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These are stories submitted by Siamese owners to celebrate their 'Meezers'
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Merlin is *extremely* smart! He is our large primary cat and can be quite a trial to deal with. We have electrical tape around the TV remote because he keeps taking the battery out to play tile hockey with. It wouldn't be so bad if he'd just put it back when he's done instead of leaving it under the refrigerator or behind the sofa. His latest thing is washing his toys. When I start loading the washer, he`ll run and get some of his toys and drop them in the washer with the dirty clothes. He's not so smart though; I've seen him put a white nylon rope in with a dark load....
Kookai and Django,her partner in crime,besides stealing children's pizzas and playing wasp tennis, were once caught taking books out of a bookshelf (quite neatly) as they thought there might be Something Exciting Inside. Both of them are avid cricket catchers, spending hot summers on the lawn making crickets bounce. They also enjoy fell walking, and join Henry & Claire on trips to the Lake District where a wheatear once pretended to have a broken wing,to the voluble fascination of D&K. When it had successfully decoyed them away from its nest it flew off, to their embarrassment "It Lied!", but they consoled themselves with an interesting rabbit warren instead.
Our siamese cat Trix makes it a habit to kick Bogus (our HUGE black lab) out of his bed. She walks quietly up to him and then stares at him until he can feel her eyes bore holes into his head. He then turns his head towards the wall to try and ignore her, but this is always unsuccessful. She moves just a little bit to look at his face, and then he grumbles, gets up (fast), and surrenders his bed to the queen - yet again. She then curls up, happy to have the warm bed.
Hi my name is Jezabell. I am a 4yr old, minature, princess. My owner has trained me to do exactly what I want. I don't believe that one of my duties should be keeping the house mouse free, so I decided to teach my kind but gullable owners a lesson. I caught one of the pesky rodents that enhabits my yard, brought it inside (to prove to them all that I could actually catch a mouse) and let it go. Now as you could guess, they no longer expect me to perform this duty.
Goodbye for now, Jezabell, The Minature Princess. XXOO
Hello everyone! Whiskers here - I'm borrowing Christine's.orgputer while she's in class. Anyhow, I just wanted to take a moment to explain how I came to be named "Whiskers". I know what you're thinking - that "Whiskers" isn't a very creative name for a cat. Well, you see, when I adopted Chris, I was missing the whiskers on one side of my face, for I'd been playing with my brother and the other Siamese, and things tended to get a little rough. You know how .orgpetitive we Siamese can be. Anyhow, since I was missing the whiskers on one side of my face, Chris decided to call me Whiskers. The name seemed appropriate, and so I decided to keep it. That's how I came to be known as Whiskers. That's my story. Take care everyone. -- Whiskers
I'd like to send you a few pictures of my very best friend (and his sister) when I was growing up. The story goes like this: When I was 2 (over 25 yrs ago) my parents got our first Siamese kitty. She was a Seal Point named Puff who came to us because the other kitty in her home (not a Siamese) didn't like her very much. We had Puff for only about 2 years because she was hit by a car in July shortly before my 5th birthday (sadly we don't seem to have any pictures of her). The house was so empty without the patter of little paws and I was one unhappy kid. So one night my parents piled me and my older sister into the car and we drove to a house where there were kittens. Little Seal Point Siamese kittens! My parents decided this time we should get litter mates (a male and a female) so I picked out the little boy and my sister picked out the little girl. It was their kitten antics that got them their new home (one climbed the curtains and the other knocked a box of stuff over while we were there). Their little yowls filled the car as we drove home but my sister and I were the happiest kids alive. We named the pair Bonnie and Clyde. I didn't have the greatest childhood (we moved several times) and Clyde was my best buddy growing up. He would even beat me when we played Monopoly together and would watch Sesame Street with me. In fact his middle name, Roosevelt, was taken from the Sesame Street character "Roosevelt Franklin". He lived for 20 great years until his heart began to give out and I had to have him put to sleep. I was with him to the very last moment of his life. Bonnie got cancer in the bones of her face and died at 15. But Clyde out lived my mother, my parent's marriage, and every childhood friend I had. He was a terrific cat and there will never be another like him.
Robin, Spencer and Alex
I have always believed having one Siamese was an injustice. How would you like to be the only person in a cat world? I tried to change my mind when within 1 year Fred (14 years old) lost both his friends. Bringing Kelby home was a chore, mostly for Fred, as he was set in his ways. It took a lot of time and patience, but for the first time in almost 2 years, Fred and Kelby were sleeping side by side. I can't blame Fred, as Kelby made a sport of tormenting, but assuming Fred has 5 years left of his wonderful life, my ex-husband Kevin and I made the right choice in adding a hellion within our midst.
I am owned by a wonderful blue point named Zaphod. One of his special quirks is that he showers with me every morning. He loves to stand under or near the warm water, and if he's a good kitty, he even gets the shower massage on his back for a few minutes! After his shower, he loves to cuddle up in a towel to get dried off. Sometimes, he gets dried off with the blow drier, which makes him very fluffy.
My name is Zoe. I'm a 2 year old beautiful Siamese. My owner doesn't know I'm typing this. I know she loves me, but sometimes I get on her nerves. I'm an expert at this.orgputer stuff because I'm always watching my owner when she's surfing the web. She gets mad at me sometimes because I jump up on the.orgputer desk and chase the cursor all over the screen. I've never caught it though. But I will someday. Another one of my favorite activities is waking my owner up at 4 in the morning to feed me. She doesn't like that very much. I just get right in her face and cry until she gets up. But now, she closes the door so I can't get in. But I've solved that problem just like any Siamese would! I cry as loud as I can (and that is very loud as you may know) and scratch at her door. That usually wakes her up! She gets mad at me, but then I'll look at her with my big, blue eyes, and purr, and she's no longer mad at me. I love how I have so much control over my human! Well, I have to go, my human is home! Love to all! Zoe.
Princess Caitlin here, with my very own Christmas story to warm the very cockles of your heart. The two leggers here brought my very favorite toy up from the basement. They put all of these little balls and shiny stuff and fuzzy stuff all over it so it's even more fun to climb. The lady who sleeps with me told me not to touch the fuzzy little guy at the top because he's an "an-teek". I think that means she wants me to climb to the tip top and drag it away to my hidden stash. As always, eager to obey.
My little Buddy loves to jump in the bathtub with me, until she finds out there is water in it. I don't know why she doesn't learn. Every night she jumps into it and every night she gets mad at me because she's all wet. Why doesn't she learn? Maybe she likes all the attention I give her afterward when I grab her with a big fluffy towel to dry her off.
When I was a kid we had a Seal point Siamese named Pong. After Thanksgiving my mother was making turkey soup from the leftover carcass. The soup was cooling down on the stove. The next thing we see is Pong walking down the hall with the turkey carcass (it was from a 20 lb. turkey) in his mouth. He hid under my brother's bed and enjoyed his feast. We did have to clean up the trail he left behind, but it was funny!
Greetings from King Cat - Taz. He is busy having his coffee (paw into cup) & between licks is dictating this to me. When he's finished coffee I've been instructed that it will be time to be brushed - (in front of the mirror), then he'll inspect the food situation - if contents are not sufficient the bell will be rung that hangs above his dish (Wed. he is more vocal .. its tuna fish day). When he sends me to work he insists on being tucked back into bed - under cover work can be so demanding! My to do list - pick up McDonald French Fries (paw to mouth) & a can of beans. After work - tag, fetch & then time for my cleaning. Sometimes its hard to get a word in around here!!
I have 3 siamese cats, 2 boys and 1 girl, they are all related. Most cats like seafood and meat. All of these cats prefer chocolate and fruit. They turn there nose up to any seafood and meat. These cats are the best cats in the whole world. We were told that these cats were the worst cats ever; however, we have been owning siamese for the past 12 years. They follow you all around, cuddle with you at night, and they have their own type of cat language that they can ask you questions and you understand them. Also, whenever you are down they have a way of cheering you up.
My childhood best friend had a wonderful Siamese cat named Kiki. She was extraodinarily patient with our smothering affection, and she was always purring. One of her unusual habits was jumping into the bathtub--when it was full of water! On one occasion she caught the family budgie, who had escaped, and brought it to her people. My 18- mos. little Meezer mix, Mokey, shares Kiki's sweet purr-sonality, and in her exciting life, she's joined her family on a week-long camping trip to the woods (she slept in the tent!) and learned to play with her 2 canine brothers. She stands up for a treat, and waits outside doors for me. She's never naughty (right!) and I love her.
Dear Zeke,
I was up in the attic today, napping in a box filled with old family photographs. You can imagine my amazement when I saw this photograph of a beautiful Siamese, signed 'Ditsy Poo-Bah Nobleese' who was my great-grandmother on the distaff side. She married the Frenchcat Henres La Tudor. When their son Henres immigrated to the United States, the immigration officials mistakenly entered his name as Von Tudor. And so Henres La Tudor became Henres Von Tudor and that was my very own Dad.
Because of this startling discovery, I am applying for membership in your Siamese Club. I have attached the photograph for verification. I hope you are as excited as I am about this. What a story it will make for the Newsletter.
Bye for now, Henry

Official SICC Response
An Emergency meeting of the board was called to review your case for inclusion in the Siamese Internet Cat Club. Members present were, myself, Pyewacket, Ipswitch, & Britainy. After much discussion, a vote was taken, and while not unanimous (Britainy considers this all to be hogwash, but Brit thinks that anyone without recent British ancestors isn't qualified anyway) a majority of members voted in favor of your inclusion in the Siamese Internet Cat Club. This was a difficult decision in light of the meger documentation that you submitted, never having heard your meow, or to check for telltale Siamese markings. Nonetheless, the documentation you did submit was deemed adequate. Your story and documentation have been placed in the Siamese Stories page.
Note-This decision is only binding for this Siamese Internet Cat Club. It is not to infer that any of the reigning Cat Associations will.orge to the same conclusions and offer you membership.
Zeke / Imperial Siamese Leader
(PS Thanks for the catnip and live mice. You can feel assured that this had no bearing on the decision.)
Just recently, our 5 yr. old Classic Seal Point male, Shadow, AKA Mr. Customs Agent Man, has developed a new and unusual habit. When someone leaves a message on the answering machine he jumps on the table and pushes it onto the floor with his nose. This of course pulls the phone and the caller ID Box with it. I.orge home and the whole sordid mess is on the floor. This is not good for the poor answering machine. He has also begun chewing on the phone cord when we are talking to someone. I guess the next thing he will do is try to answer the thing! Part monkey, part dog, part cat and part human. Gotta love those crazed Siamese kitters!
I have lived with these God-sent cats my whole life. Last Christmas, we had to put Sam, (a cat that I grew up with) to sleep due to a tumor rupturing. Anyways, we've had ones that fetched, one sucked on socks and licked pictures and plastic bags. What is it with them all seeming to like licking plastic bags?! Our newest addition, Gizzie, watches TV and has to sleep with his head on a pillow, and is totally in love with our clothes dryer. They are wonderful creatures.
Reggie is the world's champion Bed Mouse chaser. He just knows that those four lumps under the bedspread are the infamous Bed Mice, and it is his job to rid the world of them. Of course, the best time to chase Bed Mice is between 4 and 6 o'clock in the morning. We try to be understanding, since this seems to be his destiny in life as the ruler of the universe (as he sees it!).
I have a very nice Siamese Cat. It is a girl, the sweetest thing. What she does is that she makes very much contact with me and the other people. I love her very much. Zorah Blok, Holland, Amsterdam 9 yrs.
Hello, my name is Coco and I am a georgous ten month old Seal Point from Melbourne, Australia. My very loving family sometimes wonder if I actually am a cat, as I have been told that I behave like a dog! Why would they think this? Don't all cats fetch when their owner throws them something? Would you believe that one of them also thinks I grunt like a piglet! Honestly, these human beings...My family often disapproves of the way I treat the canine of the household, but I am of the opinion that all German Sheperds should be chased out of the house. Anyway, I must go now as I have just spotted a big toe that really should be bitten!
I have a cat named Chocolate. One day I was playing with Chocolate in my parent's bedroom. Chocolate ran between my legs trying to catch the string I was swinging around. I fell down, almost stepping on her head. She ran under the bed, and I fell down on the carpet. It was very funny. The End
Once "Purdy" got in the dryer laying on the warm clothes. My mom closed the door with Purdy still in and turned it on. I heard a strange meowing noise, so I checked in the dryer, and there was Purdy all out of breath,(Purdy was okay).
My princess is aptly named Belle, and her mate is named Kong (you don't know how appropriate that is). Recently while in the process of mating, they embarked on a joint venture. They were at my parents home, and while wandering around, Belle was attracted to the many dangling objects. So she enlisted the help of her lifemate (and partner in crime), to remove said offending objects. This joint venture was a success and both criminals were eventually apprehended while chewing on the remnants of my mother's "Dreamcatcher" that they had pulled down from the ceiling. Neither Belle or Kong have been invited back. Although my mother has since granted pardon to the guilty.
We'll tell you something about Chico and Mogli, the crazy Siamese Brothers from Bavaria, Germany (please excuse our poor English). While we are surfing through the Siamese stories, Chico & Mogli fight as they always do, run and jump through our living room, make "miau" (the german cat-language), make fun with our sea water fishes und drink much Bavarian Beer! So, have fun all you Siamese friends, and send a message to Germany!
I have to say, that so far all the cats I have seen here are beautiful! But, I do love my Abby the best. I am a college student and I love being able to.orge home to my Abby. She actually says Hello, in the most sweetest Siamese voice I have ever heard. There is nothing better than making her "throw herself on the ground" in order to get "Nummeys"...
Hi! My name is Kristin White and I am nine. I have a 3 year old Chocolate Point Siamese Cat. He is very cute and can do lots of things, he also has lots of bad habits. One bad thing that he does is he.orges into my room, goes over to my speakers, and knocks them down. But other than that, my Simon is the most best cat in the world!
Laden was picked up from the SPCA and was well hated by the staff because of his refusal to take his pills. He was very sick, and they wanted to put him to sleep because they felt he would never be a good pet. How wrong they were. He is very affectionate and smart, and adopted Lutie the Choc. Pt. as soon as she came home. They love to play fetch, and will only drink out of the faucet in the bathtub, as only the freshest and best will do. Q-Tips and silk flowers are toys of choice, and they are not at all impressed by Loki the Hedgehog.

Siamese, it's a wonderful word! Siamese are picky, Siamese aren't sticky, Siamese are nice, they give you good advice!! Siamese are good, as good as Robin Hood, Siamese aren't poor, they always want more!! If you try to pick up your cat, ask, "Pretty Please with a Salmon on top!!" For a Siamese is very sophisticated. So the point is a Siamese is the most wonderful, greatest, coolest, beautiful and just excellent cat or thing!! My story is short isn't it? I could write a better one later, I just want to post something (I'm only 11!).
I only had my Kaluha for a short time (130 days), but she has touched my life forever. She loved to ride around on my shoulder like a bird. She would fetch feather toys like a dog. She had so much love to give, it was unbelieveable. She would climb into my lap while I was on the.orgputer. She guarded me when I was injured. She went into the vet to be spayed, and passed away 2 days later from.orgplications. It turns out she had an enlarged heart. She had the biggest heart full of love for me, and I miss her dearly. God bless my Baby Kaluha 9-14-96 to 04-02-97
I have always loved cats, but had heard that Siamese were vicious(!) When I met my husband he had a Foreign White (Casper) and a Seal Point (Jasper) which he shared with his family. When we got married he did miss his pussy mates, but Casper, who was really his, was hit by a car only 1 year later. Three years ago we looked after Jasper while Johns parents went OS, and I fell in love with him. He adopted me in their absence and followed me everywhere. He would "tell" me when it was time to go to bed, and even when I should stop reading and turn out the light. He would sleep in my arms like a teddy! It was really hard to give him back, but I could still visit him. He died a few years later and since then we have our own Siamese to adore...Casper my Chocolate Point and Jasper my husbands Seal Point. We're not very original with names! They make our life.orgplete and I should really thank Jasper The First for opening my heart to the true nature of this most wondrous of all God's creatures, the Siamese.
Hi, I'm Cinnamon. I'm a 6 year old Lilac Point. One time when I was 3 years old and someone came to buy one of my kittens, he took her while she was eating. This upset me. So, when the guy was sitting on the step, I snuck up on the chair behind him and scratched his ugly, bald head. And believe it or not, I didn't even get in trouble!!! This was a true story from my dad's cat Cinnamon. Everyone's friend.
Back when I was in high school, my friend Tsu-Tsu, an Applehead Seal Point, decided that she needed to be fed every morning at 6:30 AM. Not being an early riser, she decided to find a way to get me up. When the loud "talking" didn't work, and the pounce on the bed failed, she began scratching and eating my favorite poster, a landsat image of the U.S. This always got me up in a hurry and she would run to the kitchen...(The funny part was, when I wasn't home, she found someone else's things to use as an alarm clock!)
My cat Twitterbug is a Chocolate Point Siamese. Her name is Twitterbug because when she is happy she makes a noise that sounds like something a twitterbug would make. We call her puddle cat sometimes, because when she's really happy she turns all soft and mushy like a puddle. She answers you when you ask her questions, and if we tell her to go to her room, she looks at us, yelps once, goes in her room, and then from in there tells us what she thinks of being put in there. She is fascinated by our fish and watches them for hours. Also she watches racing shows on TV and bats at the screen as the cars go by. She loves eating plants, making messes, and breaking things. But we love her.
My baby Boogie used to suck his foot (or the carpet and my toes). He used to make little slurpy noises. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen..Boogie no get down! Ow!! Meow..Do not listen to my stupid owner. She is a moron! I am too regal and purrrfect to degrade myself in such a fashion!! Take that!! Ow Prince Casinova Boogie Bell of Bretheren! Do you want canned food tonight?
When I answered the ad in the paper for a free full blooded Siamese, I didn't know what I'd find or why the lady didn't want the kitten. But I took her anyway and have never regretted my decision. Emily's "bad" habits are sleeping on my pillow (with me), sitting beside me when I eat (doesn't beg), rubbing on my legs as I do dishes, sitting on my lap when I sit. In short, she's always with me. And I wouldn't have it any other way. No other cat breed can.orgpare with the beautiful, majestic, sleek, loveable, simply wonderful, Siamese! I have owned Siamese for 37 years.
Hi! My name is Ting! I'm a very large (well, perhaps chubby) applehead. My human and I have a little secret that none of the rest of the family knows about. When I was very very small, the breeder took me from my mother too early! I wanted to nurse so badly, as a small kitten, I would lean over and suck the fur on my own belly. When my human, Debbie, brought me home, I quickly discovered that sucking my "new mommy's" neck was much nicer! But the family said, "Ewwwwww...Grosssss!" (partly because I make big sucky, slurpy sounds...smacking my lips in ecstacy). Well, my human lets me do it when no one else is watching! She understands the needs of a Meezer.
My Siamese cat Casey loves to chase my sister's dog Shelby. The first day we brought Shelby home my cat Casey had been there for about three months, and already he thought he owned the place. The first time Shelby and Casey saw each other they had really no idea what to do with each other. Things have definitely changed! Now they chase each other around the house at least three times a day. Up and down the stairs they run all of the time. and to think tha tlittle thing wouldn't even let us pet him when we forst got him. Casey is now about nine months. His mother was a black and white cat, and his dad was an American Shorthair. Nobody knows how Casey came about. He went from being a scrapy little kitten to a pretty little cat.
Hi! My name is Kristin White and I am nine. I have a 3 year old Chocolate Point Siamese Cat. He is very cute and can do lots of things. He also has lots of bad habits. One bad thing that he does is he.orges into my room, goes over to my speakers, and knocks them down. But other than that, my Simon is the most best cat in the world.
I'm sad to announce that last night, April 5, I lost one of my six kittens. Although my girlfriend and I spent three days with little sleep trying to nurse her, she just didn't have the strength to go on. We buried her last night at 2 in the morning. Considering she was only with us for 4 days, she touched our hearts tremendously, and we miss her soo. She lives in our memories forever. Her name was Angel.
My Sealpoint Siamese, Boogie, used to suck his foot when he was a baby. He also used to suck the rugs, toes, and anything else that was in the way. It was really cute, because he used to make really loud slurping noises while he was sucking his foot.
We'd had Rio for about a month, when our daily "Rio search" failed to yield any results. We finally realized he was not in the house. It was below freezing outside, with snow on the ground, and we were frantic. I tried shaking the food bag from the front porch, but he didn't.orge. We put reward posters all over the neighborhood, but no one called. After three days, we were sure he was gone because he'd never been outside before. On the third day, we heard meowing from the garage. My fiancee ran outside to block the door (it wouldn't close all the way) and I propped the door to the house open. In he ran, tail bushed out, straight to his favorite hiding place, under our bed. What a relief!!
Simon is a lilac, and Sophie is a seal. He is just 6, and she is 5. They are both very different personalities. He is a bit dozy, (Simple Simon!) and she is very assertive. Sophie is definitely the spokes-cat. They have learned how to get in the fridge. I came in one night and found them having a pizza! Also, Sophie has a thing about Tampax. She runs around the house with them in her mouth. Perhaps she thinks they are a mouse? Has anyone ever encountered this?
I have two Siamese: Blixa, a chocolate Point, and Lulu, a Lilac Point. They are both 2 years old, but as different as night and day. I jokingly say that Blixa is a"pure bred alley cat". We bought him to show, but never got around to doing it. He has the perfect personality for it: friendly, easygoing and LOVES everyone he meets. He eats everything he can find: pins and needles, (taking them from the pin cushin if I am not looking.) twist ties, rubber band, safety pins-you get the idea. He once ate all the fringe off of a wool afgan. I never saw the fringe again! He too, likes giving his toys a bath in the water dish and putting them in the dirty clothes hamper. He drinks from the toilet and sleeps in the trash cans inside the house. He opens closet doors and can jump high enough to see out of the peep hole on the front door. I have a picture of him on my homepage, but he will not be happy until having a home page of his own. Stay tuned.
One morning as I was eating my oatmeal for breakfast, my mooch Siamese Max was watching me, waiting patiently for the remains. I placed the oatmeal in front of him and he proceeded to smell the cereal. To my surprise he gave me the funniest look and began to cover the bowl up wtih the blanket the bowl was sitting on. He's just too picky!
My Siamese cat Devon has an absolute and very definate reaction to my curling iron. Each and every time I begin to use the curling iron, Devon.orges running into the bathroom and cries non-stop until I stop what I am doing and pick her up. This happens only at that exact time I begin to use the curling iron. I have often wondered if she is sensitive to the smell, or thinks that "Mom" may be hurting herself by using this extremely hot device so close to her face. She will keep this up the entire time until I am finished. I love her dearly, but it sure does extend the morning routine. She also loves for me to hold her like a child on my hips the entire time I brush my teeth. Any similar experiences out there?
I have a sad tail to tell, and this seemed to be the only address to send it to. My "baby" Miss Tarah, SICC Member, died on the 27th January, 1997. I believe that the SICC has late member on their list, however I still felt reluctant to email this message, I'm sure most people would understand. Anyway, I would love to leave her photo at the site, along with the other meezers to look at from time to time. Miss Tarah died from shock, apparently caused by an insect bite to her front limb. The toxin could not be confirmed by the Vet, who told me that insect bites to animals and humans were often impossible to confirm. We believe that she was bitten some 24 hours before she died, and that it was a Red-Back Spider. Information about these types of fatalities is very hard to find. I would love to receive some feedback from SICC Members. Look forward to receiving some E-Mail soon. Thanks to all. Pip
My cat Sasha is very loveable, but sort of dumb. She was playing around on the top of the stairs, when she jumped on to the banister. She was playing around up there and suddenly she slid down. It was so funny, but I don't think Sasha found it very funny. She hid for the rest of the day. Cats can be so loveable, but so dumb at times.
Hello, lovers of the talking catz! My owners name is Sam, and she loved to love me. I know she still does. I passed on to the Great Cat God when she was 17 yrs. old. My favorite thing to do to her was leave my chicken bones in the foot of her bed. I never got in trouble for it, but it was a great meow for me to watch. Hey, Sam, if you're listening, you will still hear my meow in your new Siamese, Sheba. I love you, Shatzi.
One time Mickey, our oldest cat, ran up the couch and fell down because she was happy to see us. We had just.orge home from vacation.
I worked at a Natural Gas Companies garage that had a stray Siamese as a "mascot". She ran into the garage one day, battered, fur missing, looking like she had dirt in her mouth. The "dirt" was a black kitten she must have managed to save from a litter she had in the wild that was possibly attacked by a racoon. Mother and kitten had to leave the garage and I took the mother. She's a large, dark Siamese that I named Abigail. She has the Siamese flaws of kinked tail and crossed blue eye, and the Siamese traits of intelligence and love. Abigail has to be watched as she likes to eat too much, and if allowed outside unattended, will roam, both probably results from her wild state. She is demure, bowing to my two other cats, even though she had fought so fiercely for her kitten in the wild. She likes to sleep with me, sometimes in my arms, but can errate with her "voice". Once, when I had a swollen eye, she reached up with her paw and gently rubbed it like a mother. She seems to want to give and receive love, just like a person.
Hello fellow peoples and cats!!!!! I figure that I should tell you a few things about myself. Everybody calls me Si, because my real name is a bit long to say. I'm a very big cat, I'm about 18 pounds. I have had a very successful show career, even though I'm only two years old. Most people say that I'm fat, but all of us cats know that we are just gifted. I am also a very smart cat. I have been to school seven times. I'll tell you guys more about myself later, when I have more time. Love, Si
We found my Chocolate Point Siamese living in our dog house. She was just a kitten, only about 5 weeks old. We were shocked, why would someone get rid of a Siamese? We asked around and put signs up, but no one claimed her. So we kept this little kitten, who we had named Samantha. Now the interesting part....The first night we got her, when I was taking a shower, Samantha crawled into an open vent in my room. She fell down a floor in the ductwork and was roaming the ducts embedded in the cement. (my house sits on a cement block, because we live near the water) We could hear her calling through all the vents in the house. We couldn't find her, and she was getting weak. My family thought she was going to die in the ductwork, and we would have to spend a lot of money trying to get her out. But after cutting open some ducts, she ran further into the system, underneath the dining room, where we had baited the vents with cat food. We got her out, and now we are very grateful.
Our 1 year old Pyewacket, caught a mouse last night, and refused to part with it. Like a lioness with her kill, she carried it around the house and guarded it fiercely until it could be taken off her. She hasn't spoken to us since, and it could be days before we are all on speaking terms again. She growled and hissed like there was no tomorrow, and all she wanted to do tonight was get out in the garage again. Another of her favorite tricks is to kick the bathplug under the fridge, and have us silly ones get down and fish it out, but guess what!! She plays hockey with it again, in fact anything that fits under the fridge ends up there..I wouldn't have any other cat, but a loyal Siamese.

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