Are you a new member who wonders "what in the world did they say in chat this evening?" or a long time SICCer, who for the life of you, can't understand half of the dialog in the ongoing role playing stories?
Does Kitten talk make you mentally say "HUH???" or "Oh Lord!"
Well, other countries have travel guides and helpful translations of common phrases, to make your visit a happier one. Here, then, is a translation of some common Meezerspeak phrases that you may hear in SICC conversation. We are not trying to exclude anyone, but we Are rather eccentric. "Awe we weawwy?" Yes , Timmytoes, I am afraid we are. I hope this helps you! Purrrs, Jarod The Siamese Purrtender

  1. "Meezer Squeezers" = hug your meezer! derived from Hawke Hugs because some meezers like hugs and kisses.
  2. "Gummers"= Meezer paw pads. They are soft and warm like Gummy Bear candies, and range in "flavor" from chocolate, licorice, coffee, strawberry, blueberry and bubblegum, but there could be flavors I know nothing of.
  3. "Wot to do" ... phrase to use when in quandry. (what shall I do)?
  4. "Winging of Pawickies" = wringing of hands, to be used when wot to do'ing for extra effect.
  5. "Nekkid" = naked, unclothed, which is how some pussums actually walk about. Without their collar on....
  6. "Ransom Note" = I.D.tag or barrel on collar
  7. "Kerplonk on it Fwoow" = fainting on the floor making a kerplonk sound as one lands.
  8. "Hit Wiv Paw on Head" ... self explanatory and usually done when naughty cat annoys haughty cat.
  9. "ickie" as a suffix to any word ... take the meaning of the actual word and ignore the "ickie" eg faceickie = face, pawickie = paw etc. Don't know why, it just be a term of endearment fur their pawickies an' facickies be so cute.
    #:o) little sideways faceickie smiling
    #:o( little sideways faceickie frowning
  10. "Basic Kitten Language in General" (but purrticularly Sammy Gene Wicks, Tanshee and Reva (LOL)), is the substitution of "W" for "R" and "L" and Tanshee ewen has a pwobwem saying "V".
    It helps to read a sentence aloud to faciwitate understanding. This is pawticuwawwy impwessive if you be at wowk.
  11. "Dat" = that
  12. "Dis" = this
  13. "Mitten Kitten" = a Siamese kitten (because the coloured feetickies wepwesent mittens - to my mind anyway - therefore, I have a tiny bwue shoulder sittin mitten kitten)
  14. "Pussum" = pusscat, a fur person.
  15. "Purrrson" = a polite human being, usually a meezer co-dependant. Impolite humans are not purrsons, but just plain beans.
  16. "Bean Brother, Bean Sister" = the human child of a meezer's purrson.
  17. "Mooshles" = headbutts, and other gooshie meezer affections.
  18. "Smurgles" = Meezers who give especially sloppy kisses, rubbing lips and wet nose leathers on your cheek and hands. Some smurglers also chew your hair and suck your clothes like baby kittens.
  19. "Making Dough" = kneading with the pawickies on the human lap. Also called "making pizza" and "making bread"...(pirates even make "hard tack" when they are desperate for attention)
  20. "Sob Wail" = much ado about nothing - as in Tanshee's hysterical sobbing and drama queen attention seeking cries.
  21. "La Countess Talk"
    A.(several other ladies have taken this up) 'usband, 'unk etc. are only words without "H" as she has a Russian/Italian/French/Pussum accent.She also has a tendency to pronounce "ing" as "eenk" and can only pronounce "W" as "V".
    B. "Constantly Substituting Anything Meezerish"= for parts of words (as do most other pussums on the board). eg "She shops furr her Catreations in Purris Furrance" = she shops for her dresses in Paris France. I can think of no rule of thumb for La Countess' language ... but once again, reading it out aloud will either help you understand it, or if said in deep throaty Sahvinia like voice, will have your boss grovelling at your feet completely under your spell as La Countess' 'andsome 'unky 'usband does furr her.
    C. "Common "at home" Language"= which be backward spelling ... sighs. (this is so embarressing #:o)eg "klim" = milk "rrup" = purr furr example - "wot you be rupping furr, you be wanting rinkies of klim"? (new members, feel free to ask for an interrpurrrtation)
  22. "Rinkies" = is the same as JoanneG's drintles - it means drinkies. (Jeanie, rinkies is a bigger guzzle than a drintle)
  23. "Drintle" = very small sip of something to drink. Actually Drintle is the purrfect example of how the obscure words in the word game are misappropriated by the meezers to mean something that suits them. Joanne's meezers Sash and Jas started the drintle craze, which was quickly picked up by Moosey and the PTBs.
  24. "Gledge" = to squint the eyes (usually in pleasure or sunshine). This is the true definition of gledge, and for some reason the meezers like it the way it is...
  25. "OLO" = is Val's way off way of saying LOL. This has been picked up by a lot of us, as have other Valisms like "Shicked and Appled" for shocked and appalled.
  26. *swishing tail furriously* describes an action. Anything within **'s is an action happening in between dialog.
  27. "Geezer Meezer" = is an old and revered siamese cat.
  28. "Singing" is what our meezers do when a dear furrend is sick and needs good thoughts and prayers. It's a concentration of meezer good will, based on how vocal meezers are and how much we love each other.
  29. "Whicketts" = whiskers
  30. "Datickie" = Austrailian vernacular for what shows when a cat turns it's posterior to you with tail know...that little pink spot? Ah, you get it now...
  31. "Calendar Cat" = Also Austrailian vernacular for a cat that always shows you the "date"...
  32. "Thing Wiv Tentacows" = any dangerous looking multilegged thing that might grab you in general. In specific, the windbreaker jacket who wrapped it's stringy tentacles around Jarod's tail and chased him.
  33. Mara's "Purple Cats" = lilac points
  34. "Mrrrrrffff!!" and "Pfffffttt!!!"= snort noises indicating, impatience and contempt
  35. "Yoompin Nippalots" = fleas (jumpin nip a lots...DUH!)
  36. "PTB" = Pirate To Be. These are kittens who aspire to become Romantic and Dangerous Pirates in the Meezer Buckaneer Navy. Both boys and girls will soon be able to sign up on Capitan Hawke's Freebooter Homepage. After purrrforming 13 tasks worthy of a Privateer, like rescueing a meezer, or stealing false teeth, they will be able to take the Swashbuckler's Oath, and become Full Pirates on one of Capitan Hawke's ships!
  37. "Pirate Speak"= a garbled combo of pirate and meezer talk, such as Ahoy
    • Meowaties= hello friends
    • Shiver Meow Timbers = what a surprise!
    • Arrrgh = growling pirate
    • HAR = triumphant pirate
    • Ther = there or the, depending on usage
    • Ye Be = you are
    • Fair Winds = Have a good day
    • Dubloon = any kind of reward
    Pirates speak flowery to ladies, always purrrlite to ladies, gentle to kittens, and fiercely to enemies. Often adds "meow" to any word, like "Remeowind me-ow to tell ye bout ther time I be courtin ther bemeowutiful Duchess, HAR!" eg "Remind me to tell you about the time I was courting the beautiful Duchess...*triumphantly spoken*"
  38. "Yew-le-mew" = meek talk of shy meezers, adds "le-mew" to words that rhyme, like "i gotta new-le-mew toy"
  39. "Schmousie" = grey fur mouse toy (according to Circe and quickly picked up by everyone)
  40. "MICE" = the real thing...always capitalized for importance...some meezers, such as Jimi The Tabby Siamese Down Under (also known as Crocodile Jim-Mee"), hunt for a living.
  41. "Pidey Wiv No Legs On" = Specifically , the favorite toy of Tanshee, but now means anyone's favorite battered toy. Originally Spider With Legs...
  42. "Spawkow Bawws" = Jarod's favorite toy , Sparkle Balls, are tinsel bristled pom poms. Quickly adopted by the rest of the club, the name was corrupted awmost immediatwy by Tanshee. Spawkow Bawws are bugs in disguise, and they hide under the fridge, and swim in coffee and water dishes. Can be found in the craft section of many department stores, or for a great deal higher price in the pet shops. First discovered at a cat show. Gini's purple cat , Oh Captain My Captain, has a spawkow baww at the top of this page!"
  43. "The Litterbox From Hell" = often referred to as Bogart's Nemisis. An electronic litterbox that was demolished by an angry meezer while Demi was unaware. Frequently brought up, when a meezer is dead set against something, as a cautionary statement eg "well, remember the LBfromH?"
  44. Abbreviations in Caps = many meezers are "titled", since they are royalty! In the interest of brevity, we shorten them when conversing. Please realize that your meezer could end up on this list quite easily.
    • LCLSLP =La Countess La Sahvinia La Puss
    • TDPKH = The Dread Pirate KittyHawke
    • CTFPOS = Chula The Fresh Prince Of Siam
    • HMADOY = Her Meezerness Alison Duchess Of Yowl
    • PTOTL = Princess Tanshee Of The Lande
    • JTSP = Jarod The Siamese Purrtender
    • SJTTS = Sir Jimi The TabbySiamese
    • SMTGM = Sir Mork The Geezer Meezer
    • SCGTPS or just CG = Sir Coughing Gus The Purrsian Scourge
    • COMABoots = Cranky Old Maiden Aunt Boots (Hawke says it stands for Coy Otherworldly Maiden Adorable Boots)
    • CTCPOT = Chelli The Crown Prince Of Tutoring
    • HMZKittitas = His Majesty Zhukov's Kittitas (Hawke's Ship, in reality a ferry on Puget Sound that he really rides from time to time. In fantasy, a great 4 masted sailing vessel, going round the world in search of booty and rescueing meezettes)
    If I have left you out, please enlighten me!
  45. "Puwe" = pure. Some meezers have white pawickies. To Jarod having white pawickies had been a source of embarrassment, indicating uncertain parentage...then he became enlightened to the fact that purebred meezers often have white spots on their bodickies, and although this is not show quality, (we be certain that Prince Maissi hath no white patches), he became Quite Convinced that it meant a pussum was Special. In fact, that he had a Noble Destiny. He became Sir Jarodaine, and is purresently organizing the "Order of the White Pawickies Noble Society of Piety", to pray and sing for meezers in distress.
  46. "Hafing the Wapouws" = (having the vapours)"A swoon fur which the onwy rewiwaw be "mewwing sawts of catnip ow simiwaw".( young lady meezer swoon for which the only revival be smelling salts of catnip or similar...LOL
  47. The "Dreaded Glug Glug" = Those creepy automatic waterers that have coke bottle tops. they make a scary noise, and your water bowl gets slimey..ugh! Much preferred is #47...
  48. The "Giant White Water Bowl" = humans call it the toilet, but it is the greatest source of constantly refreshing water. Although a bit tricky to get a drink out of, humans tend to keep it spotless. Also seems to be a "meeting place for quality time and pets" between beans and meezers...
  49. "Tutoring" = the club borrowed this one from Gary Larson's cartoon of the d*wg going to the vets to be "tutored" eg neutered/spayed. Now we have taken it a step further to say we are now "educated", and able to "think" with our other end...Being tutored in no wise makes a meezer unsexy. The Crown Prince of Tutoring is Chelli, who amazingly was tutored both ways...
  50. "Who Owns You?" = what cats do you have ?
  51. "What Point?" = what color meezer do you have?
  52. "Road Ralleys" = the nightly wild race of meezers before bedtime.
  53. "Maddies", and "Seen the Wind" = being a scatty catty ie, chasing another catty or a toy wildly. Like it is Seen the Wind when meezers go Maddies without seeing anything at all (according to humanbeans) and then with flattened ears, run in a circle, and back to the observation post. Or according to Tanshee "earickies fwat back an back wegs ovew shouldews fur they go so quick". Meezers see invisible things dont you know?
  54. "Hurling" etc. = Many names for swallowing food whole and disgorging it (usually in a shoe or on the puter keyboard) can be seen in SICC, often corrupted by kitten speak to near no interpretation. Hurl becomes Huww in kitten speak. There are also the James Harriotites who say "she Womitin' sore, so ta speak"...when it's only a hairball...
  55. "Joooooools" = Jewels (refers to treasure and meezette adornments, also collars that have bells or pretty sparkles). We now tend to spell anything that rhymes with jewels, with multiple oooooo's. Jooooools, Toooools, Rooooooles etc. Even Imperial Leader Zia's purrson has been called Jooooolie, and Val's meezette is Jooooliet!
    * Janice's addition to the Jools definition: It has also been used as a double entendre for the things our little boys give the vet when they are "tutored", and which the little girls also have been known to like. *grin* (yes Janice, and it has also been called "losing his marbles" too! LOL
  56. "Kuniyoshi Tark" = Kuni seems to be having an Asian pussum's plobrem with his LLLL's and RRRR's being levelsed (reversed), which can be vely confusing fol arot of us....
  57. "Jimispeak" = Souf Orstralian Strine of Jimi the Tabby Siamese, who has a hard time spelling, but very compitantly Knows What He Means. He tends to either leev off lettas, or run words togetha as in the word myJimidor...(his cat door flap)...
  58. "Clickitees" = Either walking with unclipped nails on smooth floors OR eating dry cat food.
  59. "Wiv, Haf" = with, have
  60. "Got Mewilk?" = question meezers ask when they are in a bind.
  61. "Yowlmeow!" = meezer explicative meaning all kinds of things from WHAT?? to WHOA BABY!!
  62. "Meowmy's and PawPaw's" = There's one we all use so often I sometimes forget it's even meezer-speak. That special purrrson in a meezer's life. They often administer Meezer Squeezers, kisses the gummers, refuses to let a meezer go nekkid, helps with posts to the word game, sometimes gets arrested as purrowlers, and as a general rule is usually addicted to SICC.
  63. "'Puter" = That machine without which the Meowmies, PawPaws and their Pussums would not be able to communicate!

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