the door behind us. I left it unlocked so we could get back in. Then they started to go crazy. They were so scared. If I picked up one I would have to pick up the other. Soon I opened the door and let them in. They never wanted to go outside again!!!
I have just had mirror doors installed on my bedroom wardrobes. Samantha jumped on the bed (as usual) at bedtime and suddenly stopped in mid-air, saw her reflection in one of the doors and freaked. With back arched, tail fluffed and one foot in the air, she had a full fifteen-minute "stand-off" with herself. It was absolutely hilarious. After the fifteen minutes she became brave enough to take a step towards the "other" cat and "they" then sat watching "each other" at the end of the bed with tails swaying. This lasted a further ten minutes. Sam's now b.orge verrrrrrrrrrry brave and sits with the cat without getting agro! Obviously she has shown the intruder whose the boss. Miaow Christine
Here I go again, you've heard tell of backache, nausea and general tiredness? Put them all together and what do you get-----yes a very pregnant Moth. I guess Sue finally guessed when I started eating everything in sight and my beautiful waistline disappeared!! Sue now calls me her little fat cat, just wait until I get rid of this lump and then I might have the energy to tell her what I think of her!!! My kittens are due in about 10 more days and I've already found the ideal kittening spot. I intend giving birth in the most.orgfortable place in the house and that of course is in the centre of Sue's water bed. I don't care what wonderfull nests and kittening pens Sue produces I WILL have MY WAY!!!! My next transmission may understandably be a little delayed buy I will be in contact again, once I catch up on my beauty sleep and I have trained Greebo and Grizz in the finer points of kitten-sitting. Lots of love Moth XXXXX
My Chocolate Point Siamese, Brandy-Alexander, is 13. He is extremely quiet, but he is demanding of my attention 24 hours a day. He thinks he is a baby. He is attached to me at all times. He even sleeps under the covers (head sticking out) and clung to my chest. He has been diagnosed with early kidney failure, but it is being treated by a special Hill's Diet. This does NOT slow him down. He plays like a kitten. He runs around and rough houses with my fiance all the time. He likes to steal my pony tail holders. He also likes to lay in dresser drawers, especially after putting in fresh and warm laundry! There are so many cute and funny things that he does everyday! Having him is such a joy. Many people do not like Siamese because they think they are mean or snobby. These people have not lived with a Siamese. My baby is so DEpendent he'd make people who think cats are independent rethink that!
Hello, my name is Holly. I am just over a year old and live with my owner and two other cats. I know I drive my owner mad sometimes, one of the favourite things I like doing is when she has put the washing on the radiators to dry, I pull everything off onto the floor and sit on it, she isnt all that impressed but all I have to do is to look at her with my eyes and purr very loudly and she ends up picking me up and cuddling me. I also like to get into the kitchen cupboards with my two other friends. We like pulling things out like newspapers and leaving a mess on the floor until my owner.orges home. I also like to get into the bathroom and pull the towels down and sit under them and try to hide, but my purring gives me away. Anyway, I must dash, my owner will be home soon HOLLY.
My husband and I are 'parents' of two Siamese- Prissy, our 9 month old female seal point and Frisco, our 8 month old male blue point. They are BEST friends! They love to play with "milkies" the tabs off of milk gallons. When Prissy wants to play she will yowl, run find a milkie, drop it at my feet and wait to pounce when I throw it. She will religiously bring it back to continue our game. If she senses that I don't want to play she throws it in the air herself! Frisco, on the other hand, will just pounce and try to eat them. (We have to be careful with him- he's chewed up several already) Frisco is our mole. He loves to crawl under blankets or.orgforters and hide. One day when we couldn't find him, we looked in the guest room and there he was- a lump under the bedspread! Being curious, they have discovered how to open kitchen cabinets. Sometimes in the middle of the night we hear pots and pans crashing and clanging- then hear two cats racing down the hall! They are so silly they scare themselves! Their favorite thing is playing on the screened porch. When let out, Prissy announces her presence to the "outside world" with an excited half-gurgle-half- cry that continues while she rolls around and does somersaults on the cement floor- yowling the whole time! It is the funniest thing we have ever seen! They always we.orge us home with loud meows and hellos- we love that they "talk" to us so much!!!!
