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These are stories submitted by Siamese owners to celebrate their 'Meezers'
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Some people say you should keep a Siamese Cat indoors. I say that is bull. My Siamese, PIPER, will do his best to out outdoors when he wants to. Come dark, Piper will cry snd cry, meow until my wife screams at him to shut up. Then he's out hunting. And he'll always come back with a kill, proud as can be. I love my wife BUT Piper is my... sorry Diane'. Piper got accidentally locked in Diane's car trunk for 40 hours once. We looked everywhere for him until Di heard him crying. She was scared to open the trunk so I did, Piper jumped out ,went for his food, went back outside and jumped where, back in the open trunk. We check the trunk now after its been open.

My Seal Point Siamese is named Maggie. Long ago my sister got a Kitty Surprise (you may have heard of this toy; you can open up the velcro belly and see how many kittens you get). Maggie loves to play with the three kittens that came from the Kitty Surprise. I usually keep my bedroom door open at night and in the morning I find Maggie's three little kittens in a pile at the end of my bed. So one night I shut my bedroom door. About ten minutes after everyone went to bed, I heard Maggie.orging down the hall, howling in a loud deep voice. I kept my door shut for the next few nights and Maggie kept howling. So finally I opened my door and looked out and there was Maggie sitting at my door with a little kitten in her mouth. From what I can figure, Maggie really thinks these kittens are her babies and every night she likes to put them to bed.

Our one and a half year old Siamese, Joseph, has developed a rather peculiar way of eating his dry food (crunchies). He sticks his paw into the bowl, fishes one crunchy out, drops it on the floor, and eats it. Then he sticks his paw back in, fishes out another, and eats that one. We try not to laugh too hard at him when he does this, but he doesn't seem to mind. Besides, he can still eat his food, even when someone else's head is in the bowl!

I'm new to this page, but my mommy isn't. She said I'm finally old enough to have my own membership. My name is Spooky -- at first it was something much worse, but mommy wouldn't let daddy call me that. My favorite activities are pouncing on mommy when she's trying to sleep late and stealing toys from my Aunt Buddy, who's also an SICC member. She doesn't like me very much, but I'm still working on her. I like to sing and talk a lot. Mommy says I'm a pill and I'm very hard to take. She says I'm lucky I'm so cute or I would be sleeping outside with the dogs instead of in her bed with Tootsie, Duchess, and Aunt Buddy, who hisses at me when I get too close. When I grow up I'm going to be a household pet show cat and win lots of prizes and other kitties will want my pawtograph because I'll be famous.

Keile is one year old, and never really had a childhood. He left his brothers and sisters at 6 weeks old, moved into a really small place a few weeks later, and traveled cross- country in a sports car, staying in a lot of strange places for 10 days; using a moving litter box and drinking water that splashed a lot. He lived alone until he was about 6 months old and there was no other cats young enough to teach him how to play. That is, until Zhuk and Zia came on the scene. They are a fun loving bunch, forever either laying on one another, or bouncing off the walls together. Keile got a different look in his eyes the day the kids came on the scene. It took a few days, but now playing ball, pounce and hide and seek are old hat. There was nothing that took my breath away more than seeing the little ones laying together (as always), but draped across Keile. My husband and I were hoping the best, and fearing the worst by adding the two babies. This was beyond our expectation, to bring such joy not only into our lives, but a lonely 1 year old meezer...

My name is Miko, I am a 7 year old seal point. I live with a silly human named Karen. She likes to be entertained so ocassionally I'll do a silly trick to keep her amused. Her favorite one is telling me to jump into the bathtub. I jump in and slide down the towards the drian. Then she'll tell me to get out and I'll leap out onto the bath mat and let out a really loud meow. I do this about 20 times and then I get bored and jump on Rena, my litter mate. Rena sleeps too much so sometimes I'll jump on her and get her to run up our kitty condo. Our nieghbor down stairs laughs because she can hear us. She doesn't.orge up too much, thank god because she has a little human and we have to hide under the bed until she leaves. We don't like humans under 3 feet tall.

