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These are stories submitted by Siamese owners to celebrate their 'Meezers'
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Yangdo and me. Our story began 9 years ago when I found Yangdo and his sister, Lilac in NH. I had just lost my 15-yr. old female, MiChou, only a few weeks ago. These two, bright-eyed, lively, little tikes were just what the Dr. ordered! They played together, snuggled together, crawled up on my shoulders and slept behind my head. Yang was constantly (not hyper) in motion, playing, scouting - they had their own private.orgpanionship and then their relationship with me! Soon they were big enough to get over the stairs and find their way to the bedroom and leaped on and crawled up the sheets and, became our nightime guests. Months passed and at six months, little Lilac seemed almost to stop growing and then stopped eating - she had F.I.P. so, we had to say goodbye. Yangdo was tested and yes, he also carried the disease. Since then, I feel like I've been living with a time bomb, and if and when it goes off, Yang will be gone too. 3 vets don't know why he is living. I have fed him Hills Science Diet Feline C/D to help him fight the disease and a whole lot of love thrown in. Maybe because I know I can lose him, our story has been all the sweeter. Each night he has to have his front paws on my arm, puts his head down on my arm, and sleeps there all night. Would I have changed anything? No - not one second. I truly love this special guy and feel he has taught me what it means to say "you are my pet" in the good times and in the tough times.
Hawke, our male seal point,is a very spoiled,(arent they all?) boy. I let him eat off my plate sometimes, and his favorite is pork chowmein! He's a very Asian cat after all!! He takes one noodle, or celery, or beansprout, or piece of meat out with his claws ,very delicately. He always asks nicely, by patting my face first. Daphine, our little lilac girl, only eats things labled "Kat-Fud". As Hawke was happily dining, she began a plaintiff yowolllmeow, wow, sound. I said "What's wrong Queen Daphine? I just put delicious salmon and chicken with gravy in your bowl for you.." She instantly jumped down , and ran into the cat room, jumped on her furniture, and mewed a little "thanks" before beginning to dine.....And we wonder if they understand!? Come on now!! And , uh, she says to ask you all...."Got Meewilk?"
Filo is known as the foreman. He knows everything about everything. He is an 8 year old blue point who is tailess (the thing he didn't know but does now is that if a meezer argues with a car, the cat.orges off second best). He checks us to make sure that everything we do is right. From mowing the lawn, to cooking, to housework, paperwork, even surfing the net. Tonight he surpassed himself. My husband and I had to sign some legal documents and asked our neighbour to witness our signatures. The Foreman was there. Checked we signed ok, the witness signed ok and finally placed his dirty paw on the document as his witnesses signature and lasting approval. He is a cat with attitude.
Once, our cat, Precious, got outside. We didn't know, so the door got closed. After awhile, we noticed the cat wasn't around and found out she wasn't. This day was August 14, 1997. Three days later (August 17, 1997), she came back around midnight smelling like old axle grease. My theory is that she got under the engine of a car (cats like to do that when it's cold, and it was very cold for August! (60 degrees!)) and took a three day long ride. We finally found her in a box in our garage. We live in a condo building, so we all share a BIG underground garage. I was so happy we had her back! If you want to see her, she's on page 8 of the pictures. Her name again is Precious.
I have a 4 pound lilac point siamese. This cat is a social misfit when it.orges to anyone or any other animals that.orge around her domain. She hates .orgpany and visitors, she attacks frinds and family members when they.orge to visit. Is there a cure for this?? or is it just second nature to be so protective of her home. She loves us and our dogs Ginger (70lb siberian husky) and Kodi (100lb alaskan malamute), but thats it. Oh, and during a full moon this cat goes bonkers for about 3 to 4 days. She bites, scatches and runs around the house crazy, climbing up furniture, blinds, etc. I never believed in this stuff before, but she is like clock work. The minute she starts getting crazy, all I have to do is look outside at night and I know it's a full moon, and it always is. She is also the moodiest cat I have ever met. She can be loving and as nice as pie and two seconds later she is scratching your eyes out. What is with this breed? Are they all like this? or what? We are animal lovers, and usually have a house full of them, but Mia Kitty makes it very hard to bring anything into this house tht was'nt here before she was. She rejects anything new, like new cats, kittens. I took in a stray cat about 8 months ago that was pregnant and Mia Kitty still to this day won't have any part of her. She growls, hisses and fights with her, so I have to keep them seperated even after all this time. Even when the babies came, we were going to keep one thinking she would get used to it. That did'nt work either. She refuses to except anything new.orging around here. I am afraid to see what will happen the day we decide to have a baby. She has tried in the past to attack friends children and babies and has to be locked up sometime when.orgpany.orges over. What makes a cat this way? We call her the cat from hell, but we love her.