My Blue Point Half Siamese partner is named Willow. She is a 6 pound wonder, adopted from an animal shelter. Her main task in life is to manage the litter box! When the man came to install cable TV, he asked to use the bathroom. Of course I told him he was we.orge to use it. He started toward the bathroom, then started to back up. This 200+ pound man explained that little Willow wouldn't allow him in the room! I had to rescue him from the growling, spitting lioness at the door. Since my neighbors in my apartment building were robbed, Willow watches under the door every time she hears keys in the locks. If only she could tell the police what she saw. She is definitely a temple guardian.
Jeremy Well! What a horrible Easter Break we have had! My baby Jeremy, has always been a scrictly indoor cat, untill a little while ago. I've been letting him out for a while at a time, and bringing him in after about 15-20 mins. tops. Anyway, to cut a long story short, my baby got hit by a car over Easter!! Dont worry he is alive, just... he has been at the vet for about 10 days now, he has had his hip put back into place, he has three metal pins in his leg and the other leg had to be taken off,.orgpletely, it was too badly smashed to be fixed. So lots of tears later and about $2,000 later, he's going to be ok. But it's not over yet. We have to buy him a cot and try to keep him in it while his leg heals, that's going to be fun, considering he has almost fallen out of the vet cage 100 times already, he is such a little fighter! He has made a real impact on the staff at the vet! They call him stubborn and full of spirit! Anyway! I'm sooooooooo glad to still have him with us!!
Twelve years ago, I had a little daydream: "Wouldn't it be nice to go to Thailand one day to see if there are any Siamese cats still left in Siam?" Gazing, entranced, into the pale, spiritual-blue eyes of a genuine Siamese Siamese cat in the Chiang Mai cattery in Thailand I found the answer. Caught in a sense of mystical karma, I decided my next cat, when a natural vacancy arose, would be another Seal Point to replace my beloved Fuchsia who died nine years ago. And I would name her Lotus. Last Easter the time came. I telephoned all the Siamese breeders in the South of England in the search for a single Sealy girl kitten but the answer was the same from all: Sorry, we don't have one. Two months passed, and I had almost given up hope. Litters were being born which meant a twelve-week wait, and that was all I could find, but something was telling me that 'my' kitten was already out there somewhere. One day, when the spring sky was that same shade of high-altitude Siamese blue, the call came. "I was given your number by --, who tells me you are searching for a Seal girl. I've had a cancellation; would you like to.orge & see her?" And there she was, lean as a drainpipe, tumbling with her blue and chocolate littermates on a scratching post in the breeder's hallway. I dropped to my knees and got on her level, impressed by the litter's bold temperament. Along came the two bluepoint Aunties to inspect me, followed by the mother. Mum looked me up and down, sniffed me from hair to shoe, then licked my hand. "You'll do," she said. "Would you like a cup of tea?" asked Pat, and we proceeded to the lounge where we cat-chatted for the next half hour. "Oh! I almost forgot," she said; "I haven't shown you her pedigree yet, have I?" and handed me the parchment-yellow document. I took one look and the hairs rose on the back of my neck. "Uhh...," I began, and Pat looked concerned. "Is something the matter?" Was something the matter! Only that my eyesight was swimming and my knees felt like they'd melted, and I understood the old cliche of 'shivers running up and down the spine' truly, for the first time. "This is her name?" I asked when my voice made a.orgeback and the dizziness receded. "Her registered name?" "Why, yes," Pat answered, puzzled. Then, "Are you OK?" "I, er...yeah, fine" "Well, that is her registered name, yes; the papers came back weeks ago. She was due to leave today, only the girl who booked her has just been told she's being posted to Singapore, and cancelled. Then I was told about you." On the train, on the way home, with the little wide-eyed, scared kitten on my knees in her carrier, I could not see out of the window because my eyes were full of tears. I had found her at last - and Lotus, who had been named that at birth, was on her life's journey with me, which had started - when? When I decided what to name my next cat? When I looked into the eyes of the cat in Chiang Mai? When I gazed upwards at a golden Buddha statue the size of a skyscraper in the dream I'd had which finally decided me to pursue my 'little daydream,' five years ago? Or had Lotus and I met before, and this was all pre-ordained... What a fabuluous co-incidence if that were not so! "Thank you, Buddha," I whispered, "thank you." ************************************************* A true story.
