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These are stories submitted by Siamese owners to celebrate their 'Meezers'
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My cat Mikki was exploring the laundry room, like a normal curious cat. All of a sudden she fell into the washer. I didn't know it at the time. So my dad asked me for some dirty laundry, and I gave it to him. He had started to wash our clothes. Then my mom ran up the stairs because she heard a noise. Mikki had taken a very rough bath today. At least she's clean!
Me and my boyfriend have two Siamese. The big one, Stephen, is very cool. He controls everything. No one gets to see our little cat unless he has approved the person. Our little one, Tisan, loves toilet paper. We have to hide them, otherwise she breaks them down into little pieces. She also loves crisps and yogurt. Every morning Tisan wakes my boyfriend by screaming in his ears. When he wakes up she lays on her back because she wants him to scratch her tummy. When my boyfriend goes in to the bathroom the cats wait outside. Sometimes they fall asleep on the floor. They donīt like going into the bathroom because there is water in there. Very scary.
My cat, Zeki, (Zecky) follows me everywhere. Once, when I was about eleven, I climbed up to the fire escape of my old school to sulk. My father came, with Zeki at his heels. The little black, crooked-tailed part Siamese, climbed the fire escape steps mewing, and ran right back down again, worried that something was wrong!
When I was owned by a Blue Point named Strider, he was very fond of his nightly whirlwind dashes through the house, referred to as "Kitty Crazy Time". These hot laps usually occurred promptly at 10:30 p.m. and you could set your watch by them. However, in his younger days he was a bit earlier with his frenzied follies. One evening, just as I was sitting down to dinner, Strider decided that it was a good time to .orgmence his run. He was not allowed up on the kitchen counters or on any tables, and was usually a very good cat about these rules. This particular evening, I had just set a large platter of spaghetti on the sideboard and was pulling out my chair to sit down with my husband when Strider flew yowling through the kitchen, skidded across the counters, caromed off the wall and was on a trajectory for the sideboard, when he looked down in midair and realized that he was going to land right in the spaghetti. In slow motion, my husband and I were shouting "Nooooooo", and Strider was backpedaling in the air over the platter, just like Wile E. Coyote in the cartoons where he accidentally goes over a cliff. Of course, he landed right in the spaghetti - screeched off the platter, across the next wall (leaving a streak of sauce in his wake) and ran off to hide under our bed, precisely in the spot where we couldn't reach him. I'll never forget his expression.
Hi, I'm Danzik. I go by: Mr. D., Brown Cat, Love Button and (my personal favorite) Oh Most Handsome King of the Cats. I am a 6 year old Chocolate Point. My moms pillow is my favorite sleeping spot. Sometimes I push her head off and lay on the whole thing, but mostly I lay next to her. She often wakes up and gives me kisses (Yuck!!) She can't sleep with out me protecting her. I tell her I love her by licking her eyelashes. Sometimes I smush her neck while I hold a bit of her hair in my mouth. (I think she washes her hair in tuna juice.) I'm not always sweet to her: I like to play jokes on her. We use to live in a loft apartment with stairs like a ladder. I would hide at the top and SCREAM like my tail fell off. (I'm sure you know the sound.) She would.orge running thinking I was dying and as soon as she would pop her head up in the loft, I would jump out and scare her. Then I would RUN and HIDE cuz she was mad at first. But I am too cute to be mad at. I would do this all the time at the loft and that silly mom of mine would fall for it every time! I jump up on the sink and sing loudly until she turns on the water for me. She is well trained and she makes me laugh! Bye for now, Love Danzik
From Adelaide, Australia. Cat's name Ziggy the Piggy. Seal/Red Torti Point. Ziggy has used 8 lives already at 14 1/2 years of age. Latest close call was bringing in a three foot brown snake into the lounge room to drop at my feet. The snake slid across the floor to the fire. The cat and two Shelties were thrown out the room and I killed the snake with the fire poker. Ziggy was bitten and an emergency rush to the vet saved her again. She still purrs like a lawn mower to my friends over the phone.
I have a 3 month old Seal point little girl named Haley (for the .orget). Her favorite trick is stealing socks. She's not picky about their cleanliness either, but she does prefer to steal them from the clothes line. She's even willing to climb up and throw them down so she can run off with them. If there aren't any clean ones available, she's more than willing to remove them from the dirty clothes basket and play. If socks aren't available paper balls will do, but nothing replaces a good sock. After hearing horror stories about how "mean" Siamese are, I can't believe how misinformed other people are. I'd never trade Haley for the world!
My beautiful Siamese, Tina, is extremely intolerant of her owners using the.orgputer. If she catches us at the desk, she will jump from the bed onto the left shoulder of the user and demand to be held. She will remain on the shoulder, administering an occasional kiss to the human cheek, until we give up, shut down the.orgputer, and pet her.
Hey, my name is Shere Khan, although I answer to Kitty, SK, Delrod, and any mention of my favorite word: FOOD. I am, gulp, part Siamese and part British short hair. I have a Siamese attitude, but I'm bulky like the British cats. The people I own used to live in a cool apartment with a deck. I ruled the deck. I once caught a real, live bird on the deck. OK, so it was just a baby bird! It still wiggled a lot. Now the people I own live in a duplex with no porch. I pace the place, constantly trying to turn those stupid door-knobs to get outside. This is the only time I wish I had opposable thumbs. But I've figured out how to get my way. I stand at the back door and meow "out" in the people's language. That's right. I talk to them in their own language. They are a stubborn lot. They usually walk to the door and tell me I can't go out because I'll get fleas. So, what's a few pesky fleas when you consider the bird-snatching opportunities. And there's a stupid Labrador Retriever in the neighborhood. He always hangs out at my door. He needs a good swipe of the paw to teach him who's boss around here.