My Chocolate Point Meezer, Kilmer (deceased 8/89) was as finicky about water as he could be. He refused to drink water from a bowl in the kitchen, instead we had to cater to his specific requests. One was the bathroom sink -- he would sit on the counter in the bathroom and cry until we filled up the sink. The second is funny - one Christmas he discovered water in the X-mas tree stand, when the tree was gone after X-mas, he would sit in the living room where the tree was and cry. So from that day on, we had a bowl of water sitting in the middle of the living room for him. He insisted on it. If all else failed, he would go to my mothers studio (she is an artist) and drink her paint water. He drank watercolor paint water for 16 years and it apparently did no harm! He was also fond of hanging out in the bathroom while I showered, then would chase me around, trying to lick the water off my legs, or just rub on me to make sure lots of his fur would get all over my wet legs! I miss my Kilmer!! (named for Redskins quarterback, Billy Kilmer)
Hi there! My name is Karma Ghia Walker. I'm a 5 month old blue point, and I live with my sister Brandy (lilac) and our people. My mom was so happy to get me, she'd wanted me for so long and when she finally got me she said it was good karma, and so I am Karma! But then she also has this strange fascination with Volkswagens and I eventually became Karma Ghia (although it should be Karmann Ghia!) Brandy and I are pretty boneless - you can put us in just about any position and we'll stay, as long as we're being paid attention to, we don't care! I've even fallen asleep draped over mom's shoulder. She yells at me sometimes though, cuz I can be extremely noisy. I'm just so happy to see her when she gets home that I follow her around the house yelling at the top of my lungs until she picks me up and loves me for a while! I purr so loud that she even put it on the answering machine. I hear my mom and Brandy's dad, David, argue sometimes over who loves "the girls" more! So between those two and their other 2 roommates, we get LOTS of love! :)
Kubaron was recently playing outside in the yard (supervised of course) & was stung by a bee. His paw swelled & looked like a mini catcher's mitt. He received a localized injection & recovered very quickly. He resented the vet's examination, however, & protested so loudly that the assistant had to leave the room! Kubaron is an extremely handsome seal point, and a proud young boy! Kiranu opens the bedroom door by jumping up & turning the door knob with his paws. Mom loves us more than anything in the world.
Well, the tail I'm going to write is pretty adrenalized, especially if you live it in first person. Casper,about one month ago was very bored at home, so I decided to bring him at my grandma's home,since she has a large field behind her house. The first minutes he was unsure, 'cause he was used to our small yard, but then he got all excited with flowers, sun rays, birds...and bees. At first I didn't realize he was bothering a poor working bee until I saw Casper jumping so high running around like he was possesed. At first I didn't know what to do, he was histerical, then he came over to me meawing so loud, with a scared face asking me"erika what's happening to me???""you got stung Casper!!!" I held him and gave him some milk, but he didn't want to calm down. The next place he found himself was at the veterinary. At the end of the day, after two shots and a lot of energy used to cry and being scared put him in a long long rest. Let me tell you the first bee experience was a shock for Casper and me too! Now when he sees one he follows it, mostly just with the eyes!!! I am still amazed about how talkative Casper is, not only with his voice, but with all of his faces, too. Wait a minute..Casper said see you soon, Erika and Corey don't know yet, but I'm about to get into mischief!!!!!!!!!! meezciao
My husband and I are owned by two beautiful Siamese Cats - Spice, a 2 year old seal point, and her older (adopted) brother Fury, a 3 year old chocolate point. Their favorite hobbies are knocking things into the toilet, and playing chase all over sleeping humans' heads. Fury is the smartest cat I have ever met, and uses his smarts to get himself and Spice into lots and lots of trouble!! He'll open doors so they can go outside to play (which is a BIG no - no!!), open cupboard doors so they can rip open people food and have a treat, and pry the cover off of the poor hamsters cage so they can play a lovely game of Bat The Hamster Around!!! All they need to do is look at us with their huge blue eyes, and they are always forgiven, though, and we wouldn't give them up for the world!!!