Hal is eight pounds of almost silent purr but with a devastating miaow and a penchant for slobbering over people's faces and climbing down their jumpers. But would I give up seven years of cat saliva and stretched, clawed sweaters? No. What can be more satisfying than waking up to a cat lying on the pillow? Or lying on the sofa with a cat's face on your cheek?
Karma Ghia can't sleep close enough to me. If I'm lying on my stomach, with my arms crossed under my head, she will try to get her whole furry bod into that little crook at my elbow. To wake me up she licks my nose a few times and so I lift my head, which provides more room in the little crook there and in she goes, so she's now under my head, on my pillow, curled up in a ball and purring her little heart away. And when I try to change positions so I can get back to sleep, she yells at me at the top of her lungs. She also kisses on.orgmand - I hold her and say Kiss Me! and she licks my chin or nose!
Puki (English for Poekie) was a blue oriental short, but a meezer at heart. So we mated her to a really famous seal point tom, Sandokan. On a Saturday morning she told me this was the day . During her pregnancy she had made it clear that she loved to have her belly softly rubbed. So I consoled her, that soon she would be able to open doors again by jumping up. She took until 8 p.m. to really start, but wanted my.orgpany all the time. When I went downstairs to have brunch, she came after me to protest. I asked Gerda, my wife to keep her .orgpany, but when she saw who was following her upstairs, she resolutely turned around, reentered the living room, and told me in a tone not to be misunderstood, that she wanted meeee. Consequently I had the rest of meal(s) in our bedroom that day. Puki, when she started delivering, did not know the first thing about b.orging a mother. She started to walk around dragging every newborn kitten after her, and when we told her not to do that, started licking their little butts first. Was I glad that I had read up on the subject. I freed their little mouths and noses myself, and also severed their umbilicals. Three ebony males and one havana female. We could still feel a lump in her belly, so at three a.m. I went to our vet -about 12 km's away. It turned out she only had a full bladder. Afterwards she was a model mother, however, and even Mandja our Seal Point Siamese sterilised female, who before the birth only tolerated Puki, loved the litter and was a model aunt. During the raising of the litter, we haven't seen any television at all, and when we had visitors, the kittens were the only conversation piece.
Strider was a typical wonderful Meezer in every way. When he was a tiny kitten, he had an obsession with trying to jump up onto my dresser. He was too small to make the leap but he kept on trying,and would haul himself up onto the bed and sit staring at the dresser. I thought it was because he was fascinated by the mirror. One day as he grew (and he became a very BIG meezer!), he actually made it onto the dresser in one leap. Then I discovered the reason for his obsession over the previous weeks...when he was just a tiny kitten riding around in my arms, he had spotted my stuffed Garfield the Cat sitting on the dresser. His meezer mind would not rest until he got up there and beat the #%$&*#%@#$+*%$ out of Garfield to let him know that he, Strider, was the Boss in that house! Within a few days, Garfield was an unrecognizable blob of orange stuff and Strider was a satisfied Ruler. I miss him terribly and am looking forward to getting another Blue Point (or two!)
Five months ago I adopted an 11 year old Seal Point from the local Animal Assistance League. I have never been a much of a cat lover, but decided a cat better suited my lifestyle. Panda (her name from the shelter) has changed my mind about felines. She definitely "rules the roost." She will only drink from the faucet in the sink, unless I leave a full glass around (she dips her paw in the glass and meticuously licks the paw). Of course she sleeps in my bed and has been known to sleep on my head. She is extremely vocal and is not shy about letting me know what she wants. If I don't listen she doesn't mind "smacking" me to get my attention. Whoever put her up for adoption - Thanks - she has really added to my life!