My cat, Peaches, had to be put to sleep last August, right after my birthday-but I wanted her to be remembered in a very special way. Peaches was a Seal Point Siamese, with the kindest, sweetest personality of any cat I know. She was 21 years old, when her kidney disease and old age finally took over. I am almost 21 years old, and since the day I was born, Peaches was there. She was my favorite pet, and loved me unconditionally. Whenever I was crying, she'd sense it, and wait outside my door- meowing until I let her in. She then proceeded to lick away my tears and give me kisses (nuzzling her nose to mine). I always hear people saying what mean cats Siamese are, and do not understand their talk. I have never seen a mean Siamese, but I am sure they are just misunderstood or just have a different disposition than some cats. Each cat is different. The day Peaches was put to sleep was a very sad day. The whole family cried, and I then cried for 4 days for one of my best.orgpanions. Only a true animal lover can relate to this loss. Since then, we have gotten another cat, but the Pictures of Peaches still remain in frames, and in our hearts--she will never be replace or forgotten. WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU, PEACHES!!!
Hi, even though my cat Koko is deceased, I still remember the day that he started sniffing our wall and meowing. When my mom came to investigate There was a leak!! ( it would have rotted our wood ).
My Joker is a one year old Seal Point Siamese who loves to explore closets, chases brooms and mops, hides and pounds at unsuspecting owner, demands.orgpany at 4 in the morning, scratches and bites when disturbed in sleep, settles in owner's laps once a day for 3-minute caress session, defies all efforts of grooming, grumpy one moment and endearing the next. Nothing better than to be tamed by a Siamese.
Yes, my humans had the nerve to name me BARNEY. I came to live with these guys about 12 years ago. My human Dad-Paul and my human Brother-James bought me as a surprise present for my human-Mom, Ilene. Mom had two previous Siamese Cats, Chou and Mao before she married Dad, but Grandma Morgan refused to let them leave when Mom & Dad got married, so they lived with her. My humans already had three cats and a dog, but they knew this motley group of humans and assorted animals really needed a leader. It didn't take me long to teach everybody in the house who was "boss" and now they all know their respective places. I sleep in a large kingsize bed with Mom and Dad, and of course the other cats occasionally sleep there too. The large red dog, Ginger, sleeps on the floor to guard us all. I love chasing the fish in the aquarium, and have been known to try and eat them. I have a favorite toy, my "birdie" that drives me wild. My humans keep it in a drawer in the bedroom, but I know how to get at it. I can open doors, and love to walk on the keyboard when my humans use the.orgputer. I would like to explore outside, but my humans keep telling me I'm a house cat. Bummer, what do they know? Since I was the last addition to our family, I'm the baby - Barney Baby, REALLY! Actually I'm "Barnabus-the Wonder Cat," they just don't want to admit it!
My name is Zen. I got my name because I tend to meditate a lot. I found my people when they were out walking one day. I was starving at the time, and very skinny. Even some of my fur was missing. One of my people started crying when she saw me. I must have been pretty pitiful looking. I coaxed them into taking me home, and haven't left since! I had to train them to know what I was saying, but they are getting pretty good at it, especially when I howl. Actually, I am very grateful to them, although I try hard not to let it get in the way of their training.
Wednesday, August 5, 1997 was a very special day in the life of my cat JAZMIN. She turned TWENTY-ONE YEARS OLD on Wednesday. Yes, 21!!!! She doesn't do tricks or play alot any more, but to me she is a very special cat. She has been totally blind for the last 10 years, and is on a special, restricted diet, but that hasn't stopped her! The vet said she has the heartbeat of a kitten! She still walks around the house, although she bumps into everything. She also loves to sit by the big window in the living room, and "watches" the.orgings and goings of all the neighbors. She loves it most when I take her outside and she sits on my lap and gets to feel the breeze on her face and smell the fresh air. Jazmin had a sister, who died when she was 18 years old! Since her sister died, Jazmin has b.orge a "cuddle maniac". She lives to be held and cuddled and have her head scratched. She never used to be like that...she used to be the typical, aloof Siamese cat who "tolerated" my presence in her domain. Now she can't get enough of me and my fiance! Jazmin is a very special, gentle and sweet old soul who brings joy to my life on a daily basis, and I wanted to share her with all of you.
Hello, I suppose I should start out by telling you I'm doing this only because my brother bugs me constantly to do this because it's "cool". My brother is Shere Khan, the loud-mouthed idiot who already sent something in to you. He babbles constantly to the people I own about EVERYTHING, but especially food. I allow him to think he is the dominant being of the house, but occasionally I must slap him to remind him that I am the real boss. Like him, I am part Siamese (and proud of it!) and part British short hair. I look like royalty however because I am colored like a Seal point Siamese, unlike my brother who is orange like a stupid creamsicle. I am a very particular cat; I do things only when I wish to do them and no one should stand in my way because I do have a bit of a temper. Heaven knows that attempts to clip my claws have resulted in several NASTY confrontations. I permit my people to pet me at night as they go to bed, but not too long, because they get very grouchy and rudely remove me from my lounging area--their pillows. Farewell all; I must return to my lair.

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