Kiranu is my lilac boy who has a mischievous streak. He, along with his 3 siblings, is an "indoor kitty", but I take them outdoors for supervised outings 3-4 times per day. The yard is surrounded by a 4 ft. high brick wall, with 2 exits. Unfortunately these exits are without gates....Despite the huge yard, 15 trees, bushes, and goodies running about in the grass, Kiranu bolts for the exits. The neighbors have free entertainment as they look out their windows & observe me chasing Kiranu down the sidewalks, in their yards, and under bushes! As soon as I catch him, he begins purring loudly. Naughty, sweet, Kiranu, Mom loves you!
I have two Siameezies - Twix (choc point) and Max (seal point). They hated each other at first but now they are best buddies. The only problem is they love catching things ... mice, voles, moles, shrews, worms, slow worms, rabbits, all sorts of birds etc. I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said that they caught at least one of these a day between them. We are having a new carpet in two weeks because of all the blood stains - yuk! If Zeke, The Imperial Leader needs any military support, I know a couple of cats who might be interested ...
Mocha is a sixteen week old female Seal Siamese. She loves to sleep on brown paper bags, chase after my pen while I do my homework, and go "tanning" ( you are dead if you block her rays!) I've only had her six weeks, but already she rules the house. She is always happy when I get home from school or a sleepover. She likes most female visitors and loves to be scracthed on the tummy. And my dad insists that she have puredbred kittens, and even though I'm sure this is way ahead of time, does anyone in the Seattle area have a sealpoint tom that is ready for breeding now, or will be when she is? I need to know, so please e-mail me if you have one. XOXO, Shari Email:
This is a story about my deceased cat Hogan. Let me fill you in about Hogan-he was enormous, over forty pounds and his length was exceptional also. He had two favorite past times, you gueessed the first one, the second was playing hide and seak with our family dog (toy poodle named Tink). Those two were worse than ornery kids. Hogan loved to hide in a paper sack-he would make a hole on each side of the bottom of the sack to extend his paws. This jesture was known to last for about 2 hours or more-when Tink would finally locate the room where Hogan was hiding (by his little faint cry) and walk by the sack. Then, all of a sudden Hogan extends his paws through the holes and frightens poor Tink into the air = straight up barking all the while because he has just discovered he had been had by his no good sly buddy Hogan. The game continues until Tink finally gives up-as I stated earlier- hours. We miss Hogan very very much and everyone that ever met Hogan feels likewise. Hogan was only 2 1/2 years old when he died. (He was killed by mistake in our rural neighborhood).
My cat Quincy loves to go on the back porch. A few winters he was really itching to go outside. He was trying everyting in his power to get out, hiding behind the door or waiting till I unlocked the door, to .orge darting out. One day I was getting some wood off the porch, when Quincy jumped out the door. Needless to say, with four feet of snow on the ground, he freaked out! He just sat there in the snow and looked at me with those sad eyes, like, "Mom this is really strange and cold." Then he howled bloody murder! He learned his lesson that day. Now he won't go out in the snow.
Sassy is our 4 month old Sealpoint Siamese kitten. She is your typical Siamese kitty ... fetching everything in sight (her favorites are milk carton rings, twist ties and ponytail holders), talking and racing around the house like her tail is on fire. Not long ago, my husband was sitting on the toilet (he'd kill me if he knew I told this story) and Sassy ran into the bathroom, jumped into his underwear, curled up and went to sleep! Would love to send you a picture but that would probably cause a divorce! Gotta' love those kitties!