Pirate is a very finicky cat that just has to be alone ...a lot. Well one day she never came home. We thought maybe she had just found something that had really interested her, though missing dinner was not usual of her. A week passed and she still had not returned home. But I had not given up hope. She was a strong cat and I knew she could get through anything. But I was still very sad. This was my baby and for all I knew she could be gone forever. Then later that day, my mother was outside and she heard this "Meow". She looked up and running across the street was my Pirate. She was moewing a mile a minute telling us the story about what had happened to her. She obviously hadn't eaten. We think that she had managed to get herself stuck somewhere for the entire week. Needless to say, she followed us around for hours. And well, she has never been the same cat since. She shows that she loves us a whole lot more. I guess for fear that she may never get the chance again.

Jimi the Tabby Siamese has his own journal which appears on our page at, among other things. Jimi can't spell but his latest entry features the following story. "...I have a stori about [cusin] Cuds new kit. Won day, Marti, cud's peeple brother was drivin along wen two kits fel out of the window of a truck in front of him. The driva dint stop so Marti shouted and waved his fist, but he still dint stop. Akchully if Marti was shoutin an wavin at me, I wudn't stop either becos he is hooge and has tatoos and ginger hair in a ponnytail. Well, he tuk the kits to the v.e.t but wun was so badli broken Kate had to do you-no-wot to it. The other onli had a broken tail and she cut off the broke bits and stitched it up neetli and now he thinks he's a manx kat! ... Joan is mad at me becos she had to chase Wili, the kat next dor, out of our casuarina tree, he was trying to catch birds. She keeps mumbling about keeping a siameez kat and havin to do your own yelling. But she nos that siameezes don't climb trees.