Part 2. Well I have been with mom and Speedy for 2 months today. I have acclimated so well that I have doubled my weight. I am now a svelt 11 lbs. 13 oz. Mom says that is not svelt, but fat. I look like I swallowed a pear, a very large pear. Speedy is annoyed with me. I eat my food and then hers. She appreciated my licking and cleaning her most of the time. She acknowledges my efforts by biting me and chasing me. We are good friends usually. Once in a while, we share a chair and nap together. I discovered the kitchen waste basket and love to knock it over and smell the contents. Speedy.orges running in the kitchen and lectures me about feline ettiquette. Mom just shrugs and takes the trash away. Then I run out of the apartment into the hallway. The other day I almost made it into the elevator! What fun. Mom was real mad at me. I will try to behave till next time. Once in a while Speedy even washes me and we cuddle together.
How we came to be adopted by Kuniyoshi. Having decided not to wait until our old Oriental shorthair ladies -18 and 16 yrs- had passed away, before putting ourselves up for adoption by some kittens, we visited a cattery, which I had discovered surfing the web. We only wanted to get the picture, however, and didn't want to.orgmit ourselves immediately. So we made an appointment and visited Klaas van der Heide at Calvencade Cats. After having fulfilled the social amenities, Gerda, who wore a skirt, got two litters dumped into her lap by Jacqueline. The youngest litter was only 7 weeks. One of them, a blue tabbypoint (lynxpoint for USA-readers) decided that Gerda was to be his human and started to crawl up to her face looking her straight into the eyes. She resolutely put him back with the others, but he repeated the manoeuvre three times. Then one of the mothers entered the living, lay down on the floor and started purring and calling "lunchtime". The week older litter got to her first, but Kuniyoshi to be moved as quickly as he could to the source of all nourishment, shouldered one of the older -and bigger- kittens aside, and started to suck. That was the moment that Gerda knew she had been sold: "Yesss, he's mine" she said, "such a brave chap, isn't he?" So we had to wait for 6 (six) long weeks before we could.orge again and get him. On the journey home, he behaved like the hero he was, not one meooww out of him. He still isn't afraid -or annoyed- when we have to lock him into his carrying basket to go to the vet. That's our Kuniyoshi.
Our Lilac Blue-Point Siamese earned his name quickly when he joined our family in February 1997 at 8 wks old. For 3 days he hid at the slightest noise; then on the third day he literally took the house (and our hearts) by storm! Now he is everywhere (and nowhere, as you who love cats no so well)! When Mischief drinks from his water bowl he picks up each of his front paws in turn and shakes them vigorously! For some reason he always thinks he is getting wet when he drinks. Another thing I noticed is that he constantly jerks his head up as he drinks as though he is getting water up his nose. These are two habits he has never outgrown and I always laugh at him when he starts to drink. Mischief shares the house with Blacky, our pure black "castaway" with gold eyes. She is 9 years old and had quite a time adjusting to the ne.orger, as you might imagine. Even today she merely puts up with him, but secretly I think she keeps trying to lure him into the woods behind the house and lose him! Mischief, like most cats, brings us presents--small moles, birds, even snakes (live ones)! Blacky prefers to watch the moles, birds and snakes (as well as Mischief, although she would never admit it). I noticed how quickly Mischief learned things when he first came to us. I would say, "Let's feed the fishies" and within only a few days he knew this meant it was time to jump up by the tropical fish tank and watch me sprinkle the fish food into the tank. "Come on Mischief, let's go see Stripes" would prompt him to rush to the turtle's tank, where he always tries to push his arm in and feel the turtle while I am feeding him. That is something Stripes does NOT enjoy, so I have to hold Mischief with one arm and sprinkle turtle food with the other. Then Mischief is ready to eat himself, and if I don't get his food fast enough, he will spring up and bite me (lightly!) on the leg or arm if he can reach it. He does NOT like to wait for his supper! Poor Blacky is patient but if she doesn't eat fast enough (and she generally doesn't) her little brother will wolf his food down and rush to devour hers. Hope to tell you more in the future--like how we needed Mischief badly after my 16 year old Seal Point Siamese, Cyan, passed away...and how I wonder if Cyan has had a paw in helping Mischief avoid a couple near catastrophies in his short life. (Remind me to tell you how he nearly drowned last winter when he fell through the ice chasing geese across the frozen pond!) Goodbye for now from Mischief and family!
Hi Everybody, my name is Taliesin (say...Tally-sun)! I am named after the great Bard and Troubador of King Arthur's times, that is told in Stephen Lawhead's trilogy of novels (Taliesin, Merlin, and Arthur). I have.orge to live with Capitan Hawke and Queen Daphine, on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound, Washington. I was lost as a kitten, in Portland,Oregon. I sang for my supper even though there were big raccoons and big cats at that back door too! Then , Capitan Hawke heard about me, and sent someone to get me, and I traveled to Southern Oregon. I sang for my supper there too, and had a share of the toys and food of two weiner dogs! I passed all my tests for germs *pfffft*, and then traveled home! So you see, I am now part of the SICC, and have traveled far and wide to find you! I am a Chocolate Lynx point. I play HARD, and hang from the cat furniture by only 2 toes! Purrlllmeow, purrrrllllmeow......
Justin (formally Justin Jellilorum Thai) is a 3 year old blue point who likes to roll in the dirt. Last summer, right after rolling, he leapt several feet in the air after a bird. At the apex of his leap, he left behind a huge cloud of gray dust as he descended. His nickname is "dirtball", but he is the best!
Dear all, sorry it's been so long but those naughty babies have kept Sue and I very busy. I am now the proud mum of four beautiful babies, And no I'm not bragging because Sue keeps telling me how beautiful they are. I have three boys, Magnox, Mungo and Arry, also one little girl called Asia, they are noisy and nosy, nothing seems to slow them down, not even a nip from me. Believe it or not, they opened their eyes only 3 days after birth and now at 4 weeks they even try to steal my food. Sue tells me that my troubles are just begining. Now they can climb out of their nest unaided, poor Molly, my canine friend, will not get any sleep for the next few weeks either as they seem to think that she is their personal duvet and playmate all rolled into one. I must rush now as Asia is screaming for a feed, promise to keep you posted. Love Moth XXXXX
Our Siamese Zoe, is the most interesting cat we have ever been owned by. How could you not love a cat that stays up all night guarding the back door that was accidentally left ajar. She was so sleepy in the morning! Makes the ankle bites more bearable. Once in the middle of the day I was startled by heavy steps on my porch. It was a landscaper. The unexpected visit startled me, and I went to answer the door with a growling meezer by my side. When I opened the door she ran onto the porch and sat there growling at the poor guy the whole time. He couldn't believe it and neither could I. And yet with all her fiestiness, what a.orgpletely lovable cat. Her favorite thing is to snuggle and purr in my hair. Her favorite game is fetch with a piece of crumpled up paper. She goes after it like dog and then brings it right back. If Zoe is hidng out somewhere, all you have to do is crumple a piece of paper and she immediately.orges to you, with her tail wagging. I mean it! This cat "wags" her tail. It sticks straight up and sort of shivers when she gets excited. When we first got her she was the most untouchable, and strange cat. But her constant antics (which often made us laugh till we cried) and intelligent behavior encouraged us to keep loving her and all I can say is, it was well worth it.
Bootsie (tortie point) and Minnie (chocolate point) are littermates and spend all of their time together. If one can't see the other they start crying until they find each other. Minnie I believe is part raccoon - she steals anything she can carry and puts it under my bed. Her favorite steals are pens and pencils. She even tries to carry off my key ring which is quite heavy. Bootsie loves paper of any kind. She can empty a kleenex box in seconds and unroll the toilet paper just as fast. Their favorite time is Sunday morning rolling over the Chicago Tribune Sunday Newspaper as I try to read it on the dining room table. They crawl under the paper, attack each other and Bootsie tears off pieces of it and runs through the house. They are my shadows and follow me wherever I go. When I am working in the yard they are in the window watching and following around the house window to window as I mow. They never loose sight of me, as long as I am in view. At nine months old they are constantly on the move and chase each other all over the house. There is never a dull moment with two meezers on the loose at my house!

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