Junior is a grandpa now and has slowed down some. My husband named him Junior after a kid next door, from his childhood, who used to pick on him, and Junior has certainly lived up to his name. Our former home had door handles rather than knobs, and Junior learned how to reach up and pull down the handle, then pull the door open from the bottom with his paw. We now live in a house with door knobs instead of handles, and Junior still can't figure out why he is unable to open the doors, although he tries hard! He's our baby and, true to form, he lets us hold him baby style--upside down in the rocking position, totally relaxed. I've never seen anything like it.
My husband and I got a Siamese Kitten after returning from our honeymoon in Jamaica.. hence his name "Marley". Marley will sit in front of my husband and jump straight up in the air so that he can be caught and given a ride on his shoulders. Marley also is our alarm clock. 6:15 every morning, just a couple of minutes before the alarm goes off, he cries in our bedroom. I wish he would understand that we don't have to be up so early on the weekends!
Hi, all you cats! My name is Pico. I am a Siamese that loves everyone. I have the humans under my cute, little princess paw. Just this morning, I had my owners chasing a cranefly all over the kitchen, trying to catch it so I could play with it and eventually eat it. It was flying crazily all over the kitchen, and then into the dining room, where it zoomed madly around the light of the dining room. It took them about 10 minutes to catch it, and then, I played with it for a little bit and let it go. Of course, they went after it again. After the third time of this, I ate it. They all said, "EEEEEW!" If I could have talked to them, I would have said, "What did you catch it for if you didn't want me to eat it?" Those humans. They're a little slow. But I love them anyway. Love to you all, Pico
I want to tell you about the most loving and forgiving meezer in the world. My little one, Tia, (and I DO mean little) was a stray that showed up at a friend's house five years ago. She had been treed by their large dog. Amazingly enough, she climbed the tree even though she had been shot with a shotgun that shattered her left fore-leg at the elbow. For a short time, we were afraid that she would lose the leg, but we waited to see if it would heal. It healed wonderfully. In fact, since I didn't want her to be outside where she could get hurt again, I had to have her declawed (and I HATED doing it.) Her sweet little leg healed so well that there wasn't a piece of furniture that was sacred to her. Now she has a scratching post (and several pieces of furniture) that she fervently "scratches" with a vengence. She is one of the MOST loving cat I have ever had. She is my third meezer. My last baby died in my arms at the age of 21 and I thought I would never love another like her (Suki), but I love Tia with my whole heart. She isn't crazy about my other cats-Bug, a very LARGE tabby and Trampus, a MaineCoon. She is a nudger who loves to smurgle. She is an attentive nurse when I am not feeling well and doesn't leave my side until I am better. She has never met a human that she doesn't climb onto their lap--especially if they are wearing black! =-)
My name is Gabe and I am the proud owner of two Siamese Cats, Tika and Koko. These cats have supplied me with joy for the last 6 years. If one of the cats gets accidentally locked in a room, the other will .orge up to me and let that famous raspy call out to me repeatedly until i follow them and free the other. Tika and Koko follow me wherever I go and are very curious. The best story I can remember was October of last year. My girlfriend at the time was always kind enough to do my laundry. She was not originally a cat lover, but of course they reformed her. Tika felt that she could not pass up the chance to climb into freshly and very toasty load of dried clothes, in the dryer. Not knowing that Tika was in there, my friend closed the dryer and put the clothes back on for 5 minutes or so. She kept hearing a ku -thunk ku-thunk sound in the dryer. When she went to investigate, Tika was wide eyed and claw deep in a few nice fluffy towels. My friend called my place of work (a police station) in sheer hysterics. When the animal control officer responded, Tika was sunning herself and my girlfriend was sobbing. When asked why she was still crying, she replied, " I had the clothes on low heat, if I had hit the fluff cycle I wouldve killed her!" Never a dull moment with my Siamese partners in crime!