One night, my Blue Point Siamese (Lily), was somewhere in the living room. My mom and dad and I were watching a horror movie in the T.V. room. We all heard a rustling sound. I got scared and scooted closer to my parents. Then, all of a sudden, Lily burst in the room carrying a Santa Claus Costume in her teeth. We burst out laughing. I will never forget that moment!
My Siamese Kitten, Korea, is a Seal Point. When Korea first got here,we put her in the computer room. One day when I got home from school, I went up to her room but I couldn't find her. I looked everywhere. Finally, I fould her. She had gotten in a drawer, where we keep our files, she must have been very smart. One more thing, she purrs a lot.
We've belonged to quite a band of Seal-point Siamese over the last 40 years. First there was Mee-Ling (Champion Despatcher of Yard-Invading Poisonous Snakes). Then there was Samantha (Follower of Children to School and Disliker of Strange Men) who became locally notorious when the new minister arrived on our doorstep for a pastoral visit and she savaged his ankle! Quite embarrassing! Then there was Endjih. The children would tease her by lying perfectly still in the bathtub with their eyes closed while she sat on the rim of the bath and patted their faces anxiously. This game only ceased at the point where she would yowl and jump into the tub on top of them provoking great bursts of childish glee. She would then climb (dripping) out of the tub and stalk off in a dignified manner as if to say "I knew there was nothing wrong with you the whole time! Humph!" Endjih's daughter was Boz. The two of them used to lie in wait for the dog behind doorways and under chairs until much barking and meowing signalled the start of a small furry tornado that bounced around the house for a few minutes until they tired themselves out and all lay down together for a rest. This procession of imperious, engaging and talkative family members has brought us much laughter (and sharpened our wits!). I pity those who never know a Siamese!
To me my cat is a kinda gift from God. Let me tell you a short story of how I got my girl cat Luna. When I got home one day from school I found a girl cat that was about to have her babys and she was looking for a safe place to have them away from other animals. So, being the animal lover that I am (having a turtle, dog, and cat already)I let her have them in my garage since mom would not dare let a new cat in the house. She had 4 kittens. The mommy cat was black and white so of course I expected them all to be the same color, but the third one to be born was all white. I couldn't believe that out of all the cats one was white. After a little persuading and begging, my mom let me keep the white one. The day she opened her eyes they looked as blue as the sea, and later on she began to get the markings of a Siamese. Now she is only 6 weeks old and is just beginning to look around the house, but I'm sure it will be an experience that I won't forget and love. Luna got her name from being born on a full moon. I'm sure that the mom cat knew in her heart that I was a cat lover and felt safe with me. Hope I wasn't boring but my mind had to be spoken. Tell your cats I said hi! The adorable, Luna
Our two seal points, Oliver and Lucas, are very lovable and sweet but when they get mad they get even... The evening before the youngest "Lucas" was going to be fixed, we were advised to remove there food and water bowls. Needless to say they were not happy with me, so while we slept they decided to get a little revenge. I awoke to one of my new boots next to my bed. I thought that was a little strange considering I had left them down in the foyer the night before. But I continued to the bathroom ignoring the battle cries of hunger from my two little"darlings". When I returned to put my boot away it was gone. As I went in the kitchen my chewed up boot was in place of there food bowls. Perfect. Gotta love them.....
Sampson is our eighteen month old Blue Point Siamese Cat. He rules the house and lets us know it. This last weekend he demonstrated to us how humans can be blind to things around us. Sampson kept going in our back room where the water heater is and circle himself around the back and sit back there meowing for us to.orge and get him. We would go back and chase him out. A few days later we figured out that the water heater was leaking and getting water all over the carpet in the back room. We got it replaced and Sampson has not been going back by the water heater anymore.
"Are yer timbers a' shiverin, this winter maties? It be cold up here on the islands of Wash-yer-face-ington! This be a message from the Dread Pirate KittyHawke, who braved crossing the briny depths o' the Pacific Nor'Westers, and saved his Queen, Daphine, from sure and certain furrr ruination. The seaspray was threatenin' to dampen her. The seagulls rasped a challenge ta curl yer whiskerrs, but I batten down me catches, gripped the comfortin' carpet o' me Captain's Cabin with me deadly scimitar claws, and sailed on. I screamed in meezer, 'The Imperial Leader WILL be gov'ner O' That Island, and no BIRDS arrgh gonna stop me!' Now, we be lordin' it over a vast domain o' freedom, with plenty o' dubloons (kitnips), and places ta take a sunbath. The Queen put every hare in place, as I be exposin' every Hidden Danger in every Dark Hole in the Walls. So buckle yer swash, and swish yer tail, -n- mark the X ! Ferry Christmeows meezer pals. Salute, Zhukov and Zia!! T.D.P.K.H
Alison Australia Sushi Yoko Ono Poo Yuk is my cat's name. I got her on the first day of my first REAL job and had to name her in a hurry. She was my first (and last to date) Siamese, although I was swayed by being an artist, and had long ago fallen in love with Chocolate Points. So off I went and got one. The important message is she was totally obsessed with routine. I'm not. I'm a hopeless pisces, but sushi made sure my teeth were brushed and I was in bed at the right time within a week (she was 6 and a half weeks old). She hollered, sang and bashed me up to ensure I was consistant. I have a fiance now. I still rely on my Siamese to tell me what to do. She knows me better than anyone (over one third of my life). She's an alarm clock, a vandal and a child. I love her, how could I feel any other way?
Hello, my name is Marci, and we own three Siamese Cats and three other non-Siamese Cats. Suzy Wong is the queen of the house. She is married to Ching (we couldn't really call him the king because Suzy would be too upset about sharing the throne). They have many children, she was with kittens three times. She decided to let one of her children stay by her side, and Fred is his name. All the other cats eat in the utility room, but Suzy eats alone on the kitchen counter. She also does not eat the same as the others, she only will eat Gerber Chicken or Turkey Baby Food out of her crystal dish (she says this is a must to keep her coat shining and georgeous). Once a week she enjoys Kentucky Fried Chicken Breasts. Her eyes are the most beautiful blue, even when she gives her piercing "leave me alone or else!!" glares. She dislikes all non-Siamese Cats, Eddie the Chihuahua, and little people.
Hi, my name is Bob. I am a lilac pt. male. My pet Vicki is getting cheesed off with me cause now that I am 2 years old, I am more intrested in girls than I am my pet, allthough I still do like a cuddle, so I make sure I show my pet that, whenever she cuddles me. I do have a bad habit though, I tend to spray everywhere so I have been confined to my housing outside, what a bummer. Mind you, I have just b.orge a dad to 2 girls and 1 boy and have some more due in 4 weeks, so I am quite a proud dad.
Hi! My name is Sakkarra. My psuedo-owner tells me that my name is Egyption for "the city of the living dead." Which, ironically enough, has been found several hundred feet underneath Egypt. I'm sure my owner thinks that there are several things that I do to annoy her--but my favorite way to annoy her is to play catch. I don't mean that sissy canine stuff of fetching the ball and bringing it back like a good girl. I mean hardcore catch! I get the ball and put it in my owner's lap and meow pathetically until she throws it. I do this when she's cross-stitching, surfing the web and using the restroom. Invariably, she gets fed up with my antics and hides the ball. Silly! Doesn't she realize that I have a secret stash of these things?!?! And if she hides all of them, I'll use anything--bits of paper, leaves from the plants. Sure they don't bounce real well...And if I'm in a real sadistic mood, I bounce the ball on my owner's face while she's trying to sleep. I know that she will wake up sooner or later to amuse me!
I had always grown up with cats but never had a Meezer until about a year after getting married. Now, my husband and I are owned by a Chocolate Point that goes by many, many names - some of which are not permitted on this.orgputer! Some of them are: Chiqui, Chiquibutt, Noodlebutt, Furrbutt, Fuzzy Noodle, well, you get the idea. She does answer to her name when she feels like it, too, unlike other cats. Ha. Her favorite things are jumping onto my shoulder and riding around the house, following me everywhere, chasing the cursor on the.orgputer, sitting on top of the keyboard (especiallly when I'm playing Solitaire), adopting flies/moths/crickets as pets and chasing them and wearing them down until she can pounce (she cackles as she does this). Chiquitita is about 8 years old now but shows no signs of growing out of kitten-hood. One of her favorite games is the "chair game" when she sits in one of the kitchen chairs and waits for one of us to walk by and then, SWOOSH! She also has conniption fits and races through the house for no human-known reason and one of the funniest things she does is when I catch her in the act of SOMETHING naughty, she arches her back and hops sideways. How hysterical. She is very finicky, she makes Morris look like a gourmet...loves McDonald's hamburgers and fish sandwiches, sometimes eats vanilla icecream, loves whipped cream, cream cheese, swiss and yellow american. Noodlebutt is also an alarm clock...right in MY face. She allows us to live in the house and sleep and eat but she is definitely the Queen of the Roost.
First Mate On
Hi. My name is Bandit. My owner, Drew, knows that I am typing this. I like to run across computer keys and seee what I can type. My favorite thing to do is to steal practically almost anything in sight. One fun thing to do is to chase my toys, string, or any long, light, stringy things. Once, I stole Drew's mom's diamond ring. I hid it in the utility room, but it was finally found. I stole and hid Drew's dad's diamond ring under a desk, but it was found, too. I am a Lilac Point Siamese. I've got to go. I think I hear a tearing of a food bag! I need to go and see if it is a food bag, and I can eat. Bye!
My name is Missy. I'm a 2 yr. old Chocolate Sealpoint. My new Mom adopted me from an older woman who could no longer keep me. I enjoy my new home. There is a lot to play with and a lot going on that keeps my interest, except the dog...a white German Shepherd (she is used to cats there is an existing one). This dog (my new Mom insists on calling Sadie) is an OAF. She chases me (I hiss), she follows me (I hiss), she cleans my litterbox (I say thank you!). Life at this new home is good (been there nearly one year, quess I'm staying). My new Mom is wonderful (of course she can type I can't), I follow her everywhere, I definitely have to sleep with her (her feet get cold), and when she knits she needs my help with tangling up the yarn. Can't wait for the Christmas tree. I've never seen one. I heard Mom telling her son there would be no tinsel or glass bulbs this year. Sounds like I may be missing out on a good time. Oh well. There is always next year!!!
Hi. Last week, i lost a very dear friend, my Seal Point KC (kitty cat). Only three months prior we lost his best friend, a poodle named Frisky. Needless to say my family is devistated by the loss of such a beautiful, loyal friend. I'll never have another cat like him, but if I do chose to let another cat adopt me, I hope it's a Siamese.
Hi, my name is Calvin and I am the most gorgeous flame point Siamese you ever saw. I go by many other names besides Calvin such as "Carrot Ears", "Bubba", "Butterscotch Head", "Mr. Hateful" and the title I'm most proud of "Inspector General". I really like chocolate ice cream and I share ice cream cones with my two legged servants as often as possible. I have to inspect our apartment constantly on a daily basis to make certain everything is done to my specifications. Sometimes I run outside when the door is left open too long, but I always run right back in because I know when I've got it good!

Tia came into our lives as an almost starved, skinny, probably 5 month old kitten. She is a plush chocolate point that insists that anybody.orging to our house MUST be there to visit HER! She lives with our daughter and her husband now; and keep their apartment well stocked with "captured" bottle caps. Also she will clean the printer table off if it gets too crowded for her taste!
I'm Chloe, a blue point from the Blueberry Cattery in Ft. Myers, Florida. My favorite activites, not necessarily in order of importance, are: eating; sleeping; tearing apart furry mice; chewing venetian blind cords; jumping on the ironing board when Mommy's trying to iron something to wear to work the next day; scratching the furniture; lying on Mommy's chest in the morning so she can't get up to go to work; biting; purring like a jet plane in Mommy's ear; howling at Mommy until she picks me up; pulling clothes out of Grandma's closet and dragging them halfway across the house; convincing Mommy that I don't have enough toys and other kitty accoutrements yet, and curling up in just about any available lap for a nap. I have many nicknames, but Mommy's favorite one seems to be "Monster" - I can't imagine why.
May 2, 1989 adopted apprx 6 wks after dob was the runt of the litter, thus the name (Chica is spanish is girl and adding the "tita" makes her a little bitty girl). Declawed & Neutered at about 9 or 10 wk (ouch) decided to keep us after that I'm no poet, I'll admit - but when it.orges to cats, I can talk & talk & talk. Especially about the one that owns me & my husband. Chiqui- tita is her name sleeping is her game she'll sleep on mommy she'll sleep on daddy it really depends who is handy. We love our baby we spoil her so I never want to see her go. She's 8 years old now & considered "mature" but chase her around & watch the fur fly she acts like a kitten a tiger too, but I don't think she'd like the zoo. She races around & chatters at birds she always wants her voice to be heard. We've never had our neighbors.orgplain, but if we would, i'd take the blame. Chiquitita we love you so.
See I have this cat Zelko, (known formally as Zelko Rebecca Marjory Elizabeth) who has an abnormal obsession with chocolate covered donuts. Chocolate, as the vet says, can be fatal to a cat, especially a 16 yr. old cat! This idea proved untrue among many of our cats. Anyway, Zelko used to beg and beg whenever these dounuts were put on the table. We could not figure out why, considering she had never tryed a dounut let alone a chocolate one. She does have strange eating habits, eating everything from carrots to steak, but really no cats eat donuts! One day I had my extreemely proper great-aunt over for cocktails. She was not a friend of cats to begin with, but we could not put away purr darlng meezers for her! We were talking and did not notice Zelko jump up to the counter, a kitty no-no in our house. From there she took one bounding leap up to the counter. It was then we looked over just in time to see Zelko open the box with her nose take a whole dounut and run! We got most of the dounut away but some was consumed by Zelko prior to this. Don't worry, she didn't get sick, but still loves chocolate-frosted dounuts!
Hello, my name is Mai Lin, although my humans have about twenty different nicknames they prefer to address me by; i.e., coco, maco, mai mai, crappy cat, coconut, etc.. I am a 6 1/2 year old chocolate point and I am gorgeous (naturally, I am Siamese!). My favorite human is my mistress, Melinda. She is my very best friend, and vice-versa. A close second would be my master, Shawn. I have special rituals that I keep with both of them, but they never cross over. It is a very individual friendship and respect I share with both of them. Their children are another subject that we won't get into now! Everyone should love their meezer as much as my humans love me, it really is a wonderful life!
Rena and the mouse in my bed. Rena is a seven year old seal point. Anyway, a few years ago, I had my wisdom teeth removed. Rena has this habbit of taking care of everyone when they're sick. She didn't leave my side for days. One afternoon while I was half asleep, I feel her poking at the small of my back. I rolled over and shooed her away and felt something funny on my back. I didn't think anything of it, after all, I was in so much pain, I didn't really care. Later on that night, she was starring at the blankets like there was something there. I looked and didn't see anything and she finally settled down. Three days later when I was feeling better, I decided to change the bed linen. I pulled up the corner of the mattress to find the little critter that Rena brought up from the basement for me. A little feild mouse that had been living in my bed for a total of FOUR days! Rena loves to be held and loves to make people feel good. This was her way for making me feel better. KarenN
My Siamese Cat Sami was only about 2 years of age and we kept the cat food on top of our washer, because our dogs would get to it and eat it if it was any where else. Sami, that day, had been running around and being as playful as can be. She stood at the back of our kitchen, ran up, and tried to make the jump onto the washer and crashed into the side. Afterwards she stood by the washer and calmly used the stool siting next to it, and she never tried that jump again.

Our sealpoint, Tilly, is two years old. She is the queen of our house. She takes over the best chair or lap from our other cat, Rutledge, by sitting on top of him until he runs away and gives up his spot. She also carries a stuffed bunny around the house that is as big as she is. She likes to suck on wool socks while she eats, and Rutledge gets upset when she leaves her stuffed toys in the food bowl. One time she got into the top kitchen cabinet, found the catnip and had it all over the kitchen floor when we returned. Every evening she and Rutledge wait at the front door while my husband goes jogging. When they see him.orging back they start bellowing, then run to the kitchen to meet him for their canned food treat. Tilly gets jealous if Rutledge gets more attention or treats than she does. She also talks back if scolded. Her favorite game is the laundry game - when I'm folding laundry, I empty the clean clothes onto the bed or floor. She jumps into the basket and I cover it over with a towel and she thinks she's hiding.She stays until I finish folding. She hates going to the vet and growls at me when I pick her up to go home. She also hates to have her nails clipped and doesn't like it when we have overnight guests because she likes to be the center of attention. We never thought we would love a siamese so much!
Mio Mao 1 was the most extraordinary cat in the world. He was a French lilac point with a full pedigree, bought in a cat fair in Germany. You can guess how he got his name. It was his quick and loud answer to my question, "Whatīs your name?" He lived 17 affectionate years and travelled from Germany to Chile when he was 8 years old on a plane, sitting on my lap (with the Captainīs permission). He never bit nor scratched anybody, always "participated" in conversations and never had the desire to go out. He was such a member of the family that friends who called or wrote always asked how he was. Mio Mao I was the best friend indeed. He died of old age on my lap. He is the reason why we love Siamese Cats . After him came Mio Mao II, a seal point who was run over by a car. Then Mio Mao III, a red point who had a similar fate. Now we have Mio Mao IV , the last Mio Mao, a hairy seal point, and two blue point females, and we hope they will be with us for long years .
This tail didn't happen to me, but with a friend. She has the most gorgeous cream point I've ever seen. My friend is a very lovely, mellow woman, and she spoils - how she spoils ! - everybody: cat, hubby, mother, & therefore, Alba, the cat, is the most spoiled thing I've ever seen too. Well, then, my firiend got pregnant and the baby came. Alba took it bad, became sulky, and all of a sudden, one day she was gone. My friend was desperate, S.Paulo is a big city with 15 million people, chaotic transit... what could happen with little Alba but the worst ? Weeks elapsed, one month, two. She gave up, dear Alba should no more belong to the living. Some three months later, her husband was driving home from work. He smokes, and suddenly he noticed he had no matches, and he wanted a cigarette. Looked around, and noticed a small bar on the corner, a very disreputable den to tell the truth. Well, he thought, I'll get the matches and hop out as fast as I can. He parked the car, went in, asked for matches, and ... there came the very last of the cats, a feline ruin, dirty, thin and sored rubbing itself at his legs. He thought with disgust "What the hell ...MY CAT !!!!"Alba had found him, came back home triumphantly in the car, and declared a truce with the baby. Oh yes, the bar was 20 km away from her home, and the bar owner said, the poor cat was living from the scraps of the drunks.

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