Ramses and Veruka (chocolate point) are brother and sister and are just over a year old. They are absolutely the most spoiled cats around. They graciously allow myself and my husband to sleep in our bed with them and they love to be carried around like parrots on our shoulders. Ramses and Veruka love to play at the bathroom sinks with running water and are always wtih us as we get ready for work in the morning. Making the bed or changing the sheets is an impossible task. They jump on the bed and love to be covered with the fresh sheets. I literally make the bed with the two of them inbetween the sheets! They share a home with Pete the hound dog and Ramses is very tolerant when Pete wants to chew on him. Veruka just ignores Pete. Another favorite pastime of Verukas is occupying boxes especially the box that a 12 pack of Pepsi.orges in. Her favorite spot is on top of the refrigerator. Ramses is the talker and does all the talking for both. Veruka is just finding her voice. They also love to walk the stair bannister! Siamese cats are simply wonderful.
I found my Siamese cat Mezie in July of 1988. He had been dumped in my neighborhood and was meowing. After a few minutes I finally found that he was hiding under a car. He was scared and did'nt.orge to me at first, but finally he came out and I fell in love with him at first sight. When my mother came home that night, she told me and my sister we could'nt keep him but we could give him to her grandfather out of town . We were sad when we had to give him up, but within a week or so he called back saying that he did'nt want him and if we want him back to.orge get him ,and we did, and he's been with us ever since. He sleeps with either me or my sister every night and is our little gift from god. We love him so much.

I have a short story to tell. Each morning, before I leave for the office, I assign one of my 4 meezers "to be in charge". When I return home, I greet everyone, but give special hugs & kisses to the meezer who was in charge for the day. I have peace of mind, knowing that one of the kitties will keep an eye on the others while I am at work!
My beautiful but pesky Siamese boys are named Hershey (a chocolate point) and Pushkin (a lilac point). They are the light and the bane of my life. They don't like the wallpaper, so they scratch it off. They don't like the carpet, so they pull it up. But I don't care. Nothing can beat.orging home from work and having Hershey jump into my arms because he's so pleased to see me. And Pushkin keeps us entertained for hours playing "fetch" with hair bobbles. But can anyone explain why Hershey is always trying to bury his (full) food bowl?
"Brrrrrrrrrr........, Hello, BaBa is my name and I rule this domain. I'm a master of making myself a nuisance but they only seem to love me more. I'm native to the sandy beaches of Amelia Island and like my beautiful crystal blue eyes the blue oceans are at my door. I spend my days lounging and hunting the mighty squirrel and blue jay. At night, I b.orge a lone stalker of bugs and wild things. I'm handsome and don't mind a peek or two in the mirror to check on the good looks. Of course, all Siamese are gorgeous aren't we. Well, it's been smashing to talk, but the mistress is serving fish tonight, better check it out. Got to keep the humans happy. Meooooooow.
Okay, we got our Siamese Cat, Missy, last year and found out that she is a very fussy cat. I don't know about you other Siamese Cat owners, but she is very picky about what she will and will not eat. Like most Siamese Cats, she has huge blue eyes and she is so cute. She is afraid of the vacumn cleaner and everytime we turn it on, she runs away. She likes to chase the flashlight when we shine it on the floor. She also likes to chase race cars. And she eats spiders and flies when she catches them. All she does is purrr. But she is so cute!
My name is Moth, I am a 1 year old Blue Point Siamese, and Sue my two legged friend just can't cope with daily life without me. I have to watch her fill the bath tub every day just to make sure that she doesn't scald herself. I also keep a close eye on her when she opens the fridge in case she drops anything and needs help to pick it up and eat it. She is totally incapable of cooking anything without my help, of course I insist on tasting everything for her just to make sure that it is OK. She gets very lonely and so I spend hours each day talking to her and helping her to write letters on her.orgputer, I get the most amazing beeps out of it when I stand on the keys for a few seconds, Sue has never managed to make it do that. My four legged friend A beautiful Bengal called Rannee was recently put to sleep leaving me her two naughty but beautiful babies to take care of, they are called Griz and Greebo and just love to cuddle up to me and Sue on cold nights. I have a canine friend called Molly who knows without being told that I am a goddess and of course she a mere mortal put on this earth solely to do my bidding especially when it.orges to opening doors and warming my bed for me!